Tributes pour in for baseball legend Bill Buckner

Buckner is best known for how he handled the backlash after an infamous play that cost the Boston Red Sox Game 6 of the 1986 World Series.


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  1. Strange how things turn out with his dementia. He probably burnt out his brains always thinking about that play every single day. Really, he was tormented for years and probably never forgave himself.

  2. A great ballplayer even if you factored in a dozen plays like the Mookie Wilson ground ball…and a great person for the class, perspective, and good humor he maintained in the years after his retirement from the MLB.

  3. Just another despicable story about this man. Absolutely incredible that you would make this "tribute" about the one play. He deserved better. He was g*d da*ned good ball player and seemed like a good man as well.

  4. Buckner's error may have made him infamous, but he more than made up for it with his future heroics. I hope his rest is peaceful. It's also awesome knowing how the Boston fans forgave him for his miscue, when they won the 2004 world series.

  5. Key points to remember:

    1. Buckner was only on the field because John McNamara (Red Sox manager) wanted him to be on the field to celebrate. Buckner was hurt and had no business being out there. He could barely move!

    2. Mookie Wilson would have beaten Buckner to the bag. At that point, Howard Johnson comes to bat with 1st and 3rd and the inning continues. That's also why Buckner missed the ball. He was rushing!

    3. Bob Stanley is the one who blew this game, not Buckner. He is the one who threw a wild pitch which allowed Mitchell to score the tying run!

    4. The Red Sox were up 3-0 in Game 7 and still could have won. They had Bruce Hurst pitching who had already beaten the Mets TWICE in the series, but they coughed up the lead and lost!

    Buckner to blame for 1986? HARDLY!

  6. The worst was when people threatened the guy for what happened. Terrible, I remember as an S.F. Giants fan when Buckner played for the Dodgers & Cubs. This play cost him a Hall of Fame Bid, made his family move away from threats to him. The things people said on the radio about the guy. Imagine how Buckner felt about the play that lost the game.Its too bad the Red Sox didn't win the series in 86' since this play would've been forgiven. You lose as a team, when you root for a team you go down with them, you celebrate with them as well when they win.

  7. what red sox fans didnt understand and didnt realize is that when the mets tied the game on the wild pitch whether the ball went under buckners legs or not the mets still would of won the game was over once the mets tied the game the red sox couldnt recover from that

  8. FAKE NEWS: It did not cost the Red Sox Game 6 of the World Series. Game was tied 5-5 and emotionally lost at that point. I know, being a huge Red Sox fan in 1986 and a sports journalist. Stupid media blamed him to appease stupid obnoxious fans.

  9. Buckner was a great player. Over 22 years, his batting average was .289 (#415 in baseball history) and he had nearly 3,000 hits. And no, it was not his fault that they lost the World Series anymore than it was Scott Norwood’s fault that the Bills lost the Super Bowl or Steve Bartman’s fault that the Cubs lost in 2003. The Red Sox shouldn’t have been in that position to begin with, and it was only Game 6.

  10. I have been a Cubs fan since 1967. Bill Buckner is, was, and always will be my favorite player. He played with an unparalleled intensity, despite longstanding ankle issues. His talent prevailed through many less-than-stellar Cub seasons. Cubs Nation has fallen on black days with his premature passing. RIP, 22 Bill Buckner 22

  11. He missed that ball on PURPOSE morons, just like Matt Ryan and Devonta Freeman laid down in the 2nd half of Superbowl LI to let the Patriots come back on LEAGUE COMMAND. Buckner's PURPOSEFUL miss is covered by author Brian Tuohy of "The Fix Is In : The Showbiz Manipulations of the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, & NASCAR."

  12. You win as a team you lose as a team. Buckner never deserved to be known for that play. He didn't throw the wild pitch, he didn't blow a series lead. The error came in a tie game. The red Sox weren't winning. They already had blown the lead. Shameful really. Buckner was a great player who never should've went through that.

  13. Game was tied when the error was made, so there was no guarantee the Sox would have won the game anyway, especially on the road with a flimsy bullpen. McNamara, Gedman, Stanley, Schiraldi all played significant roles in setting up that collapse. Clemens, too, if it's true he asked out, as McNamara claimed.

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