Investigators continue to search for what motivated the Virginia Beach shooter

Police say they recovered two legally purchased .45-caliber handguns with high-capacity magazines and a silencer.


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45 thoughts on “Investigators continue to search for what motivated the Virginia Beach shooter

  1. Probably workplace drama Government and state jobs are full of drama will drive you nutz!!! Anynody who worked or ever worked one of those jobs knows what I'm talking about!!! They will investigate, suspend you fine you stalk you 4 the dumbest things make you feel like your life is nothing without a Government job and if you are not strong they will Break you either to depression,cold heart or to b their bi$ch . Life goes on alot of career fields with openings study get certified and make big$$$ . God bless the people who died

  2. Well it’s a simple matter of shifting values. Society shames men for sexual harassment or saying anything so called a racist or so-called homophobic, but it doesn’t shame mass murderers . Then the motivation becomes a lashing out or a cry for help or its the guns fault or Donald Trump’s fault. The murderer of the high school kids in Florida is still alive yet his name is barely mentioned in any debates . Nobody has asked him why.

    Social moras against true evil have been debased And traded in for trivial discomforts

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  4. Can I see a picture of the shooter please? We always post pictures of white and muslims but because hes black you dont wanna "immortalize" him. Lmao I'm no racist it's just frustrating the fucking news never delivers the truth

  5. This is a product of America. This guy didn't just snap, didn't just wake up and do this on a whim. This was calculated and planned, and it had a reason behind it. This kind of thing is inevitable in a society where narcesistic sociopathic bullying has become normalized and fun for the majority. Your going to have cold heartless reactions, in a cold heartless society. I've had many jobs in my 48 yrs and every place I've ever worked had that narcesistic sociopathic mentality of workplace mobbing to some degree, and it's off the charts in today's society. I'm not condoning this at all, but let's not pretend this was just a mentally ill person who snapped all of a sudden. My best advice to people would be to stop joining in on the narcesistic sociopathic bullying society, and start being honorable and integral towards people. The root of this issue isn't the individual, it's your Society.

  6. He was freaking mentally ill. Another mass shooting will happen a few days because another mentally ill person will acquire a gun for the purpose killing innocent people. It’s time that this country become civilized and ban guns period. Cowards need guns not real men.

  7. I genuinely believe they know what happened, why he did it, yet refuse to speak about it.   People suspected he was crazy, feared him, whispered he would go off, and as all jobs have a few dangerous people, they just prayed if he ever went over the edge it would be their day off.  Or maybe he was bullied and after years, like a sealed lid on a boiling pot of water, he wanted revenge. Maybe he was about to be fired and blamed other people.  It was a mass shooting but yet personal.

  8. Yet most GoT fans are angry that a fictional character Dani could just snap and kill innocent people in Kings Landing with her deadly weapon Drogon. Stating people can’t just change from good to bad all of a sudden… however that is fiction and this is reality.

  9. Condolences to the victims and families this guy definitely went about it the wrong way if he had a problem with someone he should have just encountered that person and left everybody else aIone. These are the end results of the corrupt broken system and we all know these nut job politicians play a big role in these things happening they talk about it and do absolutely nothing about it and by the way is this shooter a ghost or something they never want to show his face because he is probably black If it would have been any other race his face would have been plastered all over the media, Mind you this is the same media that said the perpetrator is in custody again the fake news media it's pathetic already

  10. I feel that it's interesting he did this late Friday afternoon, right before a weekend. And right after his co-worker asked him about whether he had plans for the weekend. I have this feeling that he was very lonely and envious that his co-workers had families, friends, and plans for the weekend, and he didn't. He was a black guy who was an engineer with glasses. No friends. Probably felt like he didnt fit in anywhere.

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