Joe Biden makes pitch for national unity

The former vice president kicked off his 2020 campaign in Philadelphia vowing not to speak ill of other Democrats and to “defeat Donald Trump.”

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50 thoughts on “Joe Biden makes pitch for national unity

  1. Unity? That's laughable. Liberals spent that last 4 yrs bashing conservatives and we're just supposed to roll over and surrender. What he wants is obedience.
    2016 RAcist
    2017 Racist
    2018 Racist
    2019 Racist
    2020 Racist
    2021 We can be fweinds now.

  2. For four horrible years, the Democrats have, in collusion with the media, pursued a relentless smear campaign and an attempted coup to overthrow the will of the People and unseat President Trump. Then, come election time, they launched an all-out push for mail-in voting, knowing damn-well it was suspect and open to abuse, whether, or not, they actually abused it–and, as the evidence pours in, many millions of us very strongly believe that they did. Through a widespread propaganda campaign, they did their utmost to portray in-person voting as highly 'dangerous', even though anyone with even a smattering of critical thought knows voting in-person is actually no more dangerous than say, a trip to the grocery store. From Day #1, the Democrats have capitalized on the pandemic, they have screwed with the rules, and they have de-legitimized the entire electoral process. Well, you can't have it both ways! You can't shamelessly do everything within your power to disenfranchize half the country, then expect us all to simply forget and walk away so you can govern in peace. Sorry, it aint gonna happen!

  3. Unity ?? like you guys showed Trump when he beat Hillary within 36 hours of Hillary conceding the race the media that had just the day before said they would reconcile with America and try to do better suddenly launched into what became the Russia Russia scandal and the demands for an investigation echoed thought out Washington paralyzing the trump administration being held down for 3 years under the guise that Mueller would get him if they just gave him enough time… Now when those of us ask for hearings and an investigation into this election we are being censored on web site likes ABC news. is this unity ? silencing the opposition is not how you make unity you have to earn our respect have hearings into this election.. The rules where changed with in 90 days of the election in several key battle ground states by blue governors there is something rotten here and ignoring us and blocking us when we speak out is not unity it is tyranny. BLM and Antifa would already be looting and rioting be glad we are the working class that loves America if we can not get an investigation then perhaps we need to do stop working, we need a national sit out and refuse to participate until someone can explain why the rules were changed, we want an investigation, hearings etc etc.

  4. Hi guys. I'll be correcting my grammar later. I'm from urban Pa.i Was suppose to be poll working for my city and a poll supervisor got over on me and kept my money. Idk was it the way i was DRESSING that day or my scarf. I certainly wasn't inappropriate.

  5. Joe Biden is a hack for corporate America. His policies are what has caused our country to go on the road to ruin. He is a relic of the past who has no agenda. Say good ridden to Joe. We will be all better off when he fads into history.

  6. LOL pathetic ABC News!!! Just like CNN, ABC is full of hypocrisy and deceit !!! Obama, The Clinton's, The Bush's, Trump are CROOKS so as Biden and the rest of these corporate (ZIONIST-OWNED/CONTROLLED) politicians !!!! It will take long time, but for sure time is not taking side with these MSM's & corporate politicians !!!

  7. Unity and pinching and fondling little girls breast !! Pedofiles will be Voting for Joe Biden and Communists will be Voting for Bernie burntout Sanders hemorrhoids. the Democrats are a joke and an embarrassment to our country, TRUMP 2020 will win by a landslide, no doubt. 🇺🇸

  8. This is a populist, anti-establishment, anti-corruption era. People have EVERY RIGHT to be mad and in fact should be. Explosion of contract, low wage and part time work, high health care costs, high cost of college/university, Panama papers, 8 different wars, money in politics, crumbling infrastructure, it just goes on and on.

  9. The only one who has an act of a real president even when he campaigns.
    That's a true soul a America.
    I'm telling the truth.
    Mr Trump, sooner you will realize how strong America itself is.

  10. Yes defeat President Donald Trump so we can implement socialism and destroy the economy Trump has just started to fix. Joes bad trade deals, NAFTA, WTO and TTP cost this country more poverty, destroyed communities and sent millions of good paying jobs to China and Mexico. No thanks, I’ll vote for the guy fixing our country and not taking a paycheck.

  11. They're all lying and using humans as livestock. When will people grow up and act like adults and take back this place that we all live in instead of letting somebody we don't even know do it? I'm sick of living on this planet where nobody's doing anything to get us ahead as a civilization. Only progressing their means of control. You can see perfect examples like your parents fighting to live, working hard, then spending all their money on products only to have you trying to do the same. And now you can't afford a house, job pays horribly, and now your kids will grow up not buying into what they're selling because it's all a lie anyway and it's sad the new generation has more of an outline for life than almost %90 of "adults".

  12. Creepy Joe. Burnout Bernie. Stinky Sandy (Sandy Ocasio). Is this the best that the dismal democrats have? President Trump just needs to ignore all of them and continue to lead our country the way he has been.

  13. the democrats divided the american people.after trump was elected they have encouraged the democrats and thier supporters to attack trump and his supporters,attack the republican party in restuarants on the streets on social media,on talk shows , ,in the news papers,ect.they fabricated the russia hoax , now all of a sudden they want to unite the country?democrats are just slimpy,dirty people

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