Covid Cases Rising As U.S. Begins To See Thanksgiving Spike | NBC Nightly News

The U.S. now averages around 200,000 new Covid-19 infections a day. Small hospitals are at a breaking point in many states, especially in Idaho which has the highest positivity rate.
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Covid Cases Rising As U.S. Begins To See Thanksgiving Spike | NBC Nightly News


Author: phillyfinestnews


47 thoughts on “Covid Cases Rising As U.S. Begins To See Thanksgiving Spike | NBC Nightly News

  1. The spike has nothing to do with covid we're in peak flu season right now.

    As far back as 15 years ago in nursing school they were warning us that 2020 would be the year that all the baby boomers would become geriatrics and start needing medical Care and for that reason that there would be a shortage of nursing.

    Well now you introduce something like code which is mostly affecting the elderly combined with the flu season which is peaking right now and you get exactly what we're seeing.

  2. I'm glad Biden administration are in power now. I think they can only do better than Trump not worse. It's so sad. Please wear a mask, social distance and be safe. Life is precious blessing this time will pass too. Condolences to all whom have passed away with covid around the world. Have unity in your country. You will find the numbers go down.

  3. People need to be placed on forced lockdowns immediately. Everyone must stay locked at home – not even come out to run or walk the dogs etc. ALL supermarkets and restaurants need to close until January 20th. Christmas and New years celebrations need to be banned completely. There should be jail time and even seizures of properties if anyone breaks these rules. President Biden is working diligently to find a cure and he will fix the problem but until then you must all stay home in order to curve this virus.

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  5. 4,729,602 Deaths caused by smoking this year

    2,366,293 Deaths caused by alcohol this year

    1,277,143Road traffic accident fatalities this year

    8.2 million lost but you can still drive the the liquor store for a bottle and a pack . . .

    How many last year? The year before? And the year before that? And the year before that? . . .

  6. This is extremely sad, the cure has been available long before Covid-19 existed!! All you people are being lied to and by reading the comments, everyone is believing this propaganda! Covid-19 has already been cured in multiple countries around the world. They don't want you to know, what the over the counter cure is. I work in a hospital in a deeply red state, we are curing Covid-19 with a in and out visit, in one day! Are people dying? Yeah, they are! Are people dying in hospitals in republican controlled districts? NOPE! I took the cure and been completely immune to Covid-19, I NEVER EVEN CONTRACTED Covid-19, even though I work with Covid-19 patients everyday! The over the counter medication, not only cures it, it prevents you from ever getting it in the 1st place. It's the exact same anti-viral, supplements, antibiotic and antibodies used in regeneron!

    The main stream news media and the democratic party is using Covid-19 to control you and keep you compliant to their wishes! I'm not feeding you lies or propaganda! What I say is REAL! This medication is not a vaccine, it's a anti-viral/immune booster and costs about $1.25 per person as a preventative and about $2.75 as a cure after contracting Covid-19! The pharmaceutical industry can't make any money off of this cure, so they are choosing to dismiss it! The saddest part about this whole situation is the fact that the NIH, FDA and CDC didn't order that we look at repurposed drugs in a attempt to treat Covid-19. They chose to focus solely on novel and expensive pharmaceutically engineered drugs, when they should have been looking at anti-virals like remdesivir, Ivermectin, along with a zinc supplement, doxycycline and monoclonal antibodies. That's IT!! I just told you exactly what regeneron is comprised of!

    We use this exact treatment every single day in our hospital and have been for most of the year! We have not had a single recorded death from Covid-19 in our hospital or our entire county that I know of! Many, many, many, doctors have come forward trying to show the NIH, FDA and CDC the results of this treatment on the sick and dying, these doctors are being silenced, having their license revoked and their lives destroyed for coming forward! I implore you to please listen to me very carefully. If you or someone you know, is suffering from Covid-19, copy the medications I have listed above and take them immediately to your doctor, ask them to please try this treatment and see what happens. I guarantee you that within hours, you will feel better and within 24hrs you will be cured and able to go home. This cure exists, it's not only for VIPs, it's not expensive AT ALL and there is enough currently available, world wide, to wipe this virus off the face of the earth, RIGHT NOW!

    Please stop letting CNN, MSNBC, ABC and the Democratic party, restrict and destroy your lives! Covid-19 is all about money and power! They keep trying to blame Trump, for the deaths from this easily cured virus, when in fact it's their own grab for money and power that's bringing this country to it's knees! Nancy Pelosi just said the other day that she denied the American People of a stimulus bill because of politics! She didn't get enough money and power from the 1.8 trillion dollar bill, instead she CHOSE to stand by, holding out for 3+ trillion dollars, while the American People lost their, jobs, homes, businesses and their lives!

    This is no longer about politics, this is about taking our country back from the evil within our government that has chose to stand by and watch us suffer and die! If you think Biden/Harris is the answer, you are sadly mistaken. Those two helped conjure up this torture on the American People. They continue to this day, shoveling garbage down your throat to keep you in fear and obedient to their agenda!

    I came forward with this information because I can't sleep at night, knowing that so many people are suffering and dying, over this grab for money and power. I can't tell you who I am, where I work or how I know all of this, out of fear from losing my job and having my life destroyed! I have probably already told you more then enough, to have my license revoked and my life destroyed, so please don't bother asking. I truly hope, at least a few of you will listen to what I have said. Our country is under attack right now, the only way we are going to win this, is by uniting together!

  7. Yes, Covid 19 is killing many with the vast majority of deaths (over 90%) being in the elderly and pre-condition populations. One thing Americans are not being told is that the national Covid death RATE stands today at 1.89% as per the CDC. Down from 6%+ 6 months or so ago, and it declines at a rate of about 1/100 of 1% daily, even with all of the new cases. A 98%+ survival rate!
    Also what this means is that for normal healthy Americans and children, the Covid death rate is nearly ZERO %. We really should be questioning why schools are shut down and so very many small and large businesses. Why allow so many small businesses to die?! In my state the Covid death RATE is 4/10ths of 1%, but many businesses are closing all over FOREVER. For the vast majority of Americans,Covid is highly infectious BUT NOT highly fatal.

  8. Finally Respiratory Therapists get our 15 seconds of fame! Only took a year and constant talks of COVID and ventilators to realize that there is a profession behind the ventilators.

  9. Our species has fallen victim to Gustave Le Bon’s horrific vision of unthinking crowds, divided against each other and incapable of thinking deeply. In this way we become so polarized that we are more inclined to accept global annihilation than to conceive of the possibility of changing the dominant systems of power. In this way, identity politics have rendered us incapable of perceiving objective reality, and so we deny apocalypse even as it rains down upon our heads. "Controlled opposition "

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