Robert Mueller makes public statement on special counsel report

Because of constitutional and Justice Department limits, Mueller said he and his team had not considered bringing charges against President Trump.



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48 thoughts on “Robert Mueller makes public statement on special counsel report

  1. Mueller is playing games and leaving the door open for the dems to keep hammering away at Trump. The way he worded his report is very slick. Either you found evidence to charge him with a crime or you didin't. Innocent until proven guilty. They have nothing on him so all this talk of impeachment is just wishful thinking on the libs part. Either Mueller found something or he didn't. I think 35 million for what he reported in this investigation is horriffic. What a waste of money that could of been used to help the homeless and the starving and sick.

  2. That's BS, even if he could not indite a sitting president the whole purpose of the report was to show whether or not there was EVIDENCE of collusion and obstruction. He said if he felt the president did not commit a crime he would have said so, but if there was EVIDENCE of a crime he would have said so also. That was the purpose of this report, not to indite, but to show whether or not Trump did a crime. THERE WAS NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE to prove Trump did a crime. Just because Mueller did not feel confident in saying Trump did not do a crime does not prove he did. That is just Mueller's personal opinion and is unprofessional because he is supposed to be unbias and just state the facts. The facts showed that THERE WAS NOT EVIDENCE of Trump committing a crime. POINT BLANK!

  3. Innocent until proven guilty Mueller. Not the other way around. Saying you would have made it clear that the President did not commit a crime, if you could have determined it, is embarrassing. You also didn’t make it clear that the President committed a crime. So you literally did nothing. Of course you don’t want to testify before Congress, because Republicans will have a chance to ask questions and you’ll look like a fool.

  4. Embassaring. Mueller came in ashamed, read a pre-written statement in an unconvincing way and left again even more ashamed. It reminded me of Theresa May and her failure on brexit. Mueller is now completely disgraced for life. Taken in consideration that mr Nadler already had prepared his statement it looked like a prepared staged arrangement.

  5. MOVING ON This man is a traitor and an enemy against the American Constitution. President Trump Our elected President of the United States of America. You are a hasbeen looking for a Book Deal.

  6. The investigation was about Russian interference, not obstruction. THERE WAS NO NEED FOR VOL II OF THE REPORT. Mueller's goal was to to stick it to the president from the beginning, when he couldn't via collusion, he threw the turd in the punch bowl with obstruction. Further reinforcement that our gov institutions lost their sense of justice and fairness.

  7. Unnerving to hear this THUG for the 1st time try to ramble thru his written text – like the “Great Wizard of Oz”

    “Don’t look at the pathetic little man behind the curtain! He only wants to retire and live off his fat TAX PAYER FUNDED PENSION for all the good work he has done justifying the All Mighty DEEP STATE!!!”

  8. Fake News ABC trying to push they the reason for IMPEACHMENT is because Bobbie Mueller (who blew the Olympic Bombing and Maryland Anthrax cases with his thug prosecutorial tactics) did not prove conclusively that Big Foot does not exist…

    Get the wimpy voiced thug before Congress and make him answer THREE questions:

    1.) When did Mueller know that the Hilary Dossier was funded by Hillary? We expect the day the Witch Hunt started since we have texts from Strozyk complaining “there’s nothing there”

    2.) Why wasn’t exculpatory evidence and testimony included in his $30 million final version… like the FBI interviewers saying “Flynn responded in good faith” “Popodoulus did NOT discuss “emails” with the Australian sent to entrap George” “Michael Cohen never went to Prague, let alone meet with Russians agents to arrange any deals for Trump”

    3.) Where is the evidence connecting Hillary with Steele with Glenn Simpson and the “script” that they tried to use against McCain and merely changed the name to Trump?

    Send the Gestapo to his door Sunday morning with guns drawn and ransack his house!

    This Guy is as crooked as the rest of the conspirators trying cover up that the Obama Administration IGNORED the Russian threat – in his own words – but used the heads of the CIA, FBI, NSA and Justice Department to SPY on his enemies… Trump only being last.

  9. "We'll know our disinformation program is complete,
    when everything the American public believes is a lie".
      ~William Casey~ CIA Director 1981

    "Deception is a state of mind & the mind of the State"
      ~James Angleton~ Head of CIA ounter-Intelligence 1954-74

    "The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media."
    William Colby (former CIA Director)

    "This & no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; 
    when he first appears he is a protector." 

  10. Mueller just proved he's a hater, which makes him a loser. He was charged to investigate a crime, there was none, therefore president Trump is innocent. It is the prosecutor's job to prove a crime, it is not the defendant to prove there innocence. Mueller did a political job, not a criminal investigation. Democrats are law breakers and losers.

  11. What utter BS. First if he couldn't charge a president WHY do an investigation at all?
    All Mueller did was ..
    Cover up democrat incompetence at framing Trump by …
    1) avoid being questioned by republicans about why he didn't investigate Clinton, the DNC and the dossier that was knowingly fake and used as an excuse to start this whole tax payer funded COVER UP FOR CLINTON and themselves. (Ask Mueller about Uranium 1, watch him squirm.)
    2) give Dems a leg up with the impeachment …which will fail …so PUT UP OR SHUT UP PELOSI and NADLER.
    Maybe Don jnr should get on a podium and say he's got nothing more to say…

  12. Boy, did this dumbbell Mueller step in it!  By stirring the pot and throwing meat at the Democrats, he created the demand to force him to appear before Congress.  He motivated Congress to subpoena him.  –  PERFECT  OPPORTUNITY for the Republicans in Congress to question this guy under oath and expose him as a complete phony.  It would take no less than 5 questions.    1.  Why did you NOT investigate the Clintons who took a payment of more than 145 million dollars from a RUSSIAN GROUP?  What was the payment for?
    2.  The phony Dossier had Russia connections and was financed by the Clintons and had the goal of interfering with the election?  Why did you not investigate?
    3.  Why did you hire mostly Democrat attorneys on the investigative team?
    4.  Did you at any time investigate any Democrat for communicating with Russians before, during and after the election?
    Those questions are a start.

  13. The worst dog in the States is better than Mueller, what a jerk. He's loving how he's getting both sides to wrestle over non existing issues. He's very disappointed that two plus years of investigations got him nothing so he's trying to prolong this soap. Yes , God made us all, but some of us elect to get cosmetic surgery at the devil's clinic, that explains how ugly Mueller is. I hope you're family is proud of you, I hope they all read these words.

  14. Remember what Comey said about Clinton, and Dems said Comey shouldn't do that?

    “although we did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive highly classified information.”

  15. Mueller did what the democrats hammered Comey for doing to Hillary just before the election=lay out things someone did wrong but not indict or charge them. You don't go on tv and lay out why you don't like someone. You just sully someone you don't like,then admit they didn't break the law?

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