Bolton may be ‘hard-liner’ but Trump ‘not after regime change’ in Iran: Petraeus

“This Week” Co-Anchor Martha Raddatz sits down with former CIA Director David Petraeus to discuss the escalating tensions between the United States and Iran.


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36 thoughts on “Bolton may be ‘hard-liner’ but Trump ‘not after regime change’ in Iran: Petraeus

  1. Hahahaha doing a hell a lot of demage to Iran from air is deffrent then going in to invade that’s when the real war starts insurgence remember saddam did not had a lot of support from Iraqi people what happened after iraq invasion things got of control how many Americans & Iraqis. Lost there life forget about the financial cost just imagine what iran would do a Country 3 times more people & 4 times the size of Iraq with 6 hundred thousands army & 20 millions basej or voluntary force & a very nationalist people if u go for regime change they may drag us into a long war that could take 20 years or even longer the question is is America is ready to go that kind of war

  2. John Bolton catches too much heat from the media.
    John Bolton Has been working for the federal government for decades. In the early 2000's when Bolton initially took the regime change stance on Iran, popular opinon of the American public insisted that he take that as his position. Now that America has pussied out of their own position, the hard working federal employee that is John Bolton has to as a matter of personal integrity maintain the position that they told him to adopt in the first place.

  3. Iran should come to the negotiating table! the question is to negotiate what? If Iran already signed the JCPOA agreement with the United States and its European allies plus Russia and China. Even more, the IAEA (The International Atomic Energy Agency) has reported to the world that Iran is complying with that agreement. The JCPOA is a multilateral agreement
    recognized by the UN Security Council, it is not just a US treaty the JCPOA is an international agreement. But then President Trump came to power and decided that this agreement was not good enough for him and withdrew from it. President Trump started making demands that were not stipulated in the original agreement and like a bully boy, He reimposes sanctions on Iran, though Iran poses no threat whatsoever to the United States. This is exactly how the MEDIA and the Bush administration promoted the war on Iraq in 2003 the same nonsense (WMD) the same tale is now again this time the victim is Iran. But what the MEDIA WON'T TELL YOU IS THIS WAR AGAINST IRAN IS ABOUT ISRAEL and not the security of the United States. The government and Congress are PRO-ISRAEL and they will do anything Israel demanded from them even if it is not in the best interest of the country. There is nothing good from a war with Iran only more money that American taxpayers have to pay, maybe more soldiers will be involved in another destructive war. Are Americans willing to die and to suffer more just to PROTECT ISRAEL? AMERICA FIRS WAS THE PROMISE OF THE PRESIDENT WELL A WAR WITH IRAN IS NOT THE WAY. Allow Israel to deal with its own issues there are important issues here in home to be deal with. PERIOD!!!

  4. Mr USA president evil moustache Bolton,the world is no longer interested in ur wars,even Trump himself doesnt like 2go kill iranian s ,its only u,evil mostach ,Israel& Saudi Arabia,the world is tired of ur

  5. Trump understands the Military Industrial Complex of the NeoCons around him. The President nor the American people do NOT want any war. The NeoCons of Our Military Industrial Complex do.

  6. It is an insult to journalism for Martha Raddatz to be interviewing anyone about the Trump administration because she was on National television crying because Trump was duly elected. I guess the Russians got to her

  7. Anyone who has been paying attention is not surprised by any of this..trump and his creeps have given plenty of signs that they want war with Iran. Also, it is not Bolton guiding trump on this. Wake up people. Trump chose Bolton precisely for his warmongering ways. People really have to pull their heads out of the sand. Trump is a warmonger…though he pretends not to be (because think about it, war isn't "popular"). He is just slow and strategic in how to implement the war he wants. 
    Trump wanted a military strike on N Korea early on but was told not to (yes that happened). Trump would love to use U.S military might…to show who's "boss" (America). I can't believe people keep saying "Trump doesn't want war"…JUST BECAUSE HE SAYS THAT. As if Trump isn't the biggest liar in history.

  8. It's amazing how they like to insult our intelligence all the time with this nuclear deal of Iran when infact it has very little to do with nuclear anything but everything to do with the stability of the dollar. They need to reinvent the gold standard and forget about the big O.

  9. Hey Americans, do they show you the current situation in Libya on your medias? Libyans are suffering and they miss their "dictator" who was killed by your government. Please stop electing these warmongering people and protest for Obama's peace prize to be revoked until he corrects whatever he started in Libya!

  10. Thomas More based his novel Utopia that is his concept of an ideal society on Iran. The Greeks referred to these people as Persian, but they called themselves Aryan or Iranian. The true Aryan, an intelligent, enlightened people with civilized values several centuries ahead of the others at the time of publication in 1516. Utopia is a classic taught at all major universities. Iranians are Aryan. They are not Arab and it is an insult to refer to them as such.

    The confusion arises because Arabs have influenced them. Arabs resent Iranians and zealously desire to eliminate this people that have surpassed and overshadowed their own culture.

    Children in Western nations are taught to not duck under the covers when frightened, but to confront reality, as a blanket will not save them.

    The pressures of modern living accompanied twentieth century reforms. Iranians reverted to an Arab custom of hiding their women folk beneath a layer of cloth.

    As if these did not know how to handle themselves.

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