The battle over abortion l ABC News

The Republican-led Missouri Senate passed a sweeping anti-abortion bill Thursday after hours of contentious debate and just a day after Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signed a near-total abortion ban.

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  1. Hey! I'm totally pro-abortion. As a male, what guy out there wants to fund a mistake, for eighteen-years, just because the slut he banged suddenly sees the financial incentive of motherhood and wants the kid? Screw that!

  2. As a pro life conservative myself….this has gone way too far! Rape and insest should be an exception. You should not be forced to carry a baby that you were forced to conceive. This is what I stand for as a republican. At this point we are failing women.

  3. Well, let's see…The total number of babies born in the US has dropped due to the fact it cost so much to raise a child and most cannot afford it. Women have more choices and are either having children later in life or choosing not to. The backlash of #metoo has made men less willing to engage with women in all areas of life. The demand for contraceptives is going to skyrocket. Most likely more babies will be abandoned. These laws are not going to solve anything.

  4. Got love ABC's Mary Bruce's spin "even some Republicans say". Seldom to hear that when far-left lunatics pass legislations allowing late-term abortion. The rape & incest spin is tiresome. What raped woman will wait 2 months? The first thing hospitals due to rape victim is to check them.

  5. I would rather be brought up in a broken home, be given over to adoption, live in poverty, be abused and so on rather than be robbed of the experience of life. Abortion is bloody murder, performed by sick psychopathic maniacs who have no conscience, no natural affection. Iniquitous diabolical inhuman wretches.

  6. When I was 8 years old and my mother was pregnant with my brother, I was filled with excitement and would read the development of a baby inside the mother's womb. Every day for 9 months I read that book and I grew more and more excited for my brother's birth. I loved him so much even before he was born, I thought of him every day and thought of him as my brother. Never once did I dehumanize him before he was fully developed, never once did I see him as not human, never once did I think of him as a fetus or an embryo, he was my baby brother. He is now 10 years old, and the thought of him ever being aborted absolutely sickens me to the core, my inner being is filled with absolute hatred for anyone who would dare kill my brother. I was raised in a secular home, I was not taught religion at all, yet I still had love and compassion for my unborn brother, he was everything to me. And now we have women who don't love their babies, who want to kill them before they are born, who would rather shed innocent blood so they don't have to have the responsibility of raising a child. Every time I think of abortion I think of my brother, and to think that a mother does not have a natural affection towards her unborn child stirs nothing but hatred in me. If my mother had an abortion, I would have never met my brother, all the good times we had and the bonds which we established would have never existed. If I found out that my brother was aborted, I would probably have hanged myself. The love which someone has for their child is unconditional and is so strong. When a loved one passes away crying and languish ensues for months, yet we have women who don't feel love, who don't feel compassion, but they love money, sex, and pleasure more than the life of their own baby. I hate abortion with a perfect hatred, I feel nothing but abhorrence and detestation. Words cannot suffice how I feel.

  7. If this is truly about womens rights, should circumcision then be a males choice? A woman can play eenie meenie miney mo with the checkbox to decide whether to have their sons foreskin cut from his body. A lifelong effect on the body decided by a woman without the consent of the newborn son.

  8. Abortions will never stop, the ban will not last. Religion has no place in this debate! Zygotes/fetus are not people, but cells. Heartbeat? We pull the plug on real people who are brain dead, with a heartbeat all the time.

  9. It is said that pro-lifers are only concerned about what happens in a woman's womb. After a child is born, they could not care less about whether the child is thriving or not especially if children are born into poverty. Conservatives after all want small government. They want less taxes which help the genuinely needy. Only in 'Merikka. 🙄🙄🙄

  10. I’m sorry, but when it comes to this bill. It’s most men how are trying to decide what’s right and what’s wrong from a woman’s well being. It’s sickening that they are trying to use this topic to go against women’s rights!

  11. Are you against murder of immigrants and immigrant children? And who are you to force your belief on others. If you dont agree with abortion that is your right, and people can respect that. What is not respected is you are forcing your beliefs onto others. With this new bill are you aware if a child is raped she would have to carry the pregnancy to term. Are you aware that Georgia have included that if a woman have a miscarriage she will be charged for that miscarriage. Georgia is also charging women who decide to go to another state to have the procedure. The state of Ohio includes all of that but also states if a woman have an ectopic pregnancy she should be charged. A women can't control miscarriages. The body sometimes treat the fetus as a foreign object so the miscarriage process starts. Ectopic pregnancy will kill a woman but Republicans are not thinking of that.

  12. Well, they don't actually ban abortion, they ban it after 8 weeks. I can't imagine being pregnant for 2 months and not knowing it 🙄… So there is still a right to choose to terminate a pregnancy, just the time frame might be tight….

  13. Funny how they're making such a big deal about a heartbeat, when the #1 main diagnosis of someone being alive is that they have a fully-formed brain with brainwaves passing through.

    I don't believe they went through ANY science classes.

  14. Murdering our beautiful children …… disgusting and horrible!!!! I don’t know how those who do can sleep at night ,stand themselves or look at themselves with any dignity in a mirror???? Killing children or anyone is EVIL AND DISGUSTING!!!

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