Special counsel Robert Mueller makes first public comments on Russia investigation | Special Report

Special Counsel Robert Mueller made a public statement on the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election from the Department of Justice.

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33 thoughts on “Special counsel Robert Mueller makes first public comments on Russia investigation | Special Report

  1. What a pathetic old crooked man. 9:57 – He wants it HIS way. No more questions, no more speeches, no nothing. I'm leaving quietly after I just suggested that Trump is guilty even though we couldn't find a damn thing. Sorry Shady Bob, it doesn't work that way. You don't get an unlimited budget, 2.5 yrs of PAYCHECKS, a 400 pg report of NOTHING and walk away quietly. NOW YOU MUST ANSWER QUESTIONS!

  2. 8:38 Listen to this POS, dirty cop, slime ball. Listen to how nervous he is. He KNOWS he's a f**king low-life. He KNOWS what he's doing is wrong & this is why he's having such a HARD TIME reading Weissmann's speech. Anyone who says "Thee special counsel, thee this and thee that" is a MORON. Since WHEN do people in law go OUT OF THEIR WAY TO SAY they couldn't prove someone's innocence? WTF is that? Either he's guilty or he's NOT. These scumbags are trying to spin the law in hopes that the moronic public will buy into and say "Gee Trump must've committed crimes. But they couldn't charge him because he's the president." That's TOTAL BULLSHIT. Mueller, Weissmann, Strzok, & Comey should take a long walk on a short pier.

  3. Christie attacking Comey, who has been supporting Mueller and impeachment? Fodder for the fools! Yeah, we all know–Dems especially–Comey bungled a big one, the intent being fairness, the decision misguided, the result unwittingly helping Trump and the Russians. Doesn't totally discredit him, and it doesn't make him wrong about the facts now or the need for impeaching Trump. Typical Republican projection, deflection, and distraction, of which we've already been deluged and inundated with since release of the Report, and is only increasing becoming more Orwellian as things really heat up advancing forward. Nothing like the hypocrisy of these Republicans purporting to help intent on helping themselves and their party foremost.

  4. Why couldn't Mueller have given that statement weeks ago, seeing how confused the public was by the Barr/Trump narrative that took hold because of Barr's summary? Why did Mueller have to wait until announcing his retirement? He admits he wasn't prevented from doing so. That unwillingness to come forward earlier has done the nation a serious disservice. His concern about ongoing Russian interference and attacks underscored that need, and would have had the potential of helping Congress and the intelligence community react in a timelier fashion.

    Moreover, his insistence on not testifying does the nation a further serious disservice. The investigation may have been completed, but as lead prosecutor, Mueller bears responsibility to testify fully, answering all questions. This is particularly important to finding out with what happened with Barr and the DOJ, and if Barr need to be impeached or charged. There are numerous other very important questions, many outlined by Rep. Schiff. Who ever heard of a lead prosecutor who developed a solid case that they then refused to talk about to help achieve justice? While relieved that Mueller finally at least provided a statement, and remain respectful of his work, the Mueller Report, this response is woefully inadequate and, overall, very disappointing to see from Mueller. Regardless of Mueller's feelings, he must, and undoubtedly will be, subpoenaed to testify, as his testimony is essential. This could potentially be minimized to ease his burden through supplemental testimony from other prosecutors on his investigatory team.

  5. ***Mueller Public Statement — Wednesday AM, May 29, 2019***
    Mueller dispels hoax conspiracies or anything improper about investigation.

    Mueller decided from start not to charge based upon dubious OLC advisory opinion that has become customary.

    Mueller makes clear President would have been indicted but for said OLC advisory opinion.

    Mueller makes clear to Americans most important element of Report is Russian massive operation helping Trump.

    Mueller makes clear Report is his testimony, OLC advisory opinion compels him to leave responsibility to Congress to impeach, and/or future prosecutors to prosecute the numerous felony and potential other crimes outlined within against Trump later when no longer protected by the Office.

    Mueller resigning from DOJ.

    Mueller unwilling to take full responsibility for his Report by testifying freely and openly about his work, taking all questions.

    Barr shown to have lied under oath to Congress about conversations with Mueller, and grossly misrepresented substance and meaning of Report.

    Republican mouthpiece Bret Stephens trying to steer away from impeachment towards censure, despite Mueller clarification.

    Trump shyster Sekulow still sucks, desperately tweeting, repeating Barr BS as hollow, laughable defense.

    Still only one lone Congressional Republican supporting impeachment.

    Trump and minions continue to lie and cover-up everything.

    Nancy, the master of understatement, kills how the Republican Senators are not an "objective jury." Impeachment is ongoing, whether announced or not. If you don't understand, Republicans and Dems, get over it. Like Mueller, Dem leadership has been telegraphing a message from the beginning that no man is above the law — not even the President. Republican angst and Democratic impatience is understandable but, done properly, impeachment is a process that shouldn't be rushed. There are disadvantages in forcing Democrat leadership to show their whole hand and play their ace hole card, which bears consideration and remembrance. The benefit to risk ratio of declaring impeachment over the continuing progress being made on present course must then also be taken into account by leadership. Added to the analysis is the fact that impeachment has a political component that can not be ignored, much as we may prefer to wish or believe otherwise. So, yes, we must continue clamoring for impeachment, but we must also be patient, and direct our ire where appropriate: Congressional Republicans in denial.

  6. Mueller is covering up for Comey. Comey probably said> If they bring me down, you/re going with me/. They both know they are in deep trouble and Russia never did anything much compared to them. That's why they wanted an investigation into Russia to begin with, to cover up what came before on behalf of HIllary.

  7. Here is a thought , if they spied on Trump why can't he spy on them?? I've seen shady meetings, assistants, shoufers, and kids with businesses in foreign countries?? If it isn't a coup on Trump now! And if he survives and he does it to you , keep in mind it won't be a coup to him or us . And every candidate can go through the same investigations except which one of them could have lasted this long???!!!! We know they can't they are lifelong politicians let's look at state, county city positions there parents kids peop.in the campaign Gov jobs private jobs!! ! We know they will never make it politicians are all a special type of the worst criminals the kind that tell you it's for your GOOD.!!!! So shut up Trump and just kindly return the favor!!! the Dems taught you what not to do cover your tracks like they didn't!!!! Thanks Dems don't investigate the intelligence agencies and we will have a Republican president for the next 9100 years!! !!!?? YOU MORONs!!!!!!

  8. In a perfect world, Hillary and Trump would be sharing a prison cell right now. I think the reason the Mueller report doesn't have the teeth it should have in terms of the way its perceived by Trump supporters is because of how the FBI handled the Clinton email investigation, the Strzok and Page texts, etc. That was a real blow to the integrity of the agency. It's hard to accept what Mueller is implying here — that Trump did indeed try to obstruct the investigation, which makes him "not innocent", but that Mueller's hands are tied because of DoJ policy and the Constitution — without acknowledging a double standard. Hillary Clinton did something illegal and immoral but got away with it because of a systemic bias within the FBI and DoJ. This all leads back to Comey. I'm sure James Comey is a wonderful father, husband and just a generally good guy, but in terms of being the FBI director he was disastrous, biased, made some seriously bad calls and most importantly was spineless in the moments where he had to muster up the courage to do the right thing, as unpopular as it would have been at the time. You can't really pick and choose when to follow the law precisely because of this exact scenario we find ourselves in today. There is also a greater issue here about the general public's bias and the hyper-partisan times we live in. The dems gave Hillary a free pass, now people on the right are doing the same with Trump. Each time this happens it chips away at the integrity of very laws and institutions that are here to protect America from corruption and wrongdoing by the powerful people who run the country. Our partisanship lets those at the top, from all political parties, get away with crimes that should have landed them in jail and for a long, long time. Trump is guilty, Hillary is guilty. Bleach bit-ing a hard drive is obstruction of justice. Telling people to lie or withhold the truth is obstruction of justice. Both Trump and Hillary committed obstruction of justice.

  9. omg .i think he is blinking out a message. "please…… help….. Hillary…. and …Whom i bedding….and… A.. thorny…Wiener…are …holding… my … children…. hostage… AND….TORTURING…THEM….please…… help….. DON'T MAKE ME TELL … THE TRUTH.

  10. I'm registered unaffiliated.. here's truth… Interesting, as expected, no mention of the FBI, DOJ, DNC, HRC, FUSION GPS, CHRISTOPHER STEELE, COMEY, BRENNAN, CLAPPER… etc… CONSPIRACY…. THE DS at its finest!!! How can anyone with a modicum of gray matter even believe these criminals anymore… silent, reasoned, fed up Americans have had Enough

  11. Damm is he screwed, can't even be straight up and just say "we looked everywhere at everything and everyone for two years at the cost of millions of tax payer dollars, but. . .we could find no collusion and no obstruction!"

  12. Since when is charging a President with a crime not allowed? I bet Nixon (A Republican) would have liked that law to have been in effect during Watergate. Ditto for Bill Clinton (A Democrat).

    Plus, why not just wait until January 2021 to charge him? Technically he wouldn't be President again until the official inauguration even if he won. The statute of limitations shouldn't be that long.

  13. This is just my take on Mueller. For 2 years, he's been sitting on the fence and milking the cow. He is a Republican. He didn't do HRC any favors, he hurt her, but not as much as he could have. He also hindered Trump's agenda. He overstepped the boundaries of his office on both cases. IMO, he is a privateer who now wants to retire, perhaps with a book/movie deal for a golden parachute. This man came, he did what he did, it's all now history, Mueller was, and is, and will always be a real $h!t. It's now time for all of us on the right to forget about Mueller and get on with the business of saving our nation from the diabolical designs of the global elites.

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