Pete Buttigieg delivers speech on foreign policy and national security

The 2020 presidential candidate spoke at Indiana University on Tuesday.

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36 thoughts on “Pete Buttigieg delivers speech on foreign policy and national security

  1. This misquoted scripture to justify murdering babies and his life style. He uses misquotes by the media or lies by the MSM to bash president Trump and misquotes the constiution to justify his brand of politics and he wants to be President. The world would eat him alive. May GOD help us!

  2. would love to see executive use of force limited to short term operations and the power for long term engagements (wars) relegated back where it belongs to our legislative representative bodies.

    hold on combating the monumental threat of white nationalism is a focus point for this guy? i dont have the numbers in front of me but i doubt white nationalism in the last year would even match automobile-related deaths over a single day. way to pick a useless threat and exacerbate it as if its a terminal condition.

    Palestine actively seeks the genocide of the Israeli people. not sure what he means by 2 state outside of allowing some kinda embassy in Jerusalem since they share religious reverence for that city. if you dont know what im talking about search some of the political threats and active attacks between the two over the last several decades. if you want an even more messed up read search hamas and then look at some statistics on how many of their citizens support the destruction of the state of israel. this doesnt mean go look at a cnn article, find an actual study and read the study itself not an article written by a random journalist. take care to verify how the study was conducted so your not reading a useless report about 5 guys at a bar they polled.

    hes right that climate change is happening. its undeniable. that its a "clear and present threat" is the statement an idiot or a liar would make. threat implies bodily harm; present means NOW. i dont think im about to burst into flames or be swallowed up by the ocean in the next 30 seconds. anyone else? words have meanings, i despise when people use hyperbolic language and misrepresent information in an attempt to inflame passion.

    the paris accords were useless. if we want to actually attempt to engineer climate change on a global scale we need to go way beyond those mentioned and we would need to get the entire world to get in on the action too. we wont be able to do it alone, and i doubt people would like to know the actual cost in loss of activities or products. heres a good quick summary, i encourage you to look into peer-reviewed scholarly studies if you want a more detailed breakdown on the warming trend and the potential real solutions that in theory could be implemented. their cost and the consequences of implementation are a bit steep but perhaps worth it in the long run.

  3. Pete Buttigieg is a winner. Hes not promising pies in the sky or acting like a smiling clown. Hes not a crazed business gambler. This is someone that will not loose his nerve or fall apart when it comes to computer science. I can relax with this ' I dont dance with perverts for money types'. I an not believe the rest of them. Bernie is fiscally irresponsible, nice but the goofy grampa.

  4. Again trying to deal with Europe as if they have anything to say! It is about money…. It is about power….. The ability to keep our soldiers off the battle field and missiles off our lands is about knowing your Enemy.. Being president does mean he has to kiss their butt!

  5. He thinks telling everyone he's a queer will get elected.   PeeWee will need a little more than a husband to even get to the debates.   The US does not care who he sleeps with??? Buttpluge thinks he will get the sympathy vote because he was trapped in his closet for years.  Coming out does not make you presidential.   It makes you look like a low self esteem….unable to stand up for you own rights  much less our country's…….The world will laugh at us!!

  6. I’m not a Democrat. I LIKE THIS GUY. He’s thoughtful. All I want is someone thoughtful. Using democratic strategies under a thoughtful president will reveal whether these policies help or not, and help guide us on our way to a prosperous future.

    You don’t have to agree with every policy to see that this guy is more than ideal for the presidency of the United States. How do I help this man

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