The Debrief: Dominican Republic deaths investigated, Biden flips on Hyde, West Point investigation

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29 thoughts on “The Debrief: Dominican Republic deaths investigated, Biden flips on Hyde, West Point investigation

  1. Interesting ..your stance is that Joe as a Catholic said those who don't believe in abortion shouldn't pay ….he is right on that if that is a woman's argument it is a weak one not well thought out …example …let's say you are women of the left and 2020 is important to you …..just as an example stripped down ……say you are those women …what do you think it means to an entire people all over the earth that await a rebirth of Christ ….for even a half ass christian knows Christ forewarned of his birth amongst mankind one final time , abortion is a mass of ignorance about multi million worshippers …and this is not counting avatars of hindi gods and goddesses also chinese ancestors reborn it is called karma cycles of enlightenment …why as women would you be so narrow sighted as to not see that ….but let me redirect where is your birth of phoenix where is your EVE or LILITH ….why so spiritually ignorant why so unaware of others doesn't it take two to tango ? …so if catholics are looking for the birth of Cbrist as they should , abortion doesn't really go so good in a math argument , also it brings up your Knowledge of marriage , now you may hate secretly marriage but in actuality marriage is against human trafficking that stems from prostitution …is marriage bad or women being hunted separated from troubled families then used as blackmail operatives drug carriers …also marriage usually denotes meeting the family as far as i can see the hatred of marriage has brought about most of what plagues humanity AIDS not a government attack nature destroying those tgat do not raise families …have there been arranged marriages yes have men treated women as property when married yes , but that is what you focused on , i have witnessed marriages be the very backbone of humanity when it was past the brink …so again these are very narrow views about abortion , if women get to know men better they would not need the excessive abortion protection or funding , women need to not chase men that are whores when they seek equality ,…abortion is woman's right but a lack of judgment on woman's part cannot be a burden all pay for ….so Joe Biden's older argument is still in the right …the women of the left need to be smarter , challenge your own knowing many times before you challenge others

  2. Well before you try and pull a Dem down recognize what it is , Joe is showing not a flip flop , he is showing his ability and his team to listen to the public , that is very much what you want in any candidate, now it is great for you to say wow he is really late on this issue , but you fail to see his ability to change and to hear your voice , when you as the left do this you cut off a leg you don't just shoot yourself in the foot , if you don't like that he is white , well that is just you being the very thing you secretly hate ….your being racist , when you look at white brown black and anything else you are to see their positives and negatives all people , when you go the way you are it is because you have not meditated , meditation true meditation ,will wipe the emotion from the windows to your soul , so then you can see a white person and hear their words , if you are so ignorant as to think i have grown up listening to their words …😂..that is a joke that reminds me of those that listen to Hendrix but don't hear not one vibe , you all including white people use less than one percent of the language loosely referred to as english …..anytime you want to learn …just say, tuition is ,Honor ,if your English it's honour …post script i heard old william the English prince can speak seven languages tell him the celtic king is here in America and if he wishes to know the Excalibur language i will teach him …. That is for the rest of you that are free to travel take word to him and let him decide , it will secure peace and form war perfect it is not a joke, i still laugh at myself and other things but Excalibur is not a joke it can sway to sanity or sway the insane it can command empires nations and kingdoms , but the real beauty of Excalibur is how it cuts through history and resurrects evidence lost souls that are witnesses to key events and it opens gates to history that others tried to destroy …i thought i could teach the FBI because they will take it as math value and see fast it is real …also other cultires from tribal people i can recount all tge tribes vision quests to origin ring and even england and irish …that old shit could be squashed right now …but as with most things of this earth it is a combination ….i would have to speak to distinguished people of influence and integrity …because some of what is known now from welding Excalibur would destroy certain religions ….the people should be told in a respectful way …i was doing all ways enlightenment vulgar heaven wisdom Hell knowledge …but it is best to go math …black and white type of learning ..for example the arabs would be hit one of the hardest and Judaism both , are very skilled and ancient people ..but it is their devotion to God that was atgacked and used by fallen angels , by the way fallen angels do not care about killing special forces …i personally hate that , i would and will always choose to give men and women the tools or knowledge to fight and win against any adversary …so back to it the arabs and jews worship God it is math but their languages have been woven with fallen angel narrative…so it is betger for militaries to stop and assess it is important for arabs and jews to talk about a common attack they have both endured it takes military world militaries to help them see the inflection points …basically all people are needed …and to talk better this leads to mysteries being revealed …then mass evolutions take place environmental problems crushed space exploration crushed cures to disease crushed ….but it takes a slowing , the human mind has to digest it's senses , the continuous absorbtion of trillions of bits of life details causes stagnant understanding …so unlock your minds abilities ….do not be back and forth racist …learn a culture massively before you think not being racist is getting with a woman not of your culture, that isn't being not racist….

  3. Just give it up Biden. ..pls help anything you have left and go on vacation pls…😅😉…making yourself look worse then even before my girl or children would never be left w your a#* ,sry but 1oo% true…sry only because you are running, if not for tht you did it cause you are a perv! Truth!

  4. Trump is from God I telling people that he is it in the Bible he will win 2020 look at all people running against Donald Trump you will see that he has so many people running against him and it says in the Bible that he will trumpet and this man will set in the highest seat in honor Jesus will speak through him he is like trumpet is like a hot bull

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