Arizona ICU Beds Reach 90 Percent Capacity As Covid Cases And Deaths Surge | NBC News NOW

NBC News’ Steve Patterson reports on the efforts to re-open a Phoenix hospital as a “last resort” for Covid-19 patients as the state experiences a surge in virus cases and deaths.
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Arizona ICU Beds Reach 90 Percent Capacity As Covid Cases And Deaths Surge | NBC News NOW


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42 thoughts on “Arizona ICU Beds Reach 90 Percent Capacity As Covid Cases And Deaths Surge | NBC News NOW

  1. Somebody needs to find the balls to expose this situation. I don't understand the partisanship. I follow the science, and have been, since the beginning of all this. Doctors need to be aware that there is an extremely effective, PROVEN drug treatment that works at all stages of the disease. It is so effective, safe, inexpensive, easy to manufacture, and readily available, the profitability of COVID will disappear, as soon as this drug is widely recognized as a treatment option. Now, it seems, mainstream media sources (even my favorites 🙁 ) are suppressing or obscuring information about it, to minimize it's dissemination, thus maximizing potential profits for corporate interests.

  2. if its so dire, why emptiness behind the reporter from Arizona? people are dying from suicide, drug overdose, heartbreak, abuse at an alarming rate. want to stop the "pandemic" shut down government with no pay and close ALL BUSINESSES ALL TO INCLUDE WALMART, GOOGLE, EVERY THING! BET THE "PANDEMIC " WOULD BE OVER BEFORE THE INK DRYS!

  3. Has any one asked how Jeffrey Epstein. And Trump Where very close friends. Then when Epstein was killed. Trump all of a sudden. Turned around and said he hardly new him. But yet they party together many many times. And trump and Epstein where seen many times together with very young ladys some looked young than 16. Has any one looked into that. fact They is more to trumps corruption than people truly knows….

  4. Just like testing? "We will have a million tests in a week or maybe 2 weeks or maybe " This President didn't take the CDC testing kit (or whatever) that was offered and other countries disd and protected the public. This president just threw taxpayer money around to large corps and then Americans had to wait for a successful testing kit , wait being the operative word. this president has 330,000,000 citizens to take care of whereby he painfully bought 1,000,000 vacines offering 50,000 persons the 2 doses needed. what percentage is 50,000 of 330000000

  5. Everything going on right now in the world is only what already exists in the hearts of those people involved. They concern themselves with earthly and materialistic and flesh reasons and they dont have their eyes toward the skies, the riots, murders, rapes, drugs….all there because it's in the hearts of those involved. This is just the beginning of the times of sorrows. Never in History have we experienced so many things all indicative of the times. Plagues, pestilences, riots, and the sea is in dismay. Nation against nation, kingdom against kingdom (within the nations multiple kingdoms reside and live in) and no leadership. No leadership unless you know who Jesus Christ really is and what Jesus is today. The great falling away is happening. The pope is trying to unify religion, which in itself is the works of satan. Bible preaches FAITH, not works. Faith is of the heart, THEN one can do "works" . Read your bible people. If you cant see just how accurate and valid it is, I advise you to read. Be blessed, Thanks preacher, You are a big part of opening my eyes.

  6. O.K., don`t get ill at any costs, don`t have any stupid accidents for the next weeks or months (??) because there won`t be a bed free for you and the nurses won`t come at the first ringing. Or the second. Or ever when emergency is somewhere else…

  7. Actually I went the Emergency Room in Phoenix today and the Emergency Rooms were a baron Wasteland And I had no problem what so ever getting in and out in a timely manor with almost no one in any beds as The nurse walked me to my room to wait for the doctor. I also heard the occasional gathering and laughing from the nurses and doctors by the Take in desk.

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