How The Pandemic Is Impacting Life For Many Americans With Disabilities | NBC Nightly News

The coronavirus pandemic has been especially difficult for people with disabilities and their families. Reporter Taylor Goebel wrote about her brother Zach and her mom, who cares for him, and the challenges they face. The family speaks out to NBC News’ Kate Snow.
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How The Pandemic Is Impacting Life For Many Americans With Disabilities | NBC Nightly News


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38 thoughts on “How The Pandemic Is Impacting Life For Many Americans With Disabilities | NBC Nightly News

  1. As someone born disabled myself I know how Zach feels, unlike him I have a voice and ask my my mom why people are being violately cruel. I get too scared even go anywhere because how I am now terrified of everyone and feel only safe place is in my home. I don't want news anymore either, I feel sorry for him and family. Nobody is doing anything about it. And its why I wanna speak out for disabled people in my community who are voiceless.

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  8. My❤ goes out to Zack, god bless him & strengthen his mind, may the 👼👼👼 guide & protect him to, & the little 4 yr old kid was an blessing took an long fall down, he was lifted up 🤦👏👏👏👍

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  10. I am this mom also. Except my son was supposed to receive nursing care 16 hours a day from the state of NJ for the past 4 years and had practically no nurses. Isaac's care was more than 24/7.He needed more than 30 meds a day through a specialized feeding tube, 6 hours a day of nebulizers held for him, nonstop suctioning. He couldn't sit up, walk, or talk & much more.He was with me and not in any day programs for the past 7 years. All due to government failures.
    Isaac was the most beautiful person & son anyone could ever wish for, but his care without any help took its toll on me & my entire family.
    Sadly, he passed away 6 weeks ago at almost 23 from his horrible disease. But Covid destroyed the last 9 months of his life, forcing us to stop all of his usual activities. Medicaid & this country needs to do better for families like ours. @isaacneedsanurse

  11. Every disabled person shall be dead within a year because nobody cares daily violare the ADA act my pin worn says DISABLED but nobody reads or treats me with any kindness they are too busy selfishness abounds our Congress perfect example both Mitch & Nancy never provided any money except $1200 doesn't pay for entire year of foid or bedroom! Tent cities cover every park ! Shame Shame Shame Americans only care about "their" tiny world eviction filings our court unable to process already started laws NEVER enforced only the 1% shall now go to their private bunker.

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