Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine Holds Coronavirus Briefing | NBC News

Watch as Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine Holds Coronavirus Briefing.

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Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine Holds Coronavirus Briefing | NBC News


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28 thoughts on “Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine Holds Coronavirus Briefing | NBC News

  1. how dumb to offer these kind of incentives – people who dont vaccinate are IDIOTS – punish them instead of giving prizes – for example: after 1 july anyone getting COVID will have to pay for own treatment- no more free vaccine or care – too dumb to vaccinate but not to dumb to DIE – companies who hire those unvaccinated should have to pay their other employees hazard pay, any spikes caused by people who are not vaccinated should be sued by their communities, punishment is more powerful than incentives like Dewines dumb carrots

  2. Mike. Dewine. Jerry. Lorence. Not. Christian. He. Dont. Work. Kids. Mom. Said. Lol she. Talked. Child.time. she. Going. Handle. Cpr. With. Me. For. Child. Time. Job. Though. But. Right. Now. At. Moment. Im. Im. Going. Work at. Jets. Pizza. Most. Likely. Don't pay attention. Warlock. Will. Keefer. My. Doctor. Everyone. Knows. Im. Doing. Cpr. On. Job. After. Some. Experience. For. While. At. My. Part. Time. Job

  3. Hello NBC, could you do a follow up with Mike and see if he can help me understand the Cuomo situation? Does Mike think what is happening with Cuomo can apply to the other Governors? I want Mike to answer this question directly.

  4. When all this COVID-19 masks social distancing curfews are over legally the people need to make a lot of arrests and in prison all of these politicians who broke the constitution! And believe me we will look into that!

  5. Mike Dwine is actually a secret Democrat he needs to be voted out as Republicans need to get him out of being governor he’s garbage extending this curfew is violating our constitutional right it is not something he can enforce it’s not a law I’ve had it I’ve had it with him this curfew needs to be addressed constitutionally!!!

  6. You turd do you not know the president has called for military action that over rides a corrupt gov that's why he's done it and is with them at very our very own army base in Dayton. This plandemic is part of the reason. You better stop or your gonna be tried as well for treason like the rest. I hope you go to gitmo with the rest if your part of the cabal

  7. The last time I checked Walgreens was not giving an option to take the vaccine unless you are a medical worker, elderly or if your work requires it. What about people who don't have a physician do they get permission from a clinic? Will people just make appointments to take the vaccine at Walgreens? Are the pharmacies the only places administratoring the vaccine? I am glad the elderly and doctors are getting the vaccine first though but when will high risk under 70 non medical worker get a chance to take the vaccine? When will everyone else? It takes weeks to work and requires two shots. Our ancestors died from lack of vaccines and treatments that some take for granted. Please let people know when & where vaccines are available and make it more accessible for all. More people would take the vaccine if it were more accessible and known. I had to call and ask about the vaccine myself and I was told by automated system the pharmacy could give me no other information about the vaccine. United we stand divided we fall. Stay safe. 🙂

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