Alabama Senate approves restrictive abortion ban

The ban makes any abortions a felony for the doctor who performs them and does not provide exemptions for cases of rape or incest.



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40 thoughts on “Alabama Senate approves restrictive abortion ban

  1. Whooooooooohoooooooooo best day ever abortion is going to be a felony in a state finally America the moral breakthrough prolifers have been waiting for. I believe this is a step for the world's largest massacre you're shall end eventually little ones

  2. Best news ever.. i think some women are becoming stupid. How can you abort a child. What kind of mother kills her child.. did your mother abort you while she was pregnant?? NO!!! Then why are you fighting for abortion right… if you cant keep the baby then dont get pregnant!!!!!! I stand with PRO-LIFE.. children are bleasings from GOd.

  3. "I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented." — Elie Weisel, Holocaust survivor.
    we simply don't look at most moral problems this way. We do not hear people say, “I would never abuse my child, but if the other person wants to do so, that’s her choice.” Nor do they say, "I would never commit a violent crime, but if someone else chooses to do so, that's none of my business. Many do not want to "interfere" with someone's choice to have an abortion. Yet it would make perfect sense to "interfere" with that same person's choice to steal your car, burn your house, or kidnap your child! The fact is that some choices have victims, and when somebody’s choice destroys somebody else’s life, that’s everybody's business. It is after all the business of love to intervene to save those in need. And if that offends someone than let it. What makes it your business what I believe??

  4. ❌ Republican Men Trying To
    EnSlave Women Permanently
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  5. Opinion: Alabama reps dont actually care about preserving the potential lives of their citizens, theyre just doing this because it goes against their (majority) religions. If their priority was on the well being of the citizens they wouldnt criminalize abortion, they would create support programs for those single mothers who didnt get abortions or for those children of rape and incest. This kind of criminalization is going to have minimal effective results, as people will jsut illegally go through at home abortions, or induce miscarriage. It seems our country has a real problem with making PUNISHMENT priority, over rehabilitation and actually trying solve the issue. And my take one "Abortion is murder": Is abortion killing a baby, yes, it is 100% killing a potential life. Is it murder, no. The reason why Its NOT murder is because of the reasoning behind. You dont abort a baby because you hate babys or have an urge to kill, or because that baby wronged you and you seek revenge. Women dont abort babies with malicious intent. A MURDERER DOES have malicious intent, 100x more malicious then a rape victim trying to deal with a situation they never asked for. If you put a women who has had abortions next to a convicted killer, youll be looking at two VERY different people. Hell if you put that same women next to a rapist you're still looking at DRASTICALLY different people, and yet now the rapist would get a lower sentence. It would be different if it were the same as manslaughter charges (No i am not saying that i think abortion should be punished with the same sentence as man slaughter) but youre treating it as MURDER, something it just simply is not.

  6. The bill is really so white people will have babies, the replacement rate is basically unrecoverable and those 2045 projections are more like 2016. Paul Ryan and Steve King both said have more babies and we cannot rebuild western civilization with other peoples babies.

  7. The Left are showing us how indoctrinated they are. Life is good, morons! Death to innocents is bad. Un-born human being babies are innocents! How brain dead must you be to not comprehend what abortion is? From the moment of conception, life begins. After that life begins, when you end it…….it's murder. Wake up! Stop listening to satan, your father. Life is good, death is bad!! Got it? Now go lay your heads down, it's nap time.

  8. So let me get this straight.
    so If the women (or young girl) let say get raped and get pregnant. She must carry and suffer through child birth and pay the doctor bills and all that. Even if they don't want to have a child or can't afford the doctor bills.
    And the person who rape her get less sentence than the doctor that performs the abortion.
    So I'm guess foster homes and dumpsters are going to be a hell a lot bigger. Over there in Alabama.

  9. Whats so sad is jf the whacked out demon rats wouldn't of pushed the dang abortions laws…this NEVER WOULD OF HAPPENED. Now the "believers in life.
    But oh no you had to push the dang button by having it ok to MURDER a baby in the birth canal. SICK AND DEMENTED. I here the crap anout its a womans not when there is a growing life inside of you.. If you kill a pregnant woman they charge you with two counts of murder. You can't have everything your way..if its a baby and life for one it is for the other.
    If you don't know your u pregnant by 6 wks..well you will be making someone extremely happy with adoption. I didn't have kids because i did not think i would be a good mom. You have hun dreds of options to prevent it just like i did.
    Thanks Alabama for standing strong and taking strong action against it. I don't agree with not allowing rspe victims from having one. But you know you have been raped. Go to hospital and have DNC and end it there.

  10. Okay ladies. Since your fetus is now officially a person at 6 weeks, according to Alabama, at 6 weeks get them a social security number and start using then as a tax deduction. Also collect tax payer welfare. They will have to give it to you or you can sue them. Not that the state has much money, but you can take satisfaction in the knowledge that those who voted for this will be funding your unborn child.

  11. Idiots…NOT YOUR BODY NOT YOUR BUSINESS NOT YOUR TAX MONEY..RETARD REPUBLICANS…may as well bring slavery back too…i wonder how many of these so called happy comments are men…when some can not even pay child support..been there done that..

  12. Maybe prohibiting abortion in cases of rape or immediate incest (not exceeding 1st cousins) is a little too restrictive…? Some of this sounds like a bad idea, given the fact that incest often exponentially increases the chance of birth defects…

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