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Teens are arrested for allegedly harassing people in Central Park: Part 2
On April 19, 1989, police responded to 911 calls of black and Latino teenagers harassing park goers. As police began their investigation, a white woman was found beaten and barely alive.

Looking back at the 1989 Central Park jogger rape case that led to 5 teens being convicted, later exonerated

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27 thoughts on “One Night in Central Park l 20/20 l PART 2 | ABC News

  1. I lived through this mess back in the 80s in the NYC area. All of this stuff brings up horrid memories. I remember clearly many folks, that I was around, were in really shock that ANY woman went jogging in Central Park AT NIGHT!!! This was LONGGGG before they caught anyone. Then I remember the news showing boys marched out of a police station and called “wolves.” I guess what I hate most about this story is the fact that those kids WERE in the park and brutally beating all people…period! Are you kidding me??? Here’s the fact, sadly, if this horribly attacked jogger was not considered newsworthy, we would not even learn of the many other victims who were attacked that night by those thirty kids. THAT CRAP SICKENS ME!!!

  2. I think the five claiming they didn’t rape her is based on their deluded opinion of “well I didn’t stick anything in her” so I am innocent. They probably think in their simple minds holding her down, beating her and just touching her was just kids being kids. So my conclusion is either they are truly monsters with no conscience who don’t actually care about the victims, the real victims who were being beaten, but only themselves. Boo hoo, poor babies lost your childhood and everyone hated you. Ever think it might have been because your actions were so Fkd that, even at a time of record murder and crime, people were shocked at the viscousness? I’ve read so many documents, transcripts, and depositions on this case, hoping I could find, maybe one of the 30 something kids and family members , willing to tell the truth on this case, and all I I have read is a bunch of bitter lying savages that would go to any extreme or depth to lie for their own benefit once again. Some people are good, and some people are just born to be pieces of trash. At the end of they day, these 5 know what they did. And all the interviews, movies or money will never change that fact. Just wish they had the balls to say “ you know what, we participated, we beat those people up, and we still came out on top”. But they were cowards then and are still cowards, it’s just unfortunate most people in this comment section are too blind or prejudice to see it or do the research.

  3. I'm gonna be honest here.
    I was 29 at the time living on the East side and doing professional theater. I had no access to tv. I worked at night. never saw the Donald's tv spot.

    Anyone who went into Central Park at night was either a moron or had no ones best interest in mind. That was the general mind set at the time. When we first heard of the incident, my fear was for my gay friends who might be cruising the Ramble for a hookup.

    When the kids were arrested we didn't give them a thought, we never expected them to be innocent, why would they be in the park except to do harm We didn't have any sympathy for the victim either. You just don't go into the park at night , any idiot knew that.

    New Yorkers, a tough crowd.

    We moved on to the next story pretty fast.

  4. At 5:10 She says "at first it seemed like a relatively minor thing" Really?? Beating someone in the Head with a lead pipe until they are a bloody mess is a "relatively minor thing"? Wow! This is an absolutely appauling new story by ABC news..

  5. Her name is #KarinaVetrano HER KILLER IS STILL OUT THERE. HER FATHER IS #PhilVetrano he knows who killed his daughter.
    1. He ALWAYS runs with her and ON THIS DAY HE DECIDES NOT TO.
    2. AS soon as she left he FELT like something was wrong and knew EXCATLY where she was.
    3. The young man #CHANELLEWIS was convicted innterviewed and denied a lawyer in the same manner as the #centralpark5✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾
    4. Please watch this for yourself and read the article.
    5. A cop who REMEMBERED Chanel all of a sudden felt like he did it.
    6. The mob runs the neighborhood she lived in and the dad was connected to them.
    7. Everything Chanel said in his interview contradicts how the father said he found his own daughter!!
    8. If you stand for something help me stand for this youngman.

  6. I watched the interviews with the cops: That Kory who was apart of the Central Park 5 told the story accurately and waived his right to a free attorney but he said he didn't do it, his friends did. They all did. The Central Park 5 were guilty.

  7. Why didn't she run in the sidewalk along the main avenues?
    First thing we are told to do when we are walking alone is go through the areas where there's a lot of circulation, a lot of lights, and where you see people.

  8. Bigger conversations needs to be with about mob mentality & being a good person.
    Any of these “kids” would feel differently if this happened to their Grandma or Mother.
    Raise your kids better. It’s awful this happened. It’s awful the comments are why where these people doing normal activities & feeling safe. Stupid. Bad investigation, yeah.. great way to not be fingered, don’t be there or speak up and stop the insanity you’re involved in.
    Either way.. they were involved.

  9. All the people in this video who are from the police and were part of that should be in jail, mostly Linda, that piece of sh*t deserves to go to prison and die there for what she did, there's not forgiveness. Imagine not having even a single clue of what happened and even without it saying they were guilty instead of searching the real rapist lol you can see she doesn't even care about the jogger bc if she cared she would've and wanted to found the real guilty. But instead she put in jail more than 10 years a group of teens that were doing nothing wrong. There's not a single person in the world who's as disgusting as her, not even Matias Reyes beacuse at least he felt sorry about the boys, and yes he's disgusting but he took the part of the blame, she couldn't even accept she wasn't right. DISGUSTING and deserves to die in jail after what she and all of those persons in the video did to those boys. Not even all the money in the world can bring them back their time lost.

  10. News flash: The fact that one guy confessed to raping her doesn't mean these guys didn't assault her or help hold her down while she was being raped. I saw their confession tapes. That's clearly what happened.

  11. I can’t believe the comments about wrongful arrests. If your mother was beaten by a group of thirty kids, you’d want people held accountable. Just because you aren’t beating the crap out of someone in a group of people you KNOW are looking to beat the crap out of someone doesn’t mean you’re innocent.

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