Brooklyn man found guilty in 2003 killing of student after house party: Part 1

Though John Giuca has maintained his innocence, he was found guilty of the murder of 19-year-old Mark Fisher after a house party Giuca hosted in 2003.


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  1. How did this old lady think she could get the attention she wanted from much, much younger kids??? Make and all, she looked 40 something!!! She should not be fighting for her murderous son. I also come from Dyker Heights which is directly in between Bensonhurst and Bay Ridge and I know the type of people that live there. Bensonhurst was a very close knit place to be in a predominantly Italian American great neighborhood. I also know the "mother bear" protection of other Italian women who would always go above and beyond. I've always felt extremely safe since my neighborhood was heavily protected by mob guys and this is why no undesirables would be allowed to move in. However, this lady appears to be blinded by her love for her boy. All she can do now is hope there is a heaven and her son will go there after he dies. If he did do this horrible murder, I doubt he'll rest in peace.

  2. The man was never guilty – crooked prosecutor crooked lawyers lying witnesses that’s what put that man behind bars. Now one man has admitted to killing the victim three others have admitted they were coerced to witness against the innocent man (why would they do that you ask ? Their families were threatened by the DA and prosecuter- they were also threatened ). The “justice system” in Brooklyn is corrupt and almost all in that system should be in jail ! The charges against this man were dropped by an appeals court who saw the corruption – the man remains in jail awaiting a retrial which is asinine !!! The DA and prosecutor want to save face – they should be arrested and sent to Rikers for life !!

  3. Oh great, here I go again getting all caught up in another juicy true crime story from ABC but as usual they hook me with the first part, lead me on with part 2, but not released part 3 the conclusion unless I pay for some service. Damn it, ABC why do you do this to me? You know I'm a sucker for this murder drama mystery stuff 🤦‍♂️😭

  4. ABC what a BS reporting you have here. You make on kid (Ruso) like Keyser Söze and the other one like an angel. You don't even bother to tell us if Ruso was convicted, because you think you have convinced the public that it is self evident. SHAME ON YOU ABC.

  5. This is comment 2… ** going to start talking about the harassment in my life * so***, Pina is a Spanish word for pineapple. That's what was in Jonbenet Ramseys stomach. I have been harassed to lose everything, especially my mental health, with someone who doesn't see their judging my family as wrong and tells everyone lies about me and how I am to get them to only be in their side. People will hurt anyone for any reason. It doesn't even matter if you are in the right, they'll find something wrong and beat you with it mentally, emotionally then turn around and say it's all your fault after they make it difficult to talk to your family because they are playing devils advocate controlling your situation but you won't know until it's really bad and really difficult to get out of…..

  6. This is comment 1. There are** people who put innocent people in jail so they and their families don't have to answer for their current crimes helping native Americans and* African Americans. White people are getting so screwed just because they are not on the right side or in the right group. But clearly there is racism against poor and people who end up having problems with family or abusive situations, they are the targeted ones. I know because I'm one of them!! ….. I for the most part am always neutral but not anymore about other peoples lives who just wanna use me as a stepping stone. I'm glad I have mercy and grace when needed because it was bestowed upon me, to find out my family has been abused and manipulated into submission…. now I don't have to give grace and mercy by believing nothing happened, I have to go where the signs are, in God we trust because I do not believe in Satan. Even if I was manipulated to sin to this level. God is Jesus, the son of God. There is only one in a trinity.

  7. This is why we shouldn't let strangers we just met at a shady party know that we have money or other valuable items, because we can't be sure what strangers's motives are. I don't know if Antonio and Mark knew each other long enough prior to the party, but if they just met at the party, that should've been a red flag for Mark when Antonio went with him to the ATM.

  8. In one of the longest and most convoluted murder cases in recent Brooklyn history, an appeals court on Wednesday unanimously tossed out the conviction of a man found guilty of killing a college student in 2003 and ordered a new trial.

    For nearly 15 years, the case of John Giuca has stood as an unlikely cause célèbre in Brooklyn’s criminal-justice system, batted between different courts as Mr. Giuca’s lawyers claimed that prosecutors withheld evidence from the defense and relied on testimony from witnesses who were untruthful.

    In a terse, five-page ruling on Wednesday, the Second Judicial Department Appeals Court agreed with the defense lawyers, saying the Brooklyn district attorney’s office had indeed failed to turn over crucial evidence and had never corrected “the knowingly false or mistaken material testimony of a prosecution witness.”

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