President Trump tweeted on his pro-life stance

The president tweeted “I am strongly Pro-Life, with the three exceptions – Rape, Incest and protecting the life of the mother – the same position as Ronald Reagan.”


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  1. Illegal abortion was common before the 1973 Supreme Court decisions that legalized the procedure across the nation— denying women access to legal abortion does not prevent them from having abortions, it only increases the likelihood that they will resort to an illegal abortion carried out under unsafe conditions.

  2. 1,770 children died from abuse and neglect in 2018. Almost five children die every day from child abuse. Why are the lives of fetuses more important than the lives of anyone else? It would have been more humane for my parents to have aborted me, instead of torturing me the way that they did.

    Adoption is not an option for many women who are unable to obtain the consent of the father. This was the case for me when I got pregnant after having had a tubal ligation. My husband would not consent to an open adoption.

  3. A heads up for Pro-Lifers: According to a Regeneron spokesperson, the drug's potency was tested in a lab using HEK 293T cells. That cell line was derived from the kidney tissue of a fetus aborted in the Netherlands in the 1970s.
    Trump said he’s working to provide access to Regeneron to those diagnosed with the coronavirus for free.
    Remdesivir, an antiviral drug Trump received, also was tested using the HEK 293T cells.

  4. Reagan believed that there should be abortion at least under certain circumstances, such as rape, incest and life of the mother. Trump, on the other hand, is against abortion, with no exceptions at all, even for rape, incest or life of the mother.

  5. He's not "strongly pro-life". Killing a baby is killing a baby. Incest is the worst reason. Just picture someone saying saying "My brother is the father of my baby, so I'm going to have an abortion before our parents find out." Women could claim that they were raped too easily nowadays, especially if they're no longer with the baby's father,. This is also the one that pro-choice people reference the most. Trump seems more pro-choice to me! I'm a pro-life woman and the only way I would have an abortion is if there was a very strong chance that me and the baby would die .

  6. Unfortunately, there are way too many of these 'pro-lifers' out there who THINK they do "God's Work" in which 'THEY' become the pious bullies of the masses. America was FORMED so that ALL have "THE RIGHT OF CHOICE". No one should hold a gun or 'god' to someone's head as is done in communist states! All of the opposing articles on abortion are heartfelt. And as a devote follower of Christ I agree that abortion is one of our most heinous sins. Does God 'rate' sin? Do sins go in some order like 'murder' first, then rape, then homosexuality, then stealing, then lying? If so, do you think abortion is the top of that list? God knows the soul. He also knows the spirit. Therein lies a difference which most people do not understand. God tells us when He breathed into man that man became a living soul. That doesn't mean man automatically became 'spirit'. As most Christians should know, you become closer to God when you accept the 'spirit' and follow His ways. God also tells us that a soul is also an animal, much like what some of us act like today – pun intended.
    There are many, many things we do as 'humans' that God does not approve of. All sin is a vile thing to God. Even things that are excepted by certain societies because of the ways of the world which are very opposed to the true ways of God. I could poke a stick in the face of 'gay marriage' here as example #1.A few other of these excepted sins would be the lowering of the bar when people use 'street language', get tattoos or piercings, the 'discoloration' of hair, inappropriate clothing and the new 'me' look people go around 'sporting' these days. It's as if we were in the days of Noah where people looked, thought and acted like they would rather have come straight out of hell. Other things we do as "Christians" that God would not approve of would be honoring pagan rituals attributed to sun worship and 'other gods'. Easter and Christmas are two main examples. Not honoring the true Sabbath of God's is yet another. "SUNday" is NOT what our God grants us as "His Sabbath" and people completely ignore even the concept of what and HOW that SUNday worship came into being!
    Our God is a just God. We agree that He can do anything. He can make allowances for people. He makes concessions for us all, otherwise there would have been no need of Christ! God's sacrifice of His only begotten Son is proof of His love and free gift of LIFE to all who will believe in Him! After all, Christ Himself claimed to come for the sinner and the love of such. In God's infinite wisdom it is very possible that these aborted ones go to 'better places' – with "better bodies" when they are not formed ''in God's image''! Wouldn't YOU want your child to be FORMED as perfectly as a child SHOULD be? We know NOT the workings of God, only the EVILS of man!
    When followers of 'anti-abortion' movements take to the streets and go yelling in their rallies, protest in front of clinics, harass those in quest for an abortion, and/or even bomb those clinics or even kill people in connection to abortions then we must ask ourselves, "Who commits the greater sin?"
    What part of 'judge not, lest you be judged' don't people understand? Why, and what makes people rally behind one certain sin to the degree that it becomes such a strong divide where people are willing to take up arms over it? In our so-called 'modern society' we seem to be no better off than those days of the Salem Witch Hunts. Let us learn to HELP people out of sin – not fast in exposing it.
    This country was formed for "human rights". Freedom to do as we so choose within 'our law'. I know there are a lot of people trying to overthrow these laws because they do not come directly from God Himself. But we must never, never impose our sanctity over God's and think that we are doing His work.
    There are many reasons woman get abortions and their reasons may even be wrong in some cases but, two wrongs – to choose abortion and people advocating this false "right to life" that only God has in HIS HANDS – never make a right. So, who do we say are doing the worst harm? Those sinning in abortion – or the many advocates who also sin by emotionally and then who sometimes violently go about opposing those choosing abortion? Why go about diligently persecuting them? Would you want your daughter to have a deformed baby? As a truer "VOICE FOR THE UNBORN" wouldn't you think THEY would want a GOOD body? Would not God put them in a better one should they be aborted? You people slay me with your stupidity! THINK ~ PRAY ~ BELIEVE!

  7. Trump is only Anti-Abortion, not Pro-Life. As the Church teaches, being Pro-Life means standing with all life issues from womb to tomb. Trump's being Anti-Abortion is even not genuine but purely for deception to get Catholics into his political camp. See how many hail him as "the most pro-life president" not knowing this classic political propaganda and being ignorant of the full spectrum of the Church's teaching on life issues. Most of his policies and public statements are totally anti-right to life: separating immigrant children from parents fleeing poverty and crime in their home countries, ending Affordable Care Act, opposing living wage legislation, opposing sensible gun safety laws, denying the science and reality of climate emergency. Trump above all is amoral and immoral: racist, pathological liar, serial adulterer, serial sex abuser. His private and public conduct is mostly antithetical to Catholic values.

  8. Mr.President.
    We will win .Good triumphs over evil on the end. We have overcome great evil of nazism, we have overcome communism, we will overcome the culture of death, and there will come a day where abortion clinics will serve only as a reminder of murdered unborn children.
    Peace to people of goodwill.

  9. Pro-choice view point.

    My unborn child is nothing but a cow like peace of meat, and therefore like a butcher I will do what I please with it. Men should have no say in the matter, because women Democrats, and our own money have given us this power. If I could kill it by my own hands, there would be no shame in the game, because I would hide the fact that it even happened, by killing it in the rain. Down the drain I would watch it as it splashes along, smiling the whole time, because I will be getting off on the fact that I did both it, and that man wrong. It doesn't matter that you are pro-life, because your words don't have no meaning. My body doesn't belong to you, and it sure doesn't belong to a God, so talk your talk, why I go to Disney land to walk their new all kind of genders walk. When I die I will forget, is what the scientist teach, and I like that, because that's a theory that takes away from Heaven's reach. But if you forget like you think you will, then that means you were never made, and your life isn't real. So, in death you will remember that you thought you were the smarter of the two main genders. Carry on then like you didn't just get schooled, and I will keep on thinking about you like you are nothing but a short lived fool.

  10. For control, their own bodies, read kill their kids. You don't get pregnant by accident, you need to have unsafe sex and take no action action the next few days. if you controlled your sex life you don't need to liquidize a baby girl in your womb and then abort it through a straw.

  11. One cannot say they are pro-life and believe in the premeditated murder of human life in any form or with any exceptions. There is absolutely NO reason for any human to take an innocent life. In doing so, that person, or people, have placed themselves and/or others above God the Creator of life. Anyone who is "pro-life" and follows that claim with "except", is a liar and is as guilty before God as those that actually do it. Anyone who is "pro-choice" is deceived and can not see the kingdom of heaven and has no love of God in them. For this reason alone, I can not vote for him or any other man that claims premeditated murder of innocent life is acceptable. The Scriptures say that "If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us OUR sins, and to cleanse us from ALL unrighteousness." (1 John 1:9) in doing so and believing on the Lord Jesus Christ (Romans 10:9-11), deliverance and salvation will come. God will have no mercy on any person that believes in or takes part in abortion in any way without repentance and a total turn away from it.

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