Casey Goodson Shot ‘Multiple’ Times In Torso, Preliminary Autopsy Finds | NBC Nightly News

23-year-old Casey Goodson’s family says he was returning home from a dentist appointment and holding sandwiches, not waving a gun as authorities say, when he was fatally shot last week by a sheriff’s deputy. Police say there was a verbal exchange before the deputy shot and killed Goodson. Federal authorities are now reviewing the case.
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Casey Goodson Shot ‘Multiple’ Times In Torso, Preliminary Autopsy Finds | NBC Nightly News


Author: phillyfinestnews


35 thoughts on “Casey Goodson Shot ‘Multiple’ Times In Torso, Preliminary Autopsy Finds | NBC Nightly News

  1. The police waited so long to ENSURE NOBODY CAUGHT IT CAM. For them to issue a statement then to have someone record it . When nothing surfaced they started to construct a story AND PEOPLE ARE TIRED OF THIS CRAP. Who waves their gun at cops to say COME F with me: NOBODY. The police first comment say it all, "CASEY was not the person they were looking for" BUT to this cop he was that is why they shot him before he could enter the dwelling.

  2. What a joke!
    We all know that cops get away with killing someone. They always do!

    This “investigation” is just some propaganda with the goal to give the citizens the idea that justice will take place. But it wont! I wish Malcolm X was alive!

  3. This is SAD. I always here this kind of thing happening in other City's and States but not my own hometown. EITHER WAY its MESSED UP No matter where it happens. These policemen just do what they want so it seems….Not Caring for the lives of those they r to Protect and Serve… Especially the Black Lives……OMG, WHEN WILL IT END😭😭🙏🙏. My Deepest Condolences to this young mans family and friends, I Will Be praying for Justice as I do for All……RIP Young Solider!!!

  4. So, he waves a gun at a group of SWAT cops, but the cops decide to send only 1 deputy to go check out this mad man with a gun while the SWAT team stays at the scene where the man waved a gun at them?
    Not plausible at all. Blue Mafia needs to be prosecuted under the RICO act just like any other Mafia organization.

  5. If he was actually waving something, why is the officer so sure that it was a gun, especially if the guy was driving by? He could've been looking at his phone, adjusting his seat belt, adjusting his mirror, getting something out of the backseat, etc. More details are needed bc this isn't adding up.

  6. My heart hurts and breaks for Casey Goodson's family. Why wasn't he police wearing a body cam? They should all be wearing a body cam, how "CONVENIENT" they weren't wearing one. How could anyone with half a brain mistake subway sandwiches for a gun? To the Goodson family, my sympathies and prayers are with you, I hope you get the justice your family deserves!

  7. Unless Casey Goodson has 3 hands there's no way he could have subway sandwiches in one hand, keys in another hand and hold a gun all at the same time. Funny how the cops didn't take pictures of the supposed "gun" before removing it from the scene…supposedly.

  8. This whole country is racially driven. The media makes money off of it and politicians get elected by playing on it. This man was gunned down for, sadly, whatever reason and no matter what the findings the media will make sure it is racism. We need to band together. No matter what your color we can potentially donate organs to each other, we are all the same. Try this police officer if guilty, but don't blame all police or make this a statement against police in general. For change to happen we have to have "situations" maybe the next reform should be name after Goodson. In the end we will never be given all the information and will be left wondering.

  9. So let me get this straight, you have an air tight police union that protects police officers in all 50 United States, with a pension, extended paid relaxing vacation when you take a life(with a promise of your job back when your allowed to return in most cases). Protected and supported 1000% by the court systems, government, nfa, etc. Police officers today either carry an android or an IPhone📱,one of the best expensive and brilliant technology ever invented in the 20th century. Yet its 2020 soon to be 2021 and THE ALL MIGHTY POLICE UNION(THAT WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BOW DOWN TO FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE)CLAIM THERE IS NOT ENOUGH MONEY TO COVER EVERY POLICE OFFICER IN THE STREETS OF THE USA, IN ALL 50 STATES WITH A MF BODY CAMERA AND DASH CAM!?!?!?!?

  10. Cop with 17 years on the job is not capable of distinguishing between a subway sandwich and a gun, then no matter what the issue is only a cop not compentent and murdering people out of control. what if he passed a subway shop, mass shooting all the dangerous armed enemies there with deadly sandwiches

  11. Here we go again, another police officer in fear of his life, killing someone because a meatball sub isn’t as healthy as other sandwiches, I guess it could be a lethal weapon if you ate 5 of them every day for 50 years…. We still haven’t gotten justice for the Tuttle family in Houston Texas.

  12. So deadly force was used for "non-compliance" and entering a house. Also, the ole he was driving down the street and waving/flashing a gun excuse. Really, who drives down a street waving/flashing a gun….according to this officer only black people. Wow, another senseless killing because the police officer is too afraid to admit he made a mistake. RIP Casey.

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