Pro and anti-abortion rights activists on future of Alabama abortion bill

The state Senate approved a bill that would not provide exemptions for rape or incest. The law is expected to face almost immediate legal challenge if it is signed into law by the governor.


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32 thoughts on “Pro and anti-abortion rights activists on future of Alabama abortion bill

  1. Don’t get it, you are killing a child, what makes a 10 year old child different from a newborn baby? The process of being born is just an event. If a mother accidentally got pregnant that’s her fault and should be taking birth control. When the sperm meets the egg That’s when the baby is born, not when the baby is taken out of the mother’s womb. If the mother has the baby, the least ( but still not kind) thing to do is put them up for adoption. The choice of “My Body my choice” is just selfish

  2. How are they going to buy baby parts or get rid of babies( I mean goop) if it illegal.. and you made it confusing.. if a pregnant woman aborts a baby in the house it is murder.. however i you go to planned parent hood and they can sell it is cute and not murder. Is there magic air in that building to make it not murder.. can we purcahse that said air then use it too.

  3. In reality these restrictions do not ban abortion, they just push it from the reach of the poor who cannot afford to take off work and fly to another state to terminate their pregnancy.

  4. Saving the lives of young girls and women must be the all-important reason that abortion clinics exist. No more clandestine, back-street type of butchery. If you are not pro-choice for women, you are pro-death for women.

  5. Im against abortion is killing life women's can do whatever they want with her body but at least they can think in the future of the little life they killing if they don't want to get pregnant use condom and they can give the baby for adoption that's my opinion in my experience I almost die because abortion but God save my life and the baby life.

  6. Pro Lifers are spokespersons for they unborn just like pro choice people are for supporting choice of killing that unborn life.
    For the most part , there is no reason in today’s modern times for even accidentally getting pregnant . You have a choice to either take contraceptive , if you cant then have your partner protect you or just abstain .

  7. What I realized is that all those who are in favor of abortion are all alive.

    All whose support abortion, either directly or indirectly, either openly or secretly, are all heartless wicked murderers.
    If you do an abortion, you are a murderer. If you support abortion, you are a partaker of murder.

  8. Abortion is the elimination of an embryo or fetus from the uterus to discontinue a pregnancy. Nowadays, abortion has become the most controversial topic for debates as it has become a public health and social problem worldwide. Pro and anti activists of abortion argue whether abortion should be legalized or not. The polarized debate divides into two questionable arguments: Legalized abortion is against morality, yet illegal abortion is against human rights. I think looking from the anti-activists.' perspective, abortion can be considered as immoral as it is like killing a human living. However, it is more important to acknowledge that it is inaccurate to name the embryo a baby or human being during nearly six weeks. Moreover, it is against human rights to decide for women to do something with their bodies, and if abortion is illegal, women who have unwanted pregnancies will do it no matter what. However, in this case, the situation becomes dangerous as women do it in unsafe ways, so it can put their lives at risk. Finally, no one deserves to be unwanted by their parents. If a parent raises the child unwantedly, the child's mental health will greatly suffer.

  9. I'm definitely not the smartest actually I'm quite dumb so I'll put it like this, the life of a fetus doesn't matter when talking about abortion it's just cells nothing more, the only life that matters is the living human so if the clump of cells causes long term or permanent health problems for then she should defiantly get the choice to aport it. And if that makes me pro-murder then that's fine.

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