Backlash Over Op-Ed Criticizing Jill Biden For Using The Title ‘Dr’ | NBC Nightly News

Jill Biden earned her doctorate from the University of Delaware and has taught at community colleges for decades. An op-ed in the Wall Street Journal criticized her for using the title “Dr.” because she is not a medical doctor, sparking a firestorm online and conversations about sexism.
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Backlash Over Op-Ed Criticizing Jill Biden For Using The Title ‘Dr’ | NBC Nightly News


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40 thoughts on “Backlash Over Op-Ed Criticizing Jill Biden For Using The Title ‘Dr’ | NBC Nightly News

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  2. How about calling her Dr. Adulteress? I just found out today that her ex-husband is claiming her affair with Joe Biden was the cause of their marriage breaking up. Why weren't we informed of this before the election? This also raises questions about the mysterious car crash Biden's first wife was in while he was having an affair with Jill.

  3. Leave it to this country NOT GET IT. This was not a sexist comment , it was a professional snobbery. He's not and no where in his rude and perfectly higher than her profession, state anything actually feminist. So let's call it what it is/was an act of academic snobbery. Not seeing an education Major as worth the money is not rare- I'm a grad of ODU as a Secondary Ed Maj and as a MALE I got plenty of this "is that even a curriculum" from engineer, medical, law grads. So before we all go man hating feminist and our daughters are all at risk for ruined self images,….., remember in Academia they take swipes at each others' choice in professions any time they get a chance to-especially when the curriculum budgets start getting looked at! . This time tho it just REALLY showed itself on the national stage and it is too bad that this country actually does not value it's educators on the front lines,…, and I do not mean ED professors in education! LOL!!!! I mean the average Doc, Lawyer , etc start out at $90+, while those tasked to educating kids K-12 can make $68,900 but it can go as high as $80,000 in NYC and as low as $30,000 in Montana. Add to that just the average salary in the USA is $70,…, across the board of ALL salaried jobs and Teachers are easy targets for other more well paid and stuck-up fields of study. EXCEPT for trash collectors, they have never roasted me for being a "mere teacher". Thanks to all you kinder than university profs. Trash collectors which is $33,000 to $47,000 not counting over time at Time and a Half if they are able to work that!)!

  4. WSJ can be consigned to the trash! It is not surprising that WSJ is also owned by Rupert Murdoch, the same one that encourages all the lies on FOX?
    The editor of WSJ needs to earn his salary from Murdoch, give him a break

  5. The WSJ effort is trying to use cancel culture against the First Lady. Epstein is completely off base. Dr. Kissinger, a male, did not face misogynistic cancel culture, just as the reporter notes so effectively. The WSJ should retract this wholely inappropriate piece immediately.

  6. Mr. Epstein's wise man was not so wise. Fact Check – A Medical Doctor was/is known as an MD or Medical Doctor.
    The meaning of the word Doctor means to teach and originated from the Church for their Scholars.
    In 1213AD the Pope granted the University of Paris the right to use the word Doctor for someone who achieved the level of PhD.

  7. No professor I know calls himself or herself doctor but hey if we can have a computer nerd head of the health of the world then I myself at this point declare myself as a doctor. Lawyers judges just like doctors do not own any
    “ license” to actually practice we all just have “drivers licenses “ so in that case … you moms out there your all doctors and nurses and counselors especially if you have decades of knowledge!!! Men too , single dads or life coaches dealing w depressed kids they are doctors too! Let’s all be “doct”ors !!!!

  8. The WSJ defends its opinion piece saying that they don't call those who aren't medical practitioners "doctors", but I never knew MLK was an MD.

    Ironically enough, the word "doctor" means to "teach" and was originally used to describe a "learned person", which is exactly what Dr. Jill Biden is doing. Later it was adapted and adopted by the medical field.

  9. Stop it. Who cares if someone disagrees with if you should drop the title. It’s a small thing like everything else women complain about like their weight, social pressures, etc. They are not the ones who are out of work, homeless, committing suicide, etc. This is why women’s issues aren’t taken seriously

  10. A doctorate (from Latin docere, "to teach") or doctor's degree (from Latin doctor, "teacher") or doctoral degree, is an academic degree awarded by universities, derived from the ancient formalism licentia docendi ("licence to teach"). It might serve well for Mr.Epstein to understand what it is he is suggesting in advance of suggesting it. As per the actual definition of the term, Dr.Jill Biden has every right to be referred to as such, though she has also delivered a child, her name is Ashley. It is, however, questionable, if it might be the name Epstein that motivates an individual to possess so little regard for women.

  11. NBC propaganda says there is no widespread fraud… so let's just move on… nothing to c
    … George Bush once said lie to me once shame on you lie to me a 1000s times shame on shame on shame on… shame…. shame on somebody? Who is it shame on?…. anyway I dont trust you evil nbc

  12. She needs to drop it from her name… you know dang well that if Melania did anything close to this, there would be Wars, Trump would be impeached, and there would be people rioting and looting in the cities! 🙂

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