Electoral College Votes To Make Biden Win Official | NBC Nightly News

After repeated attempts by President Trump and some Republican officials to overturn the election results, 538 presidential electors around the country made President-elect Biden’s victory official.
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Electoral College Votes To Make Biden Win Official | NBC Nightly News


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33 thoughts on “Electoral College Votes To Make Biden Win Official | NBC Nightly News

  1. The joint session on the matter of electoral votes on January 6th 2021 in order to conclude the election and dissolve. Will be a spectacle of more belligerence…and preponderance then the election voting night from November. Nevertheless, it’s still historically fascinating 🧐

  2. Sadly 99 out of 100 Americans don't have a clue why the electoral college exists or else this story would mean something. Dummy's like Hillary, aoc and other brain dead clowns think it should be abolished. Even Pocahontas wonders what it is, sad

  3. Trump to WIN electoral vote since he won the legal peoples vote and NO paths for Bidem to win the REAL electoral vote!!! Be prepared when the demos figure this out, they will be screaming like
    demons and then the riots, which will be quickly "put down" by the National Guard!

  4. No one cares if you vote. You do not count the votes and this is a republic. Your vote does not count on the issues; only members of Congress. No one cares if you believe in the Constitution; only the Supreme Court decides what it means. The US is a Constitutional Republic; just like China, Cuba, Indonesia, Iran, Venezuela, and Vietnam. Object and you will be SWATted, meet the room temperature challenge, and end up with a dirt nap because opposing tyranny does not meet your needs over time and may not be made right in your lifetime.

  5. 🦅🇺🇸Trump 🇺🇸🦅

    The big losers: Fake News Lamestream Media, and Big Tech.

    It doesn't matter what they say, it doesn't matter if it's true or a lie. They lost the only power they had, the gift that God gave them it was trampled on by you. You lose CREDIBILITY.


    They used it to try to take away our God, our faith, our pride in being American. They did not make it! 🦅🇺🇸We continue to be proud American citizen🇺🇸🦅

    1. Actors and influencers keep your distance.
    2. Politicians do you Job!

    we are paying your salary.
    🦅🇺🇸We the People🇺🇸🦅

  6. Biden has turned his back on God ….. God will repay his family and his Democratic party with a curse straight from HEAVEN…….. I have Prophesied in the name of Jesus…….. a house divided cannot stand….. watch it crumble before our eyes 👀 AMEN……. Remember you all took an oath and God doesn’t play games with his name !!!

  7. Ratifying a fraudulent election does not make it official . All this shows us is that our votes now mean nothing . If our votes mean nothing then the time to press the reset button on our government is nearing at a rapid pace .

  8. It's a murder robber with age as a crime, I don't admit you as president. It is the word of JESUS

    나이를 범행으로 가진 살인강도야, 나는 너를 대통령으로 인정하지 않는다. 신의 말씀이다.

  9. PEOPLE POWER !!! …is the Only Way for American People to Overturn it's Nation's Election Result System & it's History, when all legal suits fails 'cause US have many corrupt Law Makers and Blind Judicial System who are now Leftist influenced. It's for the People to Decide ..A Bloodless People's Revolt must start now for them to overthrow their corrupt Officials, Cancel the Business Licenses of the Bias Leftist Media and Push the Leader whom they wanted to Lead ..The voice of the People is the Voice of God. See how our country the Philippines did it ! …How we overturn elections, overthrow and jail corrupt Officials and Shuts down Media Giants like Abs Cbn running for 50 yrs. who keeps spreading lies and Bias News ..and how we implement Martial Law when needed to secure the safety and walfare of the people like in Marawi and Mindanao before ..We may be a small country like a Little David of Asia but we know how to Bring Down Giants with our People's Force every time we fight with Unity for Something because we love our nation so much and we don't let Bias Medias and Corrupt Officials manipulate our lives anymore..We are all enligthened now who's Real and Not…Pres. Trump of US must be as Tough and Fierceless Leader like our Very own President Duterte is, who Fear no one and would really imposed his Political Will on War on Drugs, Corrupt Officials and Terrorist Attacts …What must be Done Must be Done for the Sake of the People! ..this is Actually a Battle Between Good and Evil, using the Technology of I.T. system to cheat Trump and the People of America for stealing their Votes ..These Foreign Intruders wanted desperately to Control America 'cause they envy your country so much as a Super Power Nation, in a subtle way slowly but surely by putting up their own allies in the position to easily penetrate US for their selfish agendas, that will put the lives and welfare of the American People at Risk, with their Communism Dominion who doesn't recognize God, and that's too Dangerous to be led with their Distorted Ideologies and Detructive Influence that will only make America soon a Modern Day Sodom and Gomora and shall experience God's Wrath Soon..and that is thier ultimate Goal to Ruin America & it's People…Infact, they are surely enjoying seing your country being disoriented and divided now on the election fraud crisis that you are facing.. Don't let them Sabotage Your Nation's Honor and and Integrity, here lies the Present and Future of the United States of America.So Act now to Save America from being Doomed ! ..Just Keep the Faith ñ Keep Fighting for the Truth & Freedom…Don't let Evil reign in US ..Don't Give up and Give America to Satan and it's Corrupt Allies ..All People must go out and make a Nationwide Noise & Revolt for a PEOPLE POWER to Oust Crooked Law Makers and push Trump to declare Martial Law to Save America from Destruction of Foreign Interference….There's no other way ! ..Let the People Decide ..Calling all the People of America to show your Power & Force as the Real Boss ! ..Again, The Voice of the People is the Voice of God! ..The Future of America and the Protection of Small Nations like us ( Philippines & Israel ) against the Bullying of these Foreign Intruders lies on the hands of the Rightful Leader ( Pres. Trump ) and it's People..Defend America NOW..it's a NOW OR NEVER THING ..So before it's too late …ACT NOW PEOPLE OF AMERICA ! ..EXCERCISE YOUR POWERFUL FORCE THROUGH A– PEOPLE POWER — AS THE REAL BIG BOSS OF YOUR LAND ! …GOD BLESS AMERICA. !!! …


  10. the democrats failed to follow the constitution by ignoring state legislatures using the fake pandemic as an excuse….why should trump concede when the laws aren't being followed? it's time for MARTIAL LAW

  11. You will see what God's punishment is.

    'Nothing wrong'

    This is what Bill Clinton and Hillary used often. Whenever people learn about their crimes. But this time it will be different. Criminals are punished. The crime then will be punished as well.

    They will all face cruel retaliation and punishment. Immediately

    There are people who speak without evidence or evidence. It also listens to other people talking and pretends to be their own. They are at the very bottom of the evil scammers, robbers, and offspring of the devil.

    It's time to do everything you need. You must do everything you can, let alone martial law.

    필요한 모든 것을 진행을 해야만 하는 시간이다. 계엄령은 물론이고 할 수가 있는 모든 것을 진행을 해야만 한다.

    You (Twitter) already know where the problem comes from. Also, you are using your rules for the offender. This is the crime of an accomplice who is concealing and concealing criminals and helping them to commit falsely. It's also the same crime against defamation and the criminal in all things. The choice is not with me, but with you (Twitter). Penalties for crimes come true.

    당신은 (트위터) 이미 문제가 어디에서 온 것인지에 대해서 알고 있습니다. 또한 당신은 범행자를 위해서 당신의 규칙을 이용을 하고 있습니다. 이것은 곧 범죄자를 은닉을 시키고 숨기며 거짓으로 범행을 돕고 있는 공범자의 범죄에 해당이 됩니다. 또한 이러한 일은 명예훼손과 범죄자의 모든 일에 같은 범행이기도 합니다. 선택은 나에게 있는 것이 아니라 당신에게 (트위터) 있습니다. 범죄에 대한 처벌은 꼭 이루어집니다.


    America has to fight for her.

    She's nothing but a person like you. And you have to fight for someone better than you. She is you and the face to your country.

  12. The electoral college should not be allowed to vote… The people of America should vote who they want for their president… Regardless of the Constitution… we the people have the power to alter the future if only we would…

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