Missouri abortion ban one step closer to becoming law as state house passes bill

The governor says he’ll sign it into law, but where does the fight go from here?


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42 thoughts on “Missouri abortion ban one step closer to becoming law as state house passes bill

  1. “Its a human right” what about the babys rights? Life begins at conception. Does that mean a man who is in a coma for nine months and everyone knows will wake up, should just be killed without a say? What about people with Alzheimers? They are technically brain dead with no personality so should they be killed now too?

  2. That’s not pro life — insurance companies don’t pay for elected abortions because they aren’t medivallu necessary –
    In an abortion banned the Insurance now excludeds abortions – partial abortions evething that has to do with dialation and extraction – that means women with still born carry to term – in a car accident in which the baby dies – no dialAtion or extraction can occur – and if she’s needs blood – some deny over religious reasons and they opt to die rather than receive blood —so far we don’t have a banned on blood transfusions over folks beliefs – birth control and then the name calling of whores – liberals etc — they aren’t pro life — it’s the same ones bombing clinics claiming to be pro life but are violent —- and they don’t care —this 99 years in prison – and inprisoning the doc – the equivalent of shunning – blaming the women – and forcing an abusive belief to women –
    I’m not sure how they got this far with this banned -/
    the basic thought is the belief the women deserved or did a sin in order to have a still born or miscarriage – and deserves shunning — so it’s basically violence towards women – —the fight against birth control – and to use birth – as a form to abuse women in the healthcare either by calling them lose- liberal – whores – if they took birth control – that was going on way befor abortion –
    So when birthcontrol was invented to prevent – these women having 15 to 16 kids – and having family planning – to prevent early deaths it was we don’t care – we don’t want planned parent hood passing out birth control or doing any education – we don’t care if these women die — which is the same attitude that’s been going on we don’t care — when the development of prostate cancer came and early screening – it’s not the attitude of women – to march around claiming its from god and don’t remove the prostate let these men die on the table with the prostate – they must have sinned and god is punishing them —
    No the attitude is still to abuse women and deny health care claiming thier healthcare should be illegal – and anybody Dr helping them should be shunned — these laws are pressed and passed by folks in office that can’t get passed thier religious beliefs – to be in office —
    We justice for all and healthcare for all -a women needing an abortion for any reason— is not the concern of lawmakers
    It’s not the concern of anybody else – and her reason or Id should not hav to be disclosed – to explain her need for the decision — especially when this banned came and all the insurance companies in the states then excluded abortions for any reason — and a lawmaker decided he was going to claim that a women couldn’t go out side th state in which the law was made to get an abortion –
    Any insurance does. Not cover unnessary medical procedures including abortions so Insurance has to have sono grams – and proof in order to get the procedure covered – and some of that is done with a phone call to get approval – and information electronically sent – for insurance to pay for -/women dies now its an exclusion – b cause they passed the bill – making the exclusion the insurance will not pay no matter if the women is dieing – and that’s the type of folks that passed it – claiming we don’t care if the women dies – we are pro life — I question these people’s mind —claiming to be pro life
    If a monk pro life – idea and belief was passed into law – because of his belief – and claimed – everybody that stepped on a bug – will have 99 years and declared anybody that hires an exterminator will go to prison for 99 years with the exterminator –
    That’s the same mantality that decided they were going pass the abortion banned – claiming its their belief —-
    An obgyn is on call from thier pt in case of emergencies – from the hospitals – in order to provide care -when the terminology of dialation and extraction is termed abortion – partial – or term at any trimester – in a state banning abortion they have to induce or ceseasean to remove – the baby – which puts the mother at risk -now the banned / is now an operation – costing more money for insurance — which is the same result for the baby that’s would be unable to survive outside the womb –
    The cost is passed on and I’d pass the extra cost to the state – that wants to involved trhemselves and control – and any women that died -as the result of the malice the banned – that was denied access – because of the malice – family should be allowed to sue the state for the malice of denying them access to care – they are intuited to — which is a basic human right -if the baby can’ only live 3 days because of a defeat and she has to give birth – then the insurance pays for the intensive hospital say – operations etc – for the baby for as long as the baby lives — passing the cost to insurance – that when a state wants to banned abortion – then the cost needs to go to the state – —
    The provision from the state banning abortion is In case of rape or incest – only
    So if women is dieing and the father claimed she was raped and the state allows the abortion – and so now – thier a forced inprosonment – so the women could liv from the either father of the or husband —
    Or the women and dr goes to prison for 99 years
    Were these Natzis that made the law with these provisions — like nobody noticed- yep thier pro life -pro life in prison for a doctor 99 years – pro life for a mother 99 years – pro life if the dad claiming incest to get his daughter care / or life for a dad claim No he raped if is wife needs an abortion to save her life – yep a pro life group cam up with the ban –
    That’s interesting true pro life — would put a clause – in – and claims —
    Were pro life – yes no matter what even if it kills the mother no abortion — Extept —- if she is raped or incecest —
    Then —she can have an abortion
    IM wondering why the state – in its right form of human rights –
    PROTECT WKMEN GOING IN FOR HEALTHCARE – AT PLANNED HOOD – BEING HARASSED – called names – for going in for hwalthcare —
    BECAUSE MEDICARE. – BCBS – NONE OF THE INSURANCE PAYS FOR -elected – procedures — an approval for payment from insurance — for abortion – comes from. a medically necessary procedure — meaning the elected abortuons were payed for without insurance funding — making it nobodies business —
    so the only abortions – partial that were paid and approved by insurance – was not elected they weremedically necessary – the ones that come in to the hospital non elected – that were approved for payment – after the hospital gets approval from sonograms or whatever the insurance request to approve the procedure — an elected abortion is not approved –
    SO it waset going on anybodies insurance unless the insurance approved it -. TBAT MEANS getting insurance to exclude – abortions claiming its murdet and they don't want any part of is not needed – they don't pay — now they got an exclusion -tiehat because who so now even if its medically nezsesary their not paying – no mmatter what -the procedure will not be approved – that what exclusion means —the way the Alabama law came out claimed the women couldn’t go outside the state of Alabama to get an abortion on the Alabama policy exclusion – and pay for an abortion outside the state — now that’ some law makers that are truly abusive – because even if she goes out side the state her policy is still an exclusion for abortions – so what’s the interest other than to be abusive and controlling — would a lawmaker in Alabama have for a female to go out of state to pay for an abortion — other than to intimidate – and hatrass and threaten a female —

  3. Soon these states that pass abortion laws will find huge male/female gender ratios. While in states like California might find themselves with excess women. Thanks red states you will cause more ladies for us and less for you guys.

  4. I get it now….. This is just a ploy to get more money for Big Pharma. With abortions illegal, the Plan B pill will become even more popular meaning a rocketed spike in profit for the maker and of course the government. Hmm now I see the big picture.

  5. The Earth and our bodies do not belong to us, they belong to the one who designed and created it all.  In the womb, our sons and daughters, to the one that created all things.  We do not own our selves, nor our children or this planet. Ownership of all things, belongs to the Designer/Creator of all things. 
       Abortion, is to murder a Son or Daughter to the very being who gave us an existence.  Mankind, our renters to all things and our not owners of anything.  In the womb, is life that belongs to the creator.  To murder (Abortion) is to make challenge, to the governor of all life.

  6. I don’t understand what’s so hard about using birth control. The majority of abortions are done out of convenience. Take control of your body and health and don’t have unprotected sex. Is not brain surgery

  7. A fetus is not a baby or human yet its a 4 celled thing and it has gills a tale and it very small its not a human until u see the baby or the baby is born its pro choice its what the woman wants like if its a 5 month old baby do not do abortion just put it in foster care for somebody to foster but if its not a human yet be cause it has to grow into a human to get lungs to outgrow the tail to be a human so u can abort if its not ready to be a human


  9. (READ)

    Okay…imagine an TEN year old, getting RAPED by their UNCLE and FORCED TO GIVE BIRTH to a child they never wanted, and saying that THEY CAN’T ABORT IT? People needs to understand that rape is serious, and it’s not just here or there or something that is rare, because it’s very common! People just don’t say anything. Also, once the person gives birth to the child, OF COURSE they WON’T want the child! The child is the face of their rapist! Do you really want the child to be born in a life of neglect, or put the child in an orphanage or an adoption center! Saving lives, but making the children understand that their mother was raped and doesn’t love them, wow what a good way, because you are saying that they should have a chance to live? Also, it’s nerves develop like 13 days after you are pregnant. I think people love to control woman’s and girls bodies, huh? Also, who are you to tell someone to give birth? It’s none of our concern if the mother gives birth or not. It’s not our child, and we weren’t the ones who were hurt during the process. I think you should abort as soon as you find out you a pregnant, and not wait like 8 months to do it, where the baby is already alive! I am pro choice, but I just hope to abort when the baby isn’t alive yet, and even if it develop nerves (if you find out you are pregnant later on) make sure it isn’t a month after. Because that sucks, but the baby won’t know that it’s in pain…which is sad, but that’s how it is. Also, the term “pro aborts” makes me angry. Because meanwhile, there is a BAD pro life person saying that you shouldn’t abort, and you should be forced to give birth no matter what, because they won’t care if you got raped, they want to saved lives. (not all pro life people are like that) but then then the child won’t even live the best life! Also, let’s talk about money! Not everyone can afford paying for a life. Yeah, they can afford abortion, but they probably can’t afford a life! Because you will have to like pay for food, and etc. Some people cannot afford those things, and the child will also have to suffer! There is also rapist with HIV or AIDS and you want the mother who now has HIV or AIDS to give birth to a child who could have HIV or AIDS as well, and have them suffer? And some people cannot give birth or they might die, because like their body just can’t do with giving birth, so GREAT! The mother and the baby are both dead, wow. Try not taking the chances.
    To be honest, I am more concern about these things instead of people aborting because they just did it for fun. I am concern about trauma and if you really do want to give birth to an innocent life you can’t take care of, due to money wise, or just terrible memories. Rape could hurt the mother’s body because the rapist won’t give a damn about if you are bleeding or hurt. And you expect that person to give birth to a child, and look at the child, and see that same rapist, and not remember the trauma? That child YOU JUST FORCED THAT PERSON to give BIRTH to, just became a terrible memory for someone. Let’s be considerate before we ban abortion. Like…just abort when you cannot take care of the child, and I just want abortion to be an option again in Alabama and Missouri.

    PS: I made a mistake, but you CANNOT call that fetus in your body a baby. It is NOT a baby, until you see a head, arms, and a leg and it’s breathing, and has a brain, heart, and other organs.

  10. No, LIFE is a human right. Having a baby is a perfectly natural biological function, and to imply pregnancy makes you unhealthy is complete idiocy. I scoff at these morons, murderers every one of em.

  11. To the "pro lifers" if you had a teenage daughter who was sexually assaulted and ended up conceiving from it and she went up to you and said "mom, dad, I really don't want to go through this pregnancy, I am only 12 years old and I don't want to have to go through 9 months of this and then the labor" what would you do? Say "that's too bad honey, I know you didn't choose this but you have to carry the child to full term because God said so." Would you disown her for wanting to terminate? Would you kick her out of the house? Would you call her a "baby killer" and tell her she deserves to go to jail? Nobody on the "pro life" ever thinks about what if it happened to me or someone I care about.

  12. All women (and men) who believe in abortion should themselves be aborted.
    in the same way a baby would be.

    – in a warm cozy sack.
    – well fed and half asleep.
    – then suddenly awakened
    – unable to speak for themselves (duct tape over the mouth? lol)
    – burned to death alive by acid
    – cut into pieces and then vacuumed out through a small hose
    – torn limb from limb and having their heads crushed by metal pincers and their mangled body parts laid out on a table

    …all in fairness and equality of course. this would hopefully help other likeminded individuals develop some empathy in a real hurry, i guarantee it.

    And abortions would drop drastically immediately. Not many women want to risk death or prison just for the privilege to whore around.

    Oh and notice how the pro choice activists are largely women. If women were not allowed to have power in politics, abortions would have never been allowed.

  13. the me too movement kept poking the bear, men are dumb, his opinion is not needed before abortion, born rapists, all sex is rape, etc. realize women you let these feminazis steer the ship to this point without saying a word.

  14. I have a solution to the Abortion dilemna. It is mandatory reversible Vasectomies for boys at about age 8 and mandatory tubes tied for girls around age 8. This will prevent unwanted pregnancies in that when they get older and are ready to have sex and do, they wont be able to get pregnant or get anyone pregnant. If at a certain time when they are mature enough for and want children with a certain person, they can apply to a certain governmental agency to get their vasectomies reversed and tubes untied. They can only have unprotected sex with that specific person for the purpose of having a child. They can't get any other person pregnant who they haven't applied with to be able to have a child with. If they do that then they should be charged with a crime and face jail time.

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