Last Defense – Darlie Routier | 20/20 | Part 2


Darlie Routier seen celebrating son’s birthday at grave

The mother was arrested in connection with her sons’ deaths after a local news station recorded her unusual demeanor, spraying silly string and smiling, at their grave.

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47 thoughts on “Last Defense – Darlie Routier | 20/20 | Part 2

  1. As someone who's been almost killed I can say it's impossible to speculate about how someone will react in a traumatic situation. I think if she'd never agreed to hold that bday party for her deceased children, they'd never have even looked at her as a suspect. That supposedly wasn't even her idea, that bday celebration.

  2. The birthday tape doesn't bother me..I've worked in the medical field 11 years and have seen so many reactions and ways to grieve so I try not to judge that..but I am suspicious of her for other reasons..the fact she said she woke up to being attacked then said one of the boys woke her up..that really bothers me..I've went back and forth from thinking it was darlie to thinking Daren hired someone to do the break in. I just can't say I think for certain she did it but I lean that way..I do not think there was an intruder though who came into a home and stabbed 2 children to death..attacked darlie and didn't SA or kill her or steal any valuables..I just can't believe that.

  3. I was watching a true crime and got curious about the video, it was describe like she looked crazy, she honestly doesn't, her son was a little kid, I feel like she was trying to make it light hearted, not only that they made it seem like she was the only one smiling and throwing silly string around when another girl was too. as weird as it may look to others, people grieve in different ways. I'm not 100% convinced she committed the crime plus her husband has been suspicious through this whole thing aswell, people put it all on darlie when her husband could've 100% been involved.

  4. I think it was a failed murder-suicide. She was suffering from post mortem depression, the financial woes, some problems with the husband and had a journal entry that sounded like she was suicidal.

    Kinda like Susan Smith. Maybe she had some sort of meltdown. Maybe stabbed the boys out of anger (the way the boys were stabbed suggested rage and anger). After realizing what she did, she tried to kill herself by slitting her own throat. Either she didn't do it deep enough, she became discouraged or maybe the husband was coming down the stairs.

    He either caught her in the act and confess she killed the boys so he helped her with covering up or believe her story about the intruder.

  5. Watch how she twice glances away to the right, avoiding eye contact with the reporter, even after she said "Although it's sad that Damon and Devon are not here…" at 05:35 during the gravesite interview ! That speaks volumes !
    She isn't sad at all – she is lying through her teeth, it is so damned obvious !

  6. Caring mother ? How about when a caring friend asked if the parents could manage paying for the two burials. Darlie answered "Oh, that's taken care of – we received $5,000 APIECE " (!!!).
    That should say it all, shouldn't it.

  7. I wrote the comment below one year ago. Since then, I have studied the case more intently and have read the trial transcripts. I have now come to the conclusion that she did murder the two boys, after even attempting to smother the baby the day before the murders. Failing to accomplish this due to the arrival of her housemaid, who told the court what she had seen, she went on to murder her two older boys the next night. Question ; what innocent victim cleans the bloody sink area while her two boys lie dying in the living room ?
    Question ; which loving mother doesn't even run upstairs to see if her baby was still okay ? She couldn't have known whether there was another intruder hiding upstairs when her husband came down or not ! All of her actions – and the lack of some – point to her being the killer. The evidence proves she is.

  8. My aunt lost a son to a freak accident. When she found out she had to go to ER for a shot to help calm her down. Soon after she was hysterically laughing over nothing. But the meds did wear off and she wasn't able to attend his funeral. As for Darlie I'd be terrified the killers were coming back to finish the job off not contacting the news media to put my face out there. I would think killers smart enough not to leave any evidence behind would've been smart enough to stake the house out before robbing it. This case stinks to high heaven.

  9. What u can't understand is why an intruder would kill the children in such a horrific way and yet darlie managed to survive and her husband wasn't attacked upstairs. Usually an intruder is looking for something like jewellery, money or anything that would be worth something, so you would think the intruder would have searched the whole house. I understand darlie was trying to make a birthday celebration for the boys but if that was me I would have been so distraught and upset just being by the graves and knowing they were brutally killed. I suppose we will never know truly whether she is innocent or guilty but her emotions don't always seem geuinine to me

  10. Darlie's mother is stone faced. Factually BOTH grandmothers are stone faced. Darrin too. Not ONE person in this family broke down screaming. Instead of raising thousands of dollars for Darlie's defense,why not raise thousands of dollars to find the "intruder"?

  11. If they are so sure of her being guilty, why they do not allow to give her a fair trial in which all the doubts and facts which do not ad up, to be cleared? This case just does not make sence at all. She does not appear like a pschopath or mentally disturbed person. It looks more like a unqualified police who was not able to really make sure figure out what happened. It feels like a witch trial. In dubio pro reo, how can they be sure with so many obvious doubts which points to another story. I personally pray for her to get a fair trial, hopefully soon.

  12. I don't know what I think about this tbh, I see the comments consist of "if that was me" Or "I would never".. Well it isn't you and you have no idea how you would act until it happens to you and even then you may act differently to someone else. The strength of a grieving mother can be shocking sometimes.. Who knows she could be lying but I feel if she had done this she wouldve made more of an effort to " Look sad" In front of the media rather than trying to be strong and celebrate.. You tend to find people that know they are guilty deliberately play up their emotions and are very aware of how they will look if even caught smiling let alone celebrating so I see no reason why she would behave that way unless she was truely innocent (or an absolute psychopath I suppose).

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