Pilots heard on audio recording pleading with Boeing

American Airlines pilot union officials met with Boeing engineers in Dallas after the first 737 Max crash and pushed them to take more action in a heated conversation.


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  1. Flying an airplane isn’t something that you get to have errors or mistakes happen while inflight…you can’t just pull over and fix the problem..when errors, mistakes, or pure greed happens the plane will have one outcome and that is becoming one with the ground…gravity is always there and so is the fuckin ground, and neither will go away…it’s aircraft manufacturers and the ffa responsibility to make sure that errors and mistakes do not happen…sadly greed is like gravity and the earth..always present and will never go away…and so long as there is greed and new aircraft and more sophisticated systems and an intense rivalry between Boeing and Airbus then people will die…just a fact that will never go away

  2. Hi my name is Thomas Grund, I am a pilot from Germany.


    I explain why:

    This EXACT SAME THING also happened to me once and I am still alive. So that's proof already right there. It's pilot error.

    I'm a pilot since 1988. I'm 51 years old as of today. A few months after I got my first pilot license I was taking off in a TB20 from a short airfield.

    Shortly after takeoff the plane pushed the nose down. In a TB20 you don't HEAR the electric trim. But the way it happened gradually I noticed right away the electric trim went haywire. And I manually held the trim wheel overriding the electric trim by manually turning the trim wheel. It's possible on both. The TB20 and the all Boeing airplanes.
    I then disabled the electric trim by pulling circuit breaker and the problem was solved. This course of action should be taken intuitively by ANY DECENT pilot.

    In a 737 it's a lot quieter in the cockpit then in a TB20. Plus the electric trim makes a pretty loud noise when it's operating.

    If a pilot doesn't realize what to do in a situation like this intuitively
    the pilot should be grounded INSTANTLY.

    On those 2 737 flight the MCAS caused the trim to go haywire.

    On my TB20 a simple broken cable insulation caused the trim to go haywire. What I am trying to say is: IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT CAUSED THE TRIM TO ACT UP. A decent pilot should be able to realize the problem instantly and just cut the power to the electric trim. No need for a checklist for this simple thing.

    You also don't need to checklist if the airplane banks to the left just after takeoff. You just move ailerons and rudder to the right.

    If the electric trim is acting up. Turn it OFF.

    If you're too stupid to see (and hear) the trim wheel moving. Then get out of the cockpit and sell tickets at a travel agency and leave the flying to people who actually know how to fly.

    Of course the software for the MCAS should be updated. But grounding the plane is overboard.

    What I am trying to say is. Even if the pilots DIDN'T KNOW about MCAS they should have been easily able to deal with a preschool situation like this.

    I claim that this would not happen to any pilot trained in the USA.

    I live in Hong Kong since October 2008. And let me tell you. Those people here are incredibly educated. But they're MINDLESS ROBOTS.

    That's the problem. Same probably goes for Ethiopia.

    Sounds a bit too high nose for most of you who aren't actual licensed pilots,i know. But that's the bloody fact.

    Here is a video of the REAL REASON WHY THOSE 2 PLANES CRASHED
    AND ALSO Airfrance 447


    Greetings Thomas Grund

  3. Yeah I don't get how the hell this happened. Engine moved forward on plane would change just a sh!t load of flight properties. Why did FAA just simply allow this? If an engineer thought a new software system needed installing due to physical change how the heck can you think pilots don't need to know.

    I'm a staunch Libertarian …. but sh!t like this makes me think that DEM's maybe have a point. People have no ethical moral center anymore. Do what ever I need to keep money coming in hide what ever gets me there. And the political right wonders why DEMS want gov't oversight ( not that this made any difference ).

    Until CEO's go to jail, actually maybe get the needle or the electric chair for sh!t their companies do …. nothing will change.

  4. Hey don’t get mad at Boeing we have all made pretty bad mistakes like for example the dc10 was a plane that costed many life’s because of the manufacturer. But y’all act like this is the first situation where this has happened 🤦‍♂️

  5. If you watch the HBO series Chernobyl, the 737 Max story sounds almost the same. Bureaucrats insisting on cost cutting and then covering up the results of the cost cutting from those in the firing line when things go wrong.

  6. After the first crash Boeing was working on a fix. But the plane continued to fly. After the second crash, Boeing and the FAA were saying the plane should continue to fly – fix still not implemented. And no one is talking about putting the people responsible in jail.

    Boeing made a plane that tended to go nose up, made an unadvertised software correction that depended on a reading from a single sensor (even though there are two), made the indicator light that a sensor was bad a $80,000 unadvertised upgrade, and ignored that a pilot was trying to override the automatic attempts to push the nose down.

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