The Briefing Room: Trump, Mexico Tariffs, abortion debate, LGBT foster care lawsuit | ABC News

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39 thoughts on “The Briefing Room: Trump, Mexico Tariffs, abortion debate, LGBT foster care lawsuit | ABC News

  1. I'm just wondering how stupid people are today 😒 Honestly Mexico could care less about the terifs!!! Seareous!!! What Mexico is consernd about is Tourism and nothing else.😎 I wonder if Home Land Security can understand that 🤑 What is the Problem 😡 seriously 😡 Remember ME

  2. The "unborn" is one of the few groups the far-right can conveniently advocate for because they don't have to offer any assistance or funding or welfare. It's their perfect wedge issue. They don't care how completely irresponsible it is to ban abortion access and remove consitutional rights of both men and women who are making difficult decisions as a family. Meanwhile those same far-right politicians do nothing for those institutionalized and in foster care. For the poor. For the sick. Or anything else Christ actually advocated. It's complete religious hypocrisy and tyranny. There are other countries you can live in if you like religious tyranny where someone is constantly making rules claiming they're in line with God. In America, we prefer Democracy and allowing people to choose what's best for them and their health and their family, without a tyrannical religious government interference.

  3. If there's one thing we don't need is more cars. And Chinese junk. I don't feel very sorry for the auto makers they brought this on themselves if they had kept Manufacturing in the United States they wouldn't be in such a trouble. If we brought all the manufacturing back to the United States we could put all those immigrants to work. Start retooling your machines now

  4. That couple who were turned down as a foster care family should do a Google search. They will see that there is a big need and other agencies won't discriminate. They are only reporting this because it makes President Trump look bad! FAKE NEWS!

  5. I'm pro choice, & if anyone from LGBTQ community wants to adopt they should, Right Wing people are hypocrites if they oppose such a thing, because they push adoption, but yet when it's someone from that community wants to adopt, they put their foot down. 😐

  6. War And Evolution; An Overview:

    As we look back on the history of mankind, it is easy for us to imagine the components of our evolution each having its own “first” event. We assume, for example, that among homo sapiens there was a “first” of the homo sapiens to exist. There must have been a first Cro-Magnon, a first Neanderthal. Among social components we can assume there must have been a first government, a first wedding, a first religion. And there must have been a first war. Somehow the incomprehensible obscenity of killing, not just the person who disagreed with you, but his family, relatives, government, countrymen and all who shared his point of view or even lived in his vicinity entered the mind of someone.

    Well, who knew? It might work. It had never been tried. Maybe this would be an evolutionary breakthrough. Maybe all disagreement could be dispensed with permanently simply by dispensing with the person who disagreed with you. And as we imagine how the first war must have been, we think of the effects and results, the carnage and grief that we know all war always brings. After it was over, and those who conceived the idea of the first war surveyed the field of battle, they evaluated its efficacy. What had been the issue of disagreement? Land ownership? Geographic boundaries? System of government? Form of religion? Whatever the issue was, the cost was infinite. There was no system of checks and balances that could be applied. The grief of the wives wailing over the bodies of their dead husbands; the mothers whose tears fell on the crushed and mangled forms of their dead sons; the rivers of blood that flowed from all the loved ones who lay dead and maimed had no measurable counterpart. No concept, no ideal, no goal, no materiality was worth life itself. With life everything was possible. Without life nothing was possible.

    War, they concluded, must be forever banished from the planet. Never could it be considered as a solution for any kind of disagreement. It had been tested, and it didn’t work. Surely if they could look down the corridors of time their gaze would be met with a planet founded on peace with systems in place designed to resolve conflict in an intelligent and sympathetic manner at all levels.

    As all generations have and will, we stand on the threshold of time. How do we answer to our ancestors, our descendants? In the face of threat, is war the best we have to offer history? After all these hundreds of thousands of years have we come no further than simple retaliation, violence, and vengeance as the testimony to our progress? Have we come not one step further than the barbarians who first tried war?

    At some point in the evolution of our planet war must become obsolete. Of this there can be no doubt. There is no place in an intelligent universe for a planet that cannot solve its problems peaceably. And mankind is hardwired for peace. When any of us think of an advanced planet or culture, we unfailingly envision it as peaceful. Surely any evolved civilization will, by definition, have solved the problem of war. Therefore, by definition, we have no place in evolution until we have put war behind us. We are the moral equivalent of primates.

    Nor can we tell ourselves we kill for our children, for our country. What is our legacy if we pass on to them that which has been gained by slaughter? We cannot claim for ourselves the virtues of calm thinking, intelligence, sympathy and understanding if we do not bring them to bear in the face of threat. Of what value are they if they surface only under favorable conditions? Nor may we hide behind blaming our opponent. If we offer peace only to the peaceful, there is no substance to our position. We are blown by the whims of others, at their mercy with no position of our own. How may we teach peace if we are not able to demonstrate it?

    And we have in hand right now all the evidence we need to see that if we make a gift to our descendants that which we have gained by slaughter, they will feel only shame. How do we ourselves feel about the American Indians our ancestors killed while taking their country from them? How do we feel about the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki? And though we may feel contempt toward Hitler himself, no American citizen feels any pride in the innocent German lives that were taken by the U.S. in World War II. War is always a desecration and a blight on our planet, as well as a source of shame to those who inherit whatever is gained by it.

    Let us bring a smile to the faces of our ancestors; let us set an example for our children; let us set the course of history for our descendants; let us actively participate in evolution.

    Let us not enter into war ever again.


  7. What about the FEMA CAMPS that were to be used on us, to "" house "" the ILLEGAL ALIENS ? ? ?.
    If they were good enough for US, then they should be just perfect for them. ! ✌

  8. Five children have already died in those overcrowded rescued shelters alien shelters. It seems they're treating prisoners rapist killers better than they are treating the families are trying to get away from violent people. I wonder how many other people have passed away grown-ups included up to my knowledge five children have died three of them preteen teenager years there's no need for a death this is tragic and could have been avoided disgusting I am disgusted over this treatment

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