Pilots report encounters with high-flying objects

The U.S. Navy is investigating after five pilots reported multiple mid-air encounters with high-flying, fast-moving objects.


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  1. Can you imagine being George Stephanopoulos earning what he earns yearly but then acting like a complete boob when it comes to fact yet still speaks about our Government with such reverence knowing full well they are the leaders in decietful interviews flat out tell.lies then have the audacity to act like UFO are still just ice crystals….isn't it time we had news people more representative of the American people or are we going to end up choking on Corporate stooges and Bag Boys for the American inteligence apparatus …?

  2. I doubt that the encounters are military experimental aircraft. Unless we can bend space and time around the craft the G's pulled from the craft would kill any human instantaneously and law defying movements are the same in thousands of testimonials that go back decades.

  3. Come on if the aliens can figure out how to make a ufo we can do the same plus these guys are probably camping on the moon watching Netflix snaking space weed and eating galactic junk food laughing at us.

  4. Im watching this cause today i was driving home from walmart. Me and my son who is 8 years old . having a conversation about the people in the World are so Evil ,After i said this too him im coming off the 15 north Freeway of 2600 in N SLC , UT. I see right over the Mountain. A Flying Object it was Not A plane it more looked like a long object with Shiny Metal long wings but the wings where long on the side not outwardly and the platform it was attached too was hard to see. It was moving ever so slowly. I seen it for like 6or 7 seconds just enough where the both of us could see it. Then it vanishes into thin air. I kept looking for it nothing. I have never seen any thing like this in my life always thought people would make stories up. But now im scratching my brain and wondering what is it. I believe in the Trinity so i dont believe in aliens so now what ?

  5. 1:50 there is that cued response they are told to give us. Psychologically it programs us to think nothing of this. If the media doesn't freak out, neither should I.

    Just look at the corona virus. They freaked out and panicked everyone. That should tell you something.

  6. I have researched long enough to know what there planning. For one. They will never release information like this about UFO. Unless they are planning to play the final card in there agenda. Which is a fake alien invasion. I say fake because it won't be aliens invading us. It will be us humans. In a reverse engineer aircraft. In which they will go around and wipe out half the population of the world. Why they will do that? Because the planet is dying because of too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. On top of overpopulation. What better way to establish the NWO then to say. We are being invaded by aliens. Too unite the world. Wipe out half the population so they have better control. We would also have better control on the planet. The space force is the second to the last card to be played out. Which I knew about before they even introduce the space force since 2012. The last card will be played out soon. My guess would be around 2025 is the date. There is a NASA report that points too that date. You guys can do your own research because there is way too much too put on here. Rather you believe me or not I do not care. One way or another. There not going to plan something like this for years and not go threw with it. With what I see. There right on schedule.

  7. And should we win today the 4th of July will no longer be known as an American holiday, but as the day when the world declared in one voice, “We will not go quietly into the night. We will not vanish without a fight. We’re going to live on. We’re going to survive. Today we celebrate our INDEPENDENCE DAY.”

  8. There are no UFOs. There are demonic forces manifesting as UFOs. Demonic forces can take a physical form where there are sin has reached to a certain level.Genesis 6:4, the sons of God are demonic forces. Sadly scientists spend billions of money for such experiments. There is only one remedy. REPENT of the sins and turn to GOD and His ways written in His Word which is the BIBLE. UFOs will vanish.

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