‘Game of Thrones’ finale sets records, draws backlash

The show became the single most watched HBO telecast of all time, but its end is raising questions about what’s next for the network.

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‘Game of Thrones’ star Kit Harington was worried about how the final season dealt with leading women

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27 thoughts on “‘Game of Thrones’ finale sets records, draws backlash

  1. To this amy: yess it is disrespectful. It is not honest bla blabla you said it. ItS nOt HoW YoU WaNtEd IT tO eNd. It’s not what YOU wanted to see. Eho cares what YOU wanted to see. Everyone has they’re opinion just keeps it to urself. You didn’t like the ending just su.

  2. I just watched the whole series this week for the very first time and my verdict is that the whole series is a joke. But let me enumerate the positives and the negatives about this series.

    1. Acting is superb.
    2. Production of the series; props, costumes, etc. are above standard.
    3. Special effects are, as usual, of superior quality
    4. Cinematography is awesome.
    5. Battle scenes are just insanely good.

    1. Too many characters that you eventually don't care much more than half of the characters gaining your attention
    2. Script is horrible, especially from Season 4 up to the end and no amount of superb acting from the actors can save it
    3. 40% of the whole series are unnecessary and it bores me out.
    4. If a series spend around 30 minutes to sex, bondage, sodomy etc, you know that they have no more stories to tell.
    5. Character development is sloppy hence, you don't care about most of the characters, save some main characters.
    6. The ending is horrible.
    7. Its obvious that the series deliberately insert SJW ideologies to pander SJW viewers, to the detriment to the whole series.
    8. Many of the scenes are so dragging.
    9. The whole series could have been shortened to just, at the maximum, five seasons and have a more integral, solid series.

    My score is 3.5 out of 10 stars.

  3. GHOST OF THE MAD KING: All right, Dany. You know what you have to do now.
    DANY: Yes! I have to kill Benioff and Weiss! But …. where are they?
    MAD KING: They’re down there in that city somewhere. You’d better burn down the whole city, just to make sure you get them!
    DANY: I will! Game of Thrones is insipid and poorly written, it must Die!
    MAD KING: Ha ha! That’s my girl!

  4. George Martin lost interest in finishing the books, Benioff and Weiss got bored with the whole show and wrote a Lazy Mindless Entertainment Ending. And now the audience doesn’t believe in the show any more either. Nobody believed in this poor show, and so it Died. You can blame George Martin for greedily collecting millions, then not even having the gumption to finish his own books. It was all a big Cash Cow to make a few entertainment people rich, it was a Scam. And now only Breaking Bad succeeded, everything else has failed. Television is Dead. It’s kind of a Crime, to tell you the truth.

  5. As a fan of the show I take issue with the actors especially kit with his comments, I think most people take issue with dumb and dumber… the acting, effects, cinematography literally everything else in the series was very well done, just the writing/story went to absolute shit… I'm no writer but a simple change of Rhaegal's death would have made a huge difference… have the battle of kings landing play out the same but with both dragons… then when the bells ring have a hidden scorpion kill Rhaegal… and boom more sense to Dany burning the city…

  6. No one is upset with the actors or actresses, everyone's pissed at the lazy ass writing/ directing. Some episodes were way too dark (how did no one check that before approving it to air in the two years they took to make this?), they left a freaking coffee cup in shot that NO ONE NOTICED OR BOTHERED TO EVEN PAY ATTENTION TO IN EDITING, and the writing itself was genuinely pathetic, illogical, cheesy, rushed and derivative.

  7. Jon told Theon that he doesn’t have to choose cuz he’s already a Stark and a Greyjoy. But Jon chose to be a Stark not a Targaryen. They put so much tension in his character so many plots many people died cuz of his character and he let them trashhis house the House Targaryen, the last scion of Valyria.

  8. No one said they were upset with the actors. However when D&D get a shot at a Star Wars trilogy and season 8 gets rushed. That’s more than enough reason to be upset. You crammed what should of been 2 full season of content into 6 episodes. Danny takes 2 episodes to go completely mad out of over 70 GOT episodes? Common here. Even the author of the books said it should of been around 10 seasons. Made a big deal about the night king and everything about him however they never revealed his identity for one or the meaning behind any of the symbols. Completely rushed important details and key facts

  9. 13.6M viewers, over 1.4M of which have signed a petition for S8 to be redone. lol HBO better be paying attention. Otherwise, the network is in a shitload of trouble. Critics aside, Harrington and Turner need to realize criticism is not about their work, it's about the quality for which subscribers paid and did not get. Blame goes to HBO, and Benioff and Weiss, and indeed, it will be those three that pay dearly. There are lot of crossover fans between Fantasy and SciFi, many of whom will boycott any Star Wars move written by Douche & Doucher.

  10. The ending was inevitably going to disappoint because we don't want it to end. It was such a beautiful show. A lot of crappy TV shows have gone on much longer than game of thrones. Just feels like there should be more.

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