NPK Round 7 Cordova Recap…Things Gotta Pick Up Soon!

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Round 7 Recap From Cordova Illinois

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Author: rafaelnieves72


42 thoughts on “NPK Round 7 Cordova Recap…Things Gotta Pick Up Soon!

  1. I was super embarrassed for the fans there I am from Chicago that ain’t us. I talked to aiden and dalton while you where shutting the line down and they were letting kids in which I thought was really nice. I talked to phantom I was going to bring a pizza but the track said no coolers. Also at the same time young blood said you guys have the best fans kinda puts it in perspective.

  2. I never going to question your program. No matter where you finish. I subscribe and keep pushing that like button. I really love the content of drag racing from all the NPK race teams. Keep your heads up and keep digging. There’s a lot of stiff competition out there!!

  3. Phantom please please please do not ever read the negative comments, people who are being negative aren't true fans, true fans realise how f**kin hard it is to do what you guys are doing, spending all that time away working hard and getting unlucky is super hard, never listen to those negative guys, only concentrate on the positive people, you guys are doing amazing, you ain't losing, you either win or you learn, you guys are learning every week and eventually you guys will have learned alot and the wins will come, we love you guys ❤

  4. Don't let the people question yalls program! Yall are kicking butt for ur first actual year racing npk. I was at sgmp and even tho you didn't win you guys were freaking flying. I know a win is comming soon just need alittle luck

  5. Kye should’ve put a ring on that dime long ago. His ugly ass ain’t going to do better. He has definitely out kicked his coverage w her. Shawn pin the track locations on a laminated US map that you hang on the hauler wall. That’s kinda how I keep up with some traveling shit. Good luck & man Bobby guessed that tree perfectly. You can’t do anything w that. Get that cash boys

  6. Come in guys … I’f ones bad the other one is bad or right behind it … I enjoy what your doing but y’all need to step up your program . It’s like your not taking a problem seriously an finding out why an how to stop it from happening again… it’s like your maintenance program sux

  7. Twinkle painted toes was jumping up and down when little F Puck jumped two car lengths on Swan. Crow tastes like mess. That being said both Puck and Bobby were complete red lights. Rigged all the way. TV lights

  8. A lot of people are stupid!! They don’t understand that you are not there just to serve the fans!! You are actually trying to maintain the car and win races! Reaper was saying the same thing about fans on his YouTube channel yesterday! Some people don’t see the big picture!

  9. It was great meeting you and Phantom in Darlington, SC. Highlight of the weekend. You guys took the time to meet with us and signed our merch. You guys are awesome. I think the false start sensor screwed you guys against Bobby. I slowed the video down and you can clearly see the front of his car lift before the green light. I think the same thing happened to Ryan. Good luck at Outlaw Armageddon and the rest of the NPK races.

  10. Thanks for the videos guys! You can never win with fans/people, whether it's dirt track or drags. Don't let the a$$holes rule what you do, true fans will always be there, the clowns that just want a signature are the only ones that bitch. Good luck n God bless gentlemen

  11. I seen you in London Ky last yr and you were standing out in the sun! I asked you why you were standing in the sun not under a tent in the shade and you said my fans are standing in the sun so I’m going to stand in the sun!! That told me a lot about the person you are!! Also you talked to me and hundreds of other fans like you knew us for yrs!! I was honestly surprised how friendly you were! Also you are a hell of a dude because there is no way in hell I could handle all the damn people literally bumping into me while I’m trying to do something! But you handled it like a pro!!

  12. I saw you guys at Epping. I fist bumped Phantom and said hello to Shawn and Erin. I checked out the car and then bought some merch and went on my way. I can see why some of the other racers have their pits roped off.

  13. Would it be cheaper for you guys to go pro charger? Because it seems like the cars that are winning everything or pro charged just asking a stupid question from a moron? You guys have one of the top cars out there I’m not questioning your program you have just a question. You guys rock I love your YouTube channel I follow every thing you guys put out one of your biggest fans.

  14. True fans won’t tell you that your program sucks. Myself and my daughter went to Cordova to see the race and meet you guys. Out of everyone we met that day Shawn, Phantom, and Richard were the nicest guys to talk to. It was an amazing experience and hope to catch you guys next season when you come round Illinois!

  15. That's the only way he can win. I don't think I could handle that the way Shawn does. I would loose my shit. You work that hard to get to the race then have someone guess a light and ruin. On top of that to give you his word and still do it f*** that.

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