History Spurs Distrust Between Black Community And Covid Vaccine | NBC News NOW

NBC News’ Antonia Hylton explains the history behind the Black community’s distrust of the American health system and how it’s impacting the potential Covid-19 vaccine rollout.
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History Spurs Distrust Between Black Community And Covid Vaccine | NBC News NOW


Author: phillyfinestnews


47 thoughts on “History Spurs Distrust Between Black Community And Covid Vaccine | NBC News NOW

  1. er He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name

  2. While I believe our government is truly flawed and has its corruptions, like any other nation, I find it annoying that y’all as POC would be so weak-minded to make assumptions and perpetuate false, scare tactic speculations about this vaccine. Especially when most of y’all haven’t even did the critical and in-depth research about it. I’m saying this out of love and anger, because I’m a POC, and I love every single one of you, my brothers and sisters. It also alarms me that y’all are purporting such blatant nonsense knowing the horrid health and medical disparities already existent in minority communities. And y’all refusing help? The vaccine was evaluated on tens of thousands of participants in clinical trials. Before the government could promote it, it clearly had to be passed by medical clinics, lab tests, health facilities, and whatnot. I understand the plight of what American agencies have done in the past. That has nothing to do with the vaccine of this modern time. The vaccine was approved by the FDA’s emergency protocol use, which are extremely diligent. Yet y’all are raising red flags and spreading social discourse when y’all aren’t doctors or health practitioners yourselves. Y’all forget that individually you receive vaccines and shots your whole lives for school, for sports, against HPV, the Flu, etc. If you don’t want the vaccine, that’s your business. But don’t discourage others and interfere with their aspirations to receive it for their health. The historical ills that POC faced has nothing to do with the vaccine of the modern time. Otherwise, don’t get the vaccine, then what’s your plan if you contract COVID? Exactly. Stop with the skullduggery.

  3. Anyone pushing this narrative is getting highly paid. Do they really think we’re stupid ?

    Oh and the vaccines are not approved.

    The fact they’re so bothered is suspicious. What’s even more alarming is, if the vaccines worked why they worried about those that don’t??????

    At first they targeted the black community first. Saying we were most effected by this fraud of a virus. PLANdemic.

    I’d never trust the government or those under their wing.

  4. How do these people think hospitals, Doctors, nurses, etc get paid. You can't keep coming to a hospital for free services and think they will not run out of funds from the so call government. Plus be real south side of Chicago 🤣, ambulance need to go straight to the funeral home do not collect $200.
    As for vaccines, I'm black and haven't been vaccinated yet an it has nothing to do with trusting the government as more so waiting for this stuff to be FDA approved which none are not.

  5. Distrust between Straights and Gays because, LOOK AT ALL YOU HAIRY SKIRT WEARING BAPHOMET WORSHIPPERS
    🌺eugenics, mk ultra, human test subjects🌺

  6. And,….here to convince the blacks to ignore the past and take the experimental, not FDA approved vaccination, released only under the “emergency authorization act” is…one of their own…..”Dr. BlackStock” 🤔🤔 You just can’t make this up!! 🤥

  7. Don't take it my people, I just watched a leaked video of their ultimate plan, it's dark and doesn't include Africans in future because we are rebellious, they want to bring the population down to a billion, 50 million of it will include the Chinese and Japanese because they're known for their obedience and doing as they're told, also Africans, we are viewed as deplorable. Wake yp

  8. In all fairness the corona virus vaccine trials used a balanced representation of the African American community around ten percent in each of the studies. However, I understand why African Americans are reluctant to participate in medical studies. If you every read the book, Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Time to Present, by Harriet A. Washington, you will discover that the Tuskegee syphilis experiment is just the "tip-of-the-iceberg." Have you ever wondered why university hospitals are located in economic disadvantaged black communities? The historical reason, so the medical research industry can test new drugs on black people before dispersing to the general population. The medical industry must reconcile with African Americans by looking history strait in face and saying I'm sorry; for starters. I am sadden that many black people will die of the corona virus because of the mistrust with the US medical establishment. However, please do not throw away the "baby-with-the-bathwater." Simple undisputed fact, VACCINES SAVES LIVES!!!!"

    To my fellow Americans please get your corona-virus jab. From a risk management prescriptive it's better to get vaccinated than not to get vaccinated. Since 1962 vaccines have saved 10.2 million lives world-wide; please add your name to the list of the living. GET YOUR JAB!!!!

  9. what does being distrustful of this SHADY "vaccine" has to do with being black ????
    people who distrust this , regardless of their color have good reasons to be distrustful . the public never got full disclosure about this "virus" , there are too many plot holes . never taking that medicine . ever , i'd rather DIE than be injected by this

  10. The white world has fallen and this is how they are dealing with all the problems that brings. Covid is great for mental health, security threats, being able to stop traveling (cough) not because there is an issue of currency but a Virus wink wink. When white what to cover up something well let's turn to the black community which we care about (not)

  11. Media spent first few months with the fake story that Trump supporters were not getting vaccinated. This was demonstrably false once the data was obtainable. The message should of been to encourage blacks to get vaccinated who predictably would be reluctant to trust the vaccine. The low vaccination rate in DC among blacks, who account for half the population, has made the city of Washington DC the least safe area in the entire country.

  12. I came here to say black people aren't taking the vaccine because they are smart and then joke about how suspicious it is that Youtube is literally forcing this into everyone's recommended. Then I started reading the comments and jeez there are some stories here. So I'll just leave with this if the vaccine wont stop spreading and you are not at risk (ie under 65 and healthy) why is this even an issue?

  13. Oh let's be honest – black people mistrust Covid vaccine because they see it as "white man's medicine". If they don't want the vaccine, let them die of Covid – it's their choice.

  14. If the vaccines work then why do they want for everyone to take it? There's an agenda being played here, so don't take the vaccine. They plan to depopulate the World by 90%. The Globalists Elite aren't colored blind, they are going after everyone!

  15. All this effort and focus toward getting Black test subjects.

    Where was this when it came to the drug epidemic of the 90s? The gutted education system most African American communities have come to expect from the American education system in minority heavy public schooling? The poverty rates? The job discrimination? The alcoholism? The lower credit rates? The red-lining? The police state terrorism? The police encounter mortality rates? The ignored patient complaints? The homeless? The biased distribution of funds for city improvement and upkeep? The crude portrayal of Blacks in various forms of global media? The demonization of Blacks and Marijuana? The continued disproportionate convictions and imprisonment?

    Where was the urging, and pushing, and efforts to mend old wounds then?

    But now things are different.
    Now the olive branch is being extended. Now, of all the areas where Blacks have always been the very last to see help and attention. For further experimentation.

    No. Absolutely not. Screw that and screw you. This country has wiped it's backside with Blacks for centuries and yet now, when everyone is in danger, it has the audacity to call on them to step forward and be willing to put their health in jeopardy for the greater collective. A resounding NO!

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