FDA Panel Endorses Emergency Use Of Pfizer Covid Vaccine | NBC Nightly News

An advisory panel of experts was charged with giving the FDA unbiased and unfiltered analysis of Pfizer’s Covid vaccine. Now the FDA will decide whether to follow the U.K. and Canada in green lighting the vaccine for emergency use.
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FDA Panel Endorses Emergency Use Of Pfizer Covid Vaccine | NBC Nightly News


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50 thoughts on “FDA Panel Endorses Emergency Use Of Pfizer Covid Vaccine | NBC Nightly News


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  2. The News Media Is Charged with Presenting the Facts about the Days Events to the General Public. An Informed Public Is Critical To Making Decisions Governing Society. The Opposite is True of an Uninformed Public. Obama Wanted Confusion to Reign when he left Office, so inside of the (DAB) Defense Authorization Bill, he signed, was the Smith-Mundt Moderization Act. https://www.congress.gov/bill/112th-congress/house-bill/5736#:~:text=Smith-Mundt%20Modernization%20Act%20of%202012%20-%20Amends%20the,social%20media%2C%20and%20through%20information%20centers%20and%20instructors. For The First Time In the History of the United States of America, the News Media was Given The Green Light To Use Propaganda Against Its own Citizens. President Trump asked that the Congress to send him a DAB that removed the protections that the News Media have enjoyed for so long making them immune from Lawsuits. The Congress Voted In Such Large Numbers Against President Trump and We The People That President Trump Cannot Override The DAB with a Veto. Together The MSM & Congress Have Worked Diligently To Undermine the Will of We The People. If You still watch CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, FOX, ABC, CBS, please STOP. You are part of the problem, because you believe what these devils tell you, and they have proven themselves to be such liars that they need congress to enact laws that protects them from themselves.

  3. Approved under pressure but Did anyone catch the name if the the vaccine? It is called BioNtech-19… really? No1 sees a problem with that? [BioNanoTechnology] 19 = Alpha, Omega / Beginning, End. These criminals are NOT even hiding their plans no more. Beginning of AI and the end of humanity through nano technology, go back and watch Disney Film Big Hero Six

  4. Estratto dalla relazione 11 Dicembre 2020 contenuta nel sito della FDA, dal titolo: “FDA Takes Key Action in Fight Against COVID-19 By Issuing Emergency Use Authorization for First COVID-19 Vaccine”, relativa all’autorizzazione concessa per l’utilizzo del vaccino Pfizer-BioNTech nella fase emergenziale del Covid-19:
    A proposito delle "reazioni avverse gravi" verificatesi nel gruppo sperimentale fino ad oggi, si legge tra l’altro che "one in the vaccine group and three in the placebo group were classified as severe"
    Traduzione: "uno nel gruppo vaccino e tre nel gruppo placebo sono stati classificati come gravi ", affermazione non del tutto rassicurante se il fattore probabilistico viene esteso a livello di massa.
    Si legge inoltre che:
    ”At this time, data are not available to make a determination about how long the vaccine will provide protection, nor is there evidence that the vaccine prevents transmission of SARS-CoV-2 from person to person.”
    “Al momento, non sono disponibili dati per stabilire per quanto tempo il vaccino fornirà protezione, né ci sono prove che il vaccino prevenga la trasmissione di SARS-CoV-2 da persona a persona".

  5. "Vaccines wont be made mandatory", however you cannot:

    – Travel abroad, or further than 6km from your home
    – Run a business
    – Work to support family
    – Congregate with more than 6 people
    – Go to concerts or sports games
    – Receive Healthcare benefits
    – Buy property
    – Enjoy your right to Free Speech
    – Use amazon, facebook, instagram, twitter or youtube

    …Without your all new COrona-Vaccine-ID…

    Taking the vaccine gives consent to eradicate our freedoms… DO NOT TAKE IT!

  6. Only two months of adverse reaction time will be considered as coming from the vaccine. After two months, any strange disease, rare infection, Giullan barre syndrome, infertility, Bell’s palsy etc. will not be considered from the vaccine and therefore no adverse reaction will be documented. You tell me….. will all potential cell damage show up in 60 days?

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  8. An anti-vaccination activist, Brandy Vaughn (a former pharma rep), has been found dead a few days ago in her home. She had threats and intimidation follow her for years. Truth is being silenced, people! Take this vaccination at your own peril. Just know there is no turning back and your health will never be the same! Do your own research and don't just read what pops up in your feed!

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