Trump would veto Alabama abortion bill if it came to his desk: Chris Christie

The “This Week” Powerhouse Roundtable debates the latest in the 2020 race and all the week’s politics, including new state laws on abortion.


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30 thoughts on “Trump would veto Alabama abortion bill if it came to his desk: Chris Christie

  1. Choice is —-> to have se.. or not. Live by that choice. If the choice is made to engage in activity that can and may produce a human life, then abide by that choice. In situations of rape the crime is punishable with prison to the full extent of the law, but does not grant legitimacy to killing a child.

  2. Life does begin at conception. The scientific definition of life is something that is constantly growing and changing on its own. At the moment that the sperm fertilizes the egg, it immediately starts growing and changing and that continues throughout the pregnancy and beyond.

    Let’s talk about abortion law exceptions. One is in cases where the child has a serious medical issue. Many times doctors make mistakes about the medical condition and the baby is born perfectly healthy or with a less severe issue than the doctor had originally diagnosed. That baby should not be aborted. He should have a chance at life. If he doesn’t live long, at least he has had a chance for the mom and other family to hold him and love him. If death is imminent, put the baby on palliative care, so that he is kept as comfortable as possible until he dies. Killing the baby by abortion ahead of times risks the death of a healthy baby. It causes suffering for both baby and mom. If mom feels like she cannot take care of the child because of his medical issues, she can place baby for adoption. There are potential adoptive parents who will accept a disabled child.

    Second is life of the mother. Over 1000 doctors have signed a document called The Dublin Decoration
    stating that abortion is never needed to save the mother’s life. If the mother’s life or health is endangered by the pregnancy, doctors need to separate the mom and the baby. They do that by either inducing labor or by doing a C-section. A C-section only takes about an hour. Then after mom and baby are separated, doctors work on saving both. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out for the baby, but at least he is not brutally torn apart piece by piece and he is not poisoned in the heart so he gets a heart attack and dies and they induce labor and mom delivers a stillborn. Second and third trimester are usually when the issue with the mother’s life comes up. Those late term abortions take from two to five days to complete. The mom could be dead by then.

    Third, rape/incest. Aborting her baby does not erase the rape. It doesn’t help her heal. It is just one violent act on top of another. If the mother is concerned that the child will look like the rapist or will remind her of the rape, she can give birth and let the baby be placed for adoption. There are thousands of people on adoption waiting lists who want to adopt an infant. Statistics show that 32,000 women per year get pregnant by rape. 75% of them carry the baby to term and place them for adoption. Less than 1% of all abortions are from rape. Pro-choice people like to use the 1% to justify the other 99%. Babies conceived in rape have just as much value as any other baby. They’re not evil. They’re not predisposed to violence. They’re not less than anyone else. I was conceived in rape and I do not appreciate being thrown under the bus as people approve of killing me and those like me who were conceived the “wrong” way. Our lives are just as valuable as everyone else’s. I am not “the rapist’s child”. He doesn’t even know I exist. I do not deserve the death penalty for the crime of my rapist biological father.

    There are times when the baby is the proof of the rape. 14 year old girl gets pregnant from her father raping her That’s statutory rape. The baby is the proof that it did happen as the baby has half his DNA from mother and the other half from father. So baby is proof that a sexual act took place between the girl and her father and it is statutory rape because she was 14 and hadn’t reached the age of consent.

    And, often, women who get pregnant from rape and raise the child discover that the child is a blessing and helps her heal. The child is the beauty that comes out of the ashes.

    Don’t be telling women that abortion is “your only feasible option.” Instead, lets get busy and donate our time and money to life-affirming pregnancy resource centers. Let’s do everything we can to help support pregnant women as long as our support is needed.

    We do allow exceptions to laws for crimes that were self-defense, but that means that we’re going after someone who is wanting to hurt us. It does not apply to abortion. Abortion is not self defense. That baby is not trying to kill or harm the mother.

    I am 100% pro-life from the moment of conception until natural death. No exceptions.

  3. All you "bible-thumpers" pick and choose what to follow from the bible but then claim following what it says exactly is the most important thing in the world and if you don't do it then you go to hell. If you were serious about following that mumbo jumbo then you'd be having sex through a hole in your sheets and stoning people in your backyard

  4. Life does begin at conception. It's not some evengelical propaganda, it's science. Having said that, I'd say a 20 week time limit is very reasonable. With the exception of course if there is a direct threat to the mother's life. At the end of the day, you have to consider the needs of a women, but also recognize that a fetus is a genetically unique organism, separate from the mother that at least deserves some rights. You can't just say a baby is a sack of cells and flesh with no rights up until the moment of birth. If you're honest with yourself you would realize that is disingenuous. Balance and consideration for both sides is the key here.

  5. If the pro-lifers are using the bible to guide them they need to know their INVISIBLE "God" is just the leading character in Hebrew MYTHOLOGY and religions are nothing but money making scams that want 10% of your money EVERY SUNDAY until you drop dead from old age. If they're concerned about the embryo they need to know these laws will force women to return to VERY dangerous abortions performed by ordinary people with no medical training in back alleys which will likely cause the woman to die from bleeding, infections, or punctured uterus's just like in the days before Roe vs Wade. The end results of these insane laws will actually kill thousands of women every year but they don't give a shit if the women die. When men make laws like these ALL women suffer.

  6. did u hear what he said in code? he said its science this proves that they know the white race is dying out. this is facts. this is for population control. there are not enough births in the white race to balance the 60% death rate in white births. by 2045 America will be black and brown thats facts. you think they care about womens health? yeah right white women are not having enough babys straight up. they dont not want them mating with other races thats dark skin or brown it kills the blood line facts.

  7. I agree with the exception, I am pro-life but if I had a daughter who was put in a situation where she was raped or it was incest related I will support her having a abortion if that's what she wants.. outside of that I am definitely pro-life!

  8. Women dont get to determine if a child in the womb is a person or a human being. Women who are pro death stop acting like slave masters or German soldiers during world war 2 at the death camps.
    Children at conception are people.

  9. America truly is an overall stupid nation if I hear these people speak! Goddamn, do these leaders listen to the people or their donors?? 70%of America wants Medicare for all, but the establishment does under no circumstances want Bernie to be their nominee because he truly is and always has been for the people. THAT'S what socialism IS, dammit! It's about power to the people. It's about regulated prices for medication, doctors can no longer charge prices they see fit and nobody gets send away due to having no insurance! The centrist Democrats suck as hard as the Republicans. One thing I have to credit Trump for and that is that he showed you America is NOT the greatest nation on earth. Your not even in the top 10!! Socialist nations are all in the top 10. Think about that

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