Trump attacking Pelosi helps ‘unite her within that caucus even more’: Matthew Dowd l ABC NEWS

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29 thoughts on “Trump attacking Pelosi helps ‘unite her within that caucus even more’: Matthew Dowd l ABC NEWS

  1. Alex Castellanos saying Pelosi is more unpopular than Trump in some circles is correct. However that group has been brainwashed by Fox & right wing media who have demonized her. Most of them don't like her because she has a BRAIN and don't like women with any intelligence. If women do have intelligence, they're called bitches. They only like women who are young and look like pinups or Playmates. Their standard of voting is physical beauty over substance – a criteria used in boyish adolescence. As proof, just look at the comments below attacking Pelosi. They call her skeletar and old hag. It's like little boys taunting a nerdy girl. When you don't have FACTS just use appearances, little wonder the U.S. is in a decline.
    They claim the Economy is so Great Under Trump – HOGWASH. Look at Carrier, GM, Ford LAYOFFS. Look at Farmers, Lobster fisherman losing their livelihood due to Trump's Trade War. Yes the Stock Market has gone up BUT it is NOT the Entire Economy! Corporations have used the Tax Cuts for Stock Buybacks which INFLATES their Stocks making it "look" good and give raises to their CEOs. Do you see $$ going into R&D for AI, 5G, new Nuclear Reactor designs, fixing our Infrastructure, Health Care, addressing our failing public schools?? Ans: ALL NO!!! Competitors like China ARE investing in these areas. Trump is just ACCELERATING China's Rise. His Trade War by Tariffs will NOT Work. He should have formed alliances with the EU, Japan, S.Korea, Canada to force China to change. Instead he put Tariffs on our allies!!!

    Matthew Dowd makes a very valid point. The House Dems have PASSED more than 100 bills addressing Health Care, Corruption in Govt., etc. BUT Mitch McConnell will not bring it up to vote.
    Alex is more of a Trump butt licker, not a true Conservative such as George Will/Ronald Reagan.

  2. when do you idiots loose trust in the trotzki adept civil rights asshole and cliton teacher Saul alinski? – it did simply not funiktion…

    the most dumbed down countryy in the whole universe… under the thumb of a bunch of overpaid lawjers… aka pharisäers – which turned justice to unjustice…

  3. your polittical system stinks to heaven…

    produces lyers and deceptors and bloodsuckers like you – which never worked…

    unauthentical hypocrits… deeply paralyzed after the banksta suckout permanent after worldwar –
    cui bono?

    you are babylon short before the fall –

    infrastructure ? How – with endless corruption and a currency – worth like used toilette paper…

  4. I find it interesting that the Democrats have been attacking Trump for two years and Pelosi plans an attack to trigger Trump and Trump responds in kind and the Fake news spins it as Trump attacking Pelosi. Nope! As a Liberal who did not vote for Trump in 2016, it is fully clear to me it is still the Democrats(politicians, deep state and Main Stream Media) attacking Trump. ABC = CNN = MSNBC = BBC = Hillary = I vote for Trump in 2020 because that pack of lunatics deserve 4 more years of the person they have been attacking when he has been working for the citizens of the USA.

    Democrats against Fake News, vote for Trump.

    He is working for the Union Workers, for the lower class workers and upper class workers. The president represents the 100%, not just the 1% or just the 70% or just the 29%, but he represents 100% of Americans and Legal Immigrants. Trump is building border security just as Obama, Bush and Clinton did. Trump has a magic Wand and is bringing back factories and manufacturing(Obama said he wanted to see Trump's Magic Wand). Trump sent DACA to Congress to do something 'permanent' for them. Nope! Democrats are fighting everything Trump is doing. The Democrats are doing nothing for the illegal or legal immigrants, nothing for the Union Workers, nothing about the micro plastics contamination of waters and oceans. They deserve 4 more years of Trump. My family of four registered voters have decided to Vote trump in 2020. None of us voted for Trump in 2016. #WalkAway #MAGA (Make America Great Again) #KAG (Keep America Great)

  5. This conservative joker is just a stand-in for Kellyanne or Sarah — covers-up and obfuscates for Biggest Loser. Keeps babbling on about the 'elite," which is, in actuality, the Republican establishment in DC and in corporate boardrooms–not what they dishonestly project upon their political opponents. Contributes nothing substantive to the discussion. Get him off!

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