Louisiana lawmakers vote to ban abortions as early as 6 weeks

Opponents tried to make exceptions for women who are victims of rape or incest but they failed.



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42 thoughts on “Louisiana lawmakers vote to ban abortions as early as 6 weeks

  1. Oh yeah, a 12 year old child gets raped and she is forced to have a baby that could kill her and she isnt allowed to live her life and not take care of another.
    Shes forced to have a baby.

  2. This is not PRO-LIFE being forced to carry to term can be forced, can turn out to be PRO-DEATH. Men in these political positions don't know anything about biology, women's health, and they think every pregnancy is a safe pregnancy. These men think an Ectopic Pregnancy can be moved into the uterus, when in fact it can't. https://rewire.news/ablc/2019/05/09/someone-tell-this-ohio-legislator-you-cant-move-ectopic-pregnancies-into-the-uterus/
    Then there's other complications with dangerous genetic deformities of an unborn, and the baby will be born dead, or will die at birth. https://www.newsweek.com/strict-abortion-law-forced-woman-give-birth-baby-without-brain-skull-knowing-it-would-die-1440531

    This heartbeat bill is nothing more than PRO-FORCED BIRTH/PRO-FORCED DEATH. Women know what they are doing when they have decided for abortion.

    This has nothing to do with Pro-Life.

  3. Angelical Salutation: Hail Mary full of Grace,the Lord is with thee: Blessed art thou amongst women, and Blessed is the fruit of thy womb,Jesus.

    Hear that. Blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus
    From the gospel of Luke

  4. Wow what's wrong with ppl?? Whos going to take care of all the unwanted babies? I'm not for abortions or against it but to not let a woman decide is wrong. I dont think any woman is laughing and having a good ole time on the way to the abortion clinic. It's usually a very sad time to come to that decision.

  5. Allowing people to plan parenthood when they are in a position to ensure their child can have a healthy life – free from neglect, poverty, abuse, and worse – that is the most responsible choice anyone can make in society, particularly one with no social safety net. Religious tyranny, feigned morality, and shaming are beyond pathetic and really expose a sad need to control to feel powerful. It's pure tyranny that they think they have the answers for everyone and every situation, especially when many abortions are at the request of husbands and male partners. The "unborn" are one of the few groups the far-right can conveniently advocate for because they don't have to offer any assistance or funding or welfare. It's their perfect wedge issue. They don't care how completely irresponsible it is to ban abortion and remove consitutional rights of both men and women who are making difficult decisions as a family. Ask yourself what those same far-right politicians are actually doing for those institutionalized and in foster care. For the poor. For the sick. If you want to live under false religious tyranny and hypocrisy with someone constantly making rules claiming they're in line with God, then there are other countries you can do that in. In America, we prefer democracy and allowing people to choose what's best for them and their health and their family, without a false religious government intervention. Also most abortions are by those who already have children. Birth control is not 100% effective. Oh, and news flash, we're facing a looming climate crisis and ecosystem collapse, so maybe this isn't the time to force families and the earth to deal with more unwanted, unloved children.

  6. 1) The unborn are living innocent Human organisms. 2) All living innocent Human organisms have the right to life. 3) The unborn are also dependents. 4) All dependents are entitled to competent care from those who have custody of said dependent. 5) Adults who consensually engage in an activity that produces a dependent in their custody is therefore responsible for the well-being of said dependent until custody can be properly relinquished.

  7. You know what’s funny? Nobody likes to talk about the fact that the founder of planned parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was a racist who wanted abortion to control the population of racial groups she didn’t like, and she even corresponded with Hitler. Planned Parenthood has EVIL roots. It must come to and end.

  8. This is crazy….whos taking care of all these babies when they are born. Women will find a way to do what they have to. I'm don't think the govt should tell women what to do with their bodies. How about you make a law that says if you rape a women or child the male should be castrated so he can't do it again. I bet there would be an uproar. I have three children and abortion was not an option for me because I CHOSE not to do that. It should be that person choice even if I disagree with it.

  9. Okay…..emotional outburst warning—> FACT: Heartbeats are what doctors consider "alive or dead", around 6 weeks of gestation they're already beating.
    OPINION: Those wishing to abort should allow families to adopt the babies before KILLING THEM. You are killing A PERSON. We all start out the same way and who are we to decide on life of this baby whether you plan to keep it or not. AS SOON AS THAT EGG FERTILIZED, IT IS NO LONGER YOUR BODY. IT'S THE BABIES BODY TOO.
    I am so 100% serious, anyone feeling like they can't do the parenting thing, email me- cdubsmom123@gmail.com and I'll be there for your child. But YOU can pay for YOUR hospital bills and the care of YOUR body during the pregnancy. I'll cover the newborn babies care, And make sure they have a loving family to care for them. I've been infertile since I was 19, blessed to have gotten pregnant and have my son at 15, yes, I am 25 with a 10 year old son… i wouldn't even have the chance to love a child, make them feel safe, show them how to grow and be a positive person. If it weren't for My stupid immature actions, which I am so thankful for now. My husband has no biological children and you're all mad that you can't kill the babies you are so so SO beyond lucky to have. You can sign the rights over to me and my husband and call it a day!!….. yet people look down on placing them for adoption🤔🤔 instead of KILLING them. At least you're giving those babies a chance for life that YOU caused by your actions. Pregnancy is so easy to avoid, and then your hurting someone because you made a mistake….deal with it, you keep it or let a family take them. There should only be those 2 options in my opinion. (Sorry for offending anyone with my emotions, but at least I'm not aborting you)

  10. I hear these people say things like, “You only care about the fetus in utero, but don’t care about the baby when it’s born.” This bothers me cuz your conclusion is since they will be a burden in the future, let’s kill them before they come out? That’s harsh. At one time the fight was pro choice. Now it is pro abortion. You all sound ruthless and barbaric. Abortion is not a method of birth control!!

  11. God isn’t real now stfu and let these women do what they want with THEIR bodies, none of you fuckwits should get a say. You would prefer a baby to be raised in horrible conditions, abused and unwanted and eventually maybe even end up dead anyway?

  12. Most abortions are done for convenience. The whole argument that rape is the main reason is bs. Not saying that rape is okay. Anyone who rapes anyone deserves to ge shot in the sack, but sadly abortions tend to be performed for the benefit of the woman. If you dont want kids, Dont have sex. If you wanna still have sex, then do it safely or get your tubes tied. But at the end of the day if you wanna kill a potential child, then it shouldn't be done under government aid. You pay for it.

  13. You know I don't fault them for standing up for the unborn babies but to say you can't get an abortion if you're raped by a stranger or family member doesn't make any sense to me. Those should be the exceptions that allow you to get one. I don't know their rationale behind that. Who wants a baby by a rapist????

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