Cafeteria worker fired after letting student not pay for his lunch

A former New Hampshire lunchroom employee is speaking out after she was terminated over a student’s $8 lunch.


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  1. I'm taking a stand today 07 19 2021 you hurt any child physically, emotionally, and when there in a school surroundings you feed them some homes it could be the only meal they get all day !!! GOD WILL TAKE YOU OUT THEN TRUE AMERICAN'S WILL HELP GET IT DONE. YOU COMMUNISTS SCUM

  2. Public schools would rather kids starve than lose a few bucks. Don't they have to throw the food out anyhow if the kid gets to the register with it and can't pay? Give the kid the food and notify the parents and have them pay the balance, but don't make the kids, who are forced to be there and have little to no knowledge of how money works, suffer for it!

  3. I will play the Devil's Advocate here. This was actually theft and outside the policies of her employer. However the solution is not to steal from your employer but take one or both of these 2 approaches:
    1. Pay for the meal out of your OWN pocket if you feel strongly about it.
    2. Advocate for changes to the School's Policy and the Cafe's Policy.
    Stealing from your employer and losing your job will not help the situation. She was actually lucky her employer did not prosecute her for theft. The situation will only be improved with policy changes. Some Schools now provide a free breakfast for children who come to school hungry. This program has been proven success in several Queensland schools.
    Like it or not, when you outsouce functions such as a School Cafe, the company taking the contract will want to make a profit. That is business. The School has probably chosen to outsource this function because it is more cost effective to outsource the Cafe than to run it themselves. If you steal from that business, then you are a thief and you can lose your job. The solution is to advocate for policy change and to develop procedures for the School to reimburse the Cafe when food is not paid for.

  4. That was horrible for firing this lady. Food is medicine, a child need to be healthy and fed to be able to learn. Are children are our tomorrow’s future. They need to be protected and nourished…

  5. Only an attorney can handle this case that way it should be. Although it should have a policy that states that the child can pay back what's owed in a timely manor.
    steps should have been taking in effect like calling the supervisor for the food department and let them Handle it and not just give away food because he is in need WE all are In NEED of food!
    you must follow protocol and not just do what ever you want lady wanting her job back, many would have argued that, "that is steeling"

  6. Why the FUCK do you have to pay for lunch

    What if a kid is homeless and that kid has no money what you supposed to do let him starve just cuz he doesnt have his lunch money no thats why most schools have Free Lunches

    This really Pisses Me off

    I hope the manager Doesnt eat for a weak How do they like it

  7. so they fire her and not the boss that was there and ok it. something stinks hear and so what you not post to let students go hungry and his family paid for it day 2. so it not theft they took the payment she needs to sue there ass case the 3rd party boss ok it in the first place.

  8. Ooooooo she lyin! He got his free lunch, per the schools policy, but she let him take so many extras, ie. multiple sports drinks, extra fries, cookies, and more, multiple times, for months. That's stealing. I've had one of the free meals at this school, it was a full, nutritional, and satisfying meal. A regular meal of this proportion at this school is under $3. So the meal was not $8, like all these news agencies are saying, it was all the extra stuff she put on his tray at no charge that added up to $8. No student is refused a meal, but if you want extras, you have to pay for them. She was being observed for a while and had multiple warnings and scoldings on her behavior. She deserved what she got. Now, she's been texting this student private messages and asking him to rally the other kids for her. An adult grown woman working for the district under company contract should not be personally contacting an underage student for personal gain. Super creepy! She was quoted in the local paper in saying "He's a jock" and that "he's likable, so it's accepted by his peers". So, if she was working at say another store and I go in to pick up a pack of Gatorade, she would just give it to me for free, every day for months and not expect to be fired, all because "I'm likable"? The mother of this particular student even said he gets a packed lunch every day and shouldn't be getting cafeteria food anyways. That celebrity chef is pissed too! Although he hasn't made a public statement that I'm currently aware of, I have personal connections that do know him, and yeah, he is fuming. He put his good name out there with everything he has done for people who truly can't afford food. Now, he has connections to this hag at no fault of his own, just believing this single source reporting phenomenon. Also, this woman would come in on the weekends and use the kitchen for personal use. She would use the supplies and all the cooking ingredients provided by the schools funding to make personal food. She would make large cakes, pizzas and anything else she could get her sticky fingers on. These news outlets need to do their research and dig a little bit before jumping on one source, her! Come on people, there's more to this story. never believe the first thing you read. Think for yourself, and question authority!

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