2020 candidates react to the Virginia Beach shooting

Many of the Democratic candidates say it’s time to act on gun control.


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46 thoughts on “2020 candidates react to the Virginia Beach shooting

  1. They pick them and tell you village idiots to vote for them.
    Vote for R Kemp ill remove all weapons laws I will uphold my OATH and return the RIGHTS to the people. free speech,the second amendment,the rights to vote,the rights to be secure in your persons and property from illegal searches and seizures. Vote for R Kemp of fl.and I will secure our borders from all illegal invaders.

  2. Don't vote for any of these terrorist traitors running for office. Pick a neighbor or friend to vote for see how your votes really count. You will see the truth about voting. That it's a. Corrupt fraud.

  3. Democrats trying to outcrazy each other to differentiate themselves…sorry but guns aren’t going anywhere. That includes “assault rifles” and “high capacity mags” and “silencers” so you better buckle up. Funny thing is we already have “laws” on murder but it didn’t stop this guy did it? Know what did? Cops with GUNS did. Not gun free zone signs or hugs and kisses and rainbow flags. Bullets from good guys with guns 😒

  4. Of course. Stupid Democrats at it again. Bunch of stupid fucking idiots. Thinking control control is going to do anything. Using this to push their gun controlling agenda.

  5. It is terrible another shooting and killing took place. But what is more terrible is how this shooting again will be spinned in order to fuel the argument to ban guns or make it more difficult to purchase and own a gun. They will go after certain weapons, certain magazines etc from law abiding citizens. They will try to strip our rights away from the ones that abide by the law but the criminals will still get guns. How about ask these survivors if they wished they or someone there had a gun to defend and protect at the instance? Remember her comment about 911..hours hours.
    You see the ones going after our (law abiding citizens) guns don’t really care about the death toll or tragic loss of life because if they did … they would put forth same amount of effort to ban alcohol, cigarettes and unhealthy foods. How many deaths occur from drunk driving, how many deaths from smoking causing cancer and many deaths are related unhealthy eating…guarantee more than from shooting. But you don’t see mass reporting on these topics. Why? Because they are getting a profit. They are not trying to ban alcohol, not trying to ban cigarettes, not trying to ban unhealthy eating habits…why? Look at the commercials that are paying for their news segment. Mass killings occur with vehicles….nope nobody advocating for banning vehicles. Hmmm why? It is is sooooo easy to rent a truck to commit these acts as well. Nobody wanting to ban airplanes but we had jets flying right into our twin towers. What….we didn’t want to strip away the rights of citizens for air travel. Hmmm why not? So is a mass shooting more tragic than any of these deaths mentioned above…no…not more tragic.
    When we go to a bank you see security guards, security cameras, vaults etc. When you to go to airport you see security personnel, scanners, cameras etc. Soooo why don’t we see these same security measures in our schools, allowed in public places, in the work place etc? Is our security of our money more important than our children in schools? Are our airports more important than our children in schools and our friends, family, and coworkers at work place? Must be because the same security measures used at our airports and banks are not used at every school. So don’t try going after our rights of gun ownership when we (law abiding citizens) are abiding by the law.
    Then the argue,ent will be well some of these individuals purchased their guns legally. I would argue they didn’t because the question on the forms you have to answer were not answered truthfully by them. They purchased with illegal intentions.
    So please don’t use this tragic event to go after our rights to own any gun I deem necessary for any legal purpose I choose. I have that right…why…because I abide by the law.

  6. Love how these pathetic democratic politicians always claim they speak for the people or they know what the people want even when they are so disconnected with the people they are suppose to serve. I believe it all boils down to power and these scumbag politicians want it all.

  7. VIRGINIA BEACH —O-boy! Another one. This won't change untill repugneton polititions themselves lose family to a shooting! Then the self centerd pigs will say let's limit the options to obtain firearms! The self-centerd freaking pigs!!!!!

  8. Gun control?

    It's the schools fault! If it was my child that died, I PROMISE I WILL RID THE REST OF THE TEACHERS LEFT.
    for not protecting my children and their own life.

    Cops are a worse epademic than gun control…

    Cops are kidnapping, raping, stalking and ALL AROUND KING SOLDIER PILLAGING..
    #(ck) common knowledge

  9. Strict gun control proposals coming from leftist politicians who are surrounded by armed secret service agents 24/7. All I see are hypocritical politicians that want to ban the very same guns that they insist upon being guarded by. That's a suckers deal!

  10. Next we will hear that the NRA is responsible, rather than the twisted, tortured bastard that actually did the deed. What a pile of shit these asshats and clowns are shoveling to the ignorant and uninformed.

    The NRA is simply a convenient “boogie man” that leftist roll out as “The problem or cause” when they’re trying to push more useless gun control legislation. The NRA isn’t even in the top thirty lobbying groups in terms of money contributions to legislative or executive candidates for office. They do have over 5 million rank and file members that are pretty good about writing, calling, texting, tweeting, etc. to the various office holders at the local, state and national level. The point? The NRA is powered by its people—regular folks from all walks of life who are SICK AND TIRED of being blamed for the acts of the insane and the evil. No proposed gun “control” legislation will stop sickos from mass murder. Do the names Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols ring a bell?

    As for the bogus “wealthy gun lobby” line of bullshit, the actual manufacturers of firearms do not pump millions, billions, trillions etc. into Washington. They can’t. At least not without the rank and file INDIVIDUAL members of the various 2nd Amendment rights organizations. Why? The margins on the sale of firearms to US CIVILIANS is razor thin. Many gun shops won’t take credit cards because the merchant fees charged by the various card companies literally consumes what little profit a gun dealer will make on the sale of a single firearm.

    My wish: that anti-gunners, those opposing individual rights guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment, would kindly pull their heads from their respective assholes. Learn the basics. “Fully semi-automatic gun” isn’t a thing. Neither is “Assault Rifle.” That term was coined by said morons opposing the right to own firearms. The “A” in AR-15 stands for ARMALITE. Look it up.

    And quit blaming ME, punishing ME, vilifying ME for shit that neither I nor the any of the other 130,000,000 gun owning Americans did. First: the responsibility rests on the evil perpetrator that used an inanimate object to commit such heinous crimes against humanity. The blame is theirs. They are the ones who MUST be punished. Second: it is incredibly stupid to piss off 130,000,000 adults, all of whom are potential VOTERS as they’re at least 18 years old in every state, right before the 2020 elections! It’s almost as if you WANT Trump to be re-elected. Seriously, Democrats, WTF!!??!

    An interesting (and related) point I’d ask potential gun nazis to contemplate: if “gun control” actually worked, why are the US states and counties with the highest incidence of gun crime in general and gun homicides in particular those with the strictest gun laws—with the most draconian limits on legal gun ownership, gun characteristics, and gun use—by law abiding citizens?

    Hint: what defines a “criminal?” Second hint: Criminals do not follow or obey the… (fill in the blank).

    This isn’t rocket science. Less money and resources spent on perpetrating and enforcing useless laws and regulations on guns—More money and resources available (potentially, if the crooked politicians posing in this story and those already sitting “on the hill” don’t piss it away on their own boondoggles, that is…) for mental health programs, more VA hospital access, more facilities, clinics and hospitals capable of treating (and holding, if necessary) people suffering from trauma and dangerous mental illness, more jobs training and assistance, gun safety classes/courses (which used to be taught in PUBLIC SCHOOLS fifty+ years ago…).

    There ARE BETTER SOLUTIONS to the problem of “gun” violence than blaming inanimate objects for the evils done by twisted or tortured creatures using them. Yeah, for the fascists wanting to ban them outright so no citizen of this great nation could possess a firearm “because that would stop all violence perpetrated with a gun”?? Banning firearms outright is Absolutely Idiotic in light of 130,000,000+ Americans who already own them LEGALLY and would be extremely UNCONSTITUTIONAL in light of the 2nd Amendment and the idea/concept of DUE PROCESS UNDER THE LAW. Are we a nation of laws or of politically correct (i.e. corrupt) concept of the day? I choose the rule of law and a constitutional republic rather than pandering to a false premise and the public antics of shallow politicians who will say or do anything to achieve or maintain their power—appealing to the lowest common denominator that is mob rule. So grow the fuck up, pull up your big boy and big girl pants (and whatever sexually fluid individuals want to be called today…pull up your pants as well), and DEAL with the root causes of mass violence (or even violence against individuals in general for fuck sakes…).

    THINK (don’t just feel). Realize that there are over 350,000,000 firearms in the United States that didn’t shoot anyone today, or during the last week, last month, last year, last decade, or even since they were first manufactured whether it was months, years, decades ago. Realize that 130,000,000 potential VOTERS also did no harm with their legally owned guns during those same periods of time. And 99.99999999999+% of them never will.

    To use a shooter’s slogan, by targeting existing legal firearms owners and their property with additional rules, regulations and bogus unconstitutional laws just so you can “feel good” about yourselves and ride the rainbow unicorn fantasy of “making a difference,” you are politically “shooting yourselves in the foot.” I’d argue you’re actually shooting yourselves much higher and in a much more painful and critical part of your (political) body. Fine by me. Anyone too stupid to realize the futility of further restricting 130,000,000 already pissed off legal gun owners who have NEVER COMMITTED a CRIME (and all of whom are of voting age before an election) certainly does not deserve my support.

    Nor yours.

  11. Democrats think everyone is stupid enough to buy into the crap they are selling. They are so outdated and so annoying how does anyone want to be associated with all that nonsense?

  12. Gun laws do not work in Mexico so why the fuck do people think it will work here. Criminals already don’t obey the law, what’s stopping them from buying their guns illegally anyway.

  13. Mass shootings is a social problem. Until we are willing to discuss the issues and the mitigating circumstances of these crimes. They will continue. Gun control legislation would not have stopped this man from getting a weapon. If you would have met him a week ago you would assume that he was just a normal guy had a good job well-educated no criminal record. Then he just went off. This happens all the time and it's not going to stop until we as a people decide to look at it and deal with it in a realistic way.

  14. It makes absolutely ZERO sense that we would be better protected by being disarmed. Criminals and lunatics always have, and always will, find a way to do what they do. Let's not allow ourselves to become perpetually unarmed moving targets. k thanx

  15. Stop trying to turn this into a gun control agenda. This POS could’ve used an illegal gun , a knife , a car , etc. He was ill. And NO one can predict when another person is going to snap. It’s ridiculous how everything turns into an agenda. As a matter of fact , a lot of these damn crimes happen in gun free zones. And I guarantee you , that if people could’ve have personal weapons :: they’d be able to defend themselves. Wake up and stop blaming guns. They are objects. It’s HUMANS who are evil and selfish. This is my city. Damn. Have some respect for my city and it’s people. We are hurting. These buildings are a beautiful area with lots of flowers. People jog and walk this area. The employees are kind and welcoming. And it’s breaks our hearts that they were hurt and killed. Have some damn respect and stop trying to further your agenda with my crippled city.
    If you went to pay your water bill …. and the door flew open and someone started spraying the air with bullets …. do you think your words are going to protect you? Do you think your arguments about guns are going to save you ? NO. But if you had a weapon and could save you and your friends and coworkers – you increase your odds. So STFU about guns killing people. Guns also save lives. Ask the police who killed this SOB before he could kill more people. God bless my city and all those who didn’t come home from work that day.

  16. I think he bought them guns legally he was in the national guard's what kind of gun control would stop that none that I know of I'm not even sure a psychiatrist would have helped it for mental health. I'm sorry for all the families may God be with them….

  17. Using 11 people dying as a agenda push for gun control? What about all those shootings in Detroit in just one weekend? Ugh just sick of the liberal media…. literally is what the problem is with this world. (The media not liberals)

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