It’s Morning, America: Monday, May 20, 2019

Trump distances himself from Alabama’s abortion law, Texas girl found after kidnapping caught on tape and more.


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22 thoughts on “It’s Morning, America: Monday, May 20, 2019

  1. Ya right, like the weapons of mass destruction! Has anyone heard this threat from Iran to the US, do you speak the language??? We should be protesting against war!!!!
    We have a liar in office!!! Nothing he says or does can be trusted!!!! How the fuck is he still up there??? He should not be making any type of decisions especially any decisions regarding war!!! He can not be trusted!!!!

  2. T Kingdom Of Heaven is at hand
    Not California t State issues warnings, but who knows to who'll understand t negativity of vite&church but here have a insight to God.
    T LORD LIVETH tho UNITY EAST TO God In PRAYER East is ONE with God

  3. I love this. What "I" do is not "up to you" is hilarious. So, if I murder you, it's not up to you then, yeah? It's not up to me if you murder your unborn child, it's the same thing, right? And when the judge wants to know why, I'll just say, "cuz it was my choice, not yours". Disgusting abortionists, basically murderers.

  4. Okay really tired of Game of for withdraws? Really??! I's not not the show is "Supernatural" 17 seasons and ending. That's a withdraw type situation and show. Not this

  5. A superpower needs a superego and America won't let you down when pride is concerned. I'm in my 60s now but when I was growing up science had to take a backseat especially doctors. Now that there is so much pride in being an American today maybe I can help in showing you how it got that way. A man named Pat Robertson who ran for president had a religion of miracle making. He is a supporter and friend of our president, Donald Trump. Carl Icahn a corporate raider and ex-casino owner, also helped this president get elected. The preacher man (Pat Robertson) only had or has a Diamond Mine and Racehorse along with his humility to give us meaning in what we should live for and die in purpose with. Along with his church and not excluding motorcycle clubs like the Hells Angels, Pat Robertson helped get this president elected. It's hard to say how many people were able to touch their television when Pat Robertson was preaching and get cured of illnesses like cancer that people used to go to the doctor for. Social Security should be controlled by religion, God, and money that lives in the White House. Morality belongs to the the government not in our right to vote and think for ourselves has already shown up in purpose to the Republican Party along with its views on abortion. If you are raped by evil you have just made a baby growing up for Satan that belongs to hate and the stupidity of government special interests being protected by the police. Social Security is money that belongs in the stock market for people like Carl Icahn to play in games to win rights for himself not anyone else, including property rights protected by law. In telling hurricanes were to go I'm pretty sure God did not want Pat Robertson to be president because he was of more help being a TV star. In America, the Holy Spirit of God belongs to all of us not just Jesus. If we are Christian enough we can have the Holy Spirit for ourselves. If we have enough followers in church or other social media and can pay for it in our commercials the Holy Spirit is ours for the taking and to use as we see fit. Another man called Franklin Graham said God granted us a miracle in letting Donald Trump win. The kids of today are so lucky that now they can throw away their nuclear weapons because God is working in the White House. In America, God can do your bidding for you; sorry about the rest of the world and their bad luck. The rest of the world should get a religion like America that works and can make you money at the same time! Let me say again abortion is not good, God has this country in his loving hands so the kids of today no longer have to fear war, Nuclear weapons, and homelessness. There could not be a better time to keep making babies thoughtlessly and with gusto, we are being cared for in Divine Right! It is great to be special especially 1% special you can literally own the world with your money and friends.

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