Cell phone video shows Sandra Bland’s arrest from her perspective

The newly-released video has prompted Bland’s family to call for further investigation.



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30 thoughts on “Cell phone video shows Sandra Bland’s arrest from her perspective

  1. Could she roll up her window and write her phone number on a piece of paper, at least then the cop would have to explain why he harmed you through your vehicle. I don’t think anything she could say would have been ok and kept her from the fate of being pulled over by this unprofessional officer. I would have been so scared if I were her.

    Maybe unfortunately black people need to keep an additional phone in their vehicles charged up so she can call 911 and get some sensible people to come help her out of that situation.

    I can almost guarantee this officer elevated this situation because he felt his authority was undermined because she wasn’t quietly going into that good night, not that he planned when he stopped her to set her life to end shortly after, the stop became something else entirely when she “talked back” at him and was “fighting” his efforts every step of the way.

    I don’t know for her safety wise what she could have done to protect herself from this cop after she did what she was supposed to do. She pulled over and stopped her vehicle. F. ing terrible.

    It would be very nice if there was a Black Lives Matter amnesty order on the books; nationally, that black people can sanctuary inside the nearest public building, or drive off from a traffic stop as long as within 3,4,5,6 hours (what ever time is declared by law)they turn themselves in to the police station to address the initial reason of being pulled over in a safe environment.

    If the cop takes any action to stop you, your case will likely be dismissed. If you sanctuary or drive off it should be dealt with the same as you stated “you want your lawyer” All cop citizen interactions stop at that point. This could eliminate a lot of black people needlessly being killed by cops. If you don’t show up at the police station with your lawyer, witness, posse etc they’ll have worked out something in the law for that too.

  2. What a shamefully common standard. To me, it's almost not surprising this happened here in Texas. Living here all of my life, l've grown used to hearing horrible stories just like this one coming from Tx cities large & small. What's the cause? Geography, "old school mind set"? Why does this have to be a recurring fact in Texas? White cop vs. black female shouldn't be a continuing story on the news.
    It CAN'T CONTINUE!! It's just SO WRONG!!!

  3. It doesn't matter about the video the cops are still going to send up for each other it could be on video on trade eyewitness it doesn't matter cops are still going to kill a black or not all lies matter I love Sandra Bland I feel her I have a big mouth I'm probably next I don't give a f*** they are racist f**** pigs

  4. This officer needs fire I wouldn't even mind seeing this motherfukers shot in the balls for what he did he's just a piece of s*** bully and never needed a badge I have somebody f** this guy op1 this lady's life over nothing because he's a bully and wasn't getting his away that's all it is this guy does not need a badge he is what is wrong with officers like that he should lose his badge and he should go to jail he lied he put her head on the ground beat I mean he he assaulted this woman he should be in jail and eventually a guy like this it could have catch up to him he's going to go to jail and then we'll let the prisoners have their revenge on him cuz I hope he gets g******* in the shower I can't say bad enough things I want to happen to this guy I want to see him just tortured to hell and back cuz he is nothing but a piece of s***

  5. The lesson here is to obey police orders. He was not asking anything but for her to get out of the car. Not matter who you are or what color you need to obey police or it could be dangerous. We entrust our police with the responsibility to protect and their ability to do that is eroded when there is disorder. Obey police. If they are in the wrong fight it later, its on video. This women was clearly wrong.

  6. What can be done is not letting these cops get away with murder. If they are always afraid of encounters with people of another race then they have no business being in that occupation. As long as they get away with murder they will always use fear of their life as a cop out to why they shoot first rather than reasoning with people.

  7. There are 2 major take aways from a case like this……. first, police should be held totally responsible for justifying their alleged "fear for their life:….. and secondly….. any police officer making a false police report or committing perjury in court… must lose job and go to prison……… Please note however, that a police officer can make a serious mistake in good faith and this should be forgiven…. but false reporting is a crime and its prison time for the officer in that case.

  8. I saw the dashcam video that cop politely asked her to put out the cigarette she went in on him instead of putting the cigarette down. She would be still alive today,by no means I'm siding TXDPS he should have advised her the ticket was just a warning, y'all may get mad at me but I will say this much in my profession I deal with city cops, county sheriff's and state troopers daily and yes there have been many times I should have gotten a ticket but because of my good attitude they let me go with a verbal warning. The arrest was definitely wrong but it was her mouth that escalated the situation very quickly.

  9. thats why i said long ago not all but whom choose to be police officer i dislike them as been humanbieng period no words !! went be on control like the gestbo motherfuckers soldiers thats the nick motherfucker name i gave you you make violence worewst you can change anybody s day or life principle by doing right thats not doing fucking right or scared or your fucking life got treated just been motheffuker punk and low life garbage !! one of the main peoples i called my enemies the top dog the motherfucker luciefer worshiper the father was a police officer man whom made a call on my lil brother life whom his sister killed my only lil brother whom she was maid to my lil brother my only lil brother whom other maid killed my grand afather whom he grow up with hile selassi when i see you all doing not right that spark but i wished log time ago good for those good ones i was wrong i take that back forever where you place will be hell indeed you ain't fucking come with that uniform i can stand every humanbieng put that uniform it's k sometimes to protect but not all good inside like evry humn bieng and give him attority and gun that will get worrest !! fdny they will get check on my name evry year without no duobt !!

  10. umm….why not just shut up and get out of the car? not saying she deserved to die, and not saying this guy was a good guy, but what's there to gain by refusing to get out of the car and running your mouth? just get out, stop blabbing, and you'd probably have gotten and ticket and be sent on your way. then, go fight that ticket in court. arguing with this goon here won't help. he's clearly a tool, so provoking him will just make it worse.

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