Last Defense – Darlie Routier | 20/20 | Part 4


Unraveling story of who murdered Darlie Routier’s sons

From the mother’s comments in a 911 call to her injuries, blood and broken glass at the scene, the evidence told a complicated story about what happened the night her sons were murdered.

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45 thoughts on “Last Defense – Darlie Routier | 20/20 | Part 4

  1. And how did he get in the house in the first place if the screen had been cut from the inside why would he have gotten in better yet why would he break in use Darlie knifes in her kitchen to cut the screen open then go stab the kids and she’s right there sleeping on the couch right beside them your gonna hear noises then not to mention that the 2 little boys were stabbed to death so u mean to tell me the man stabbed them this much and all this time and she didn’t wake up bullshit she did it nothing in the story sounds right you know why because she’s guilty as hell the story could never sound right because she killed her kids all the evidence was leading up to her she was the one with them when it happened and Claimed not to hear a thing when your 2 children are being stabbed alive how could u not hear that no way I’m not buying it she’s definitely deserves to be on death row because she staged the whole crime scene and think about this the boys were already dead she did not call the police right away she started staging the crime then if your getting attacked on the couch while you were asleep where is the blood that would be on the couch and why was there blood around the sink area she stood there a cut her own self as a last resort to make it look like in intruder and as far the husband goes who is to say he was still asleep when all this happened he could have well been in on in too to plant the sock as well nothing about this story sounds right that’s why they convicted her because the evidence against her was enough to convince them that she did it if you have a crime scene and you say somebody broke in or anything there would be something leading to the killer just like there’s something leading her as to be the killer

  2. Also, the "investigators" said the window seal wasn't disturbed or the mulch and the husband demonstrates how easily it was for the intruder to come in the window. Plus. They wasn't any mulch in front of the window, it was 5 feet away from the window. It was concrete in front of the window, thats why the mulch wasn't disturbed. They just wanted the easy way out and just said anything to pin this crime on the mother in my opinion.

  3. She almost died that night herself, barely missed an artery in her neck and was cut to the bone in her arm. Had bruises all over her. No way she done all that to herself, the wounds on her wouldn't have been that serious if she done it to herself.

  4. Could it be the husband upstairs – waits until darlie falls asleep with the kids goes downstairs mabey wearing mask attacks kids an darlie who mabey half asleep, dazed, then runs back upstairs and comes down pretending hes just heard all commotion – as he did have two boys heavely insured …..did he do a run outside and lose a sock , is the sock the key……

  5. This is the case that has me puzzled.. but right now I’m leaning toward innocent. How could she cause those injuries with her non dominant hand? And those bruises? If she wanted to be “free” of her children, how would killing 2 out of the 3 solve that problem? You’d still have a child! So even the motive doesn’t make sense. And then there’s the sock- the sock in the alleyway should have been enough to show reasonable doubt. There is not enough time for her to stab her children to death, go put that sock in the alley, come back, start screaming and dial 911. She couldn’t have put the sock there. She should not have been convicted. The jury gave way too much credence to the silly string video and not enough attention to the physical evidence. I know some of the physical evidence can be interpreted a few different ways, but in my opinion that sock gives way for reasonable doubt.

  6. Anyone not sure of her gilt, I suggest watching all her interviews.
    She NEVER mentions the boys unless asked. She NEVER talks about looking for the killer.
    She ONLY talks about herself.
    She also pretends to cry.. I've seen 1 tear in only 1 interview….

  7. What's the matter with these people, this woman brutally murdered two of her babies by stabbing them repeatedly, what is wrong with our society OMG all of these people actually believe that she is innocent this continues to make me sick to my stomach

  8. Plus didn’t the so called robber bring his own weapon. And why didn’t the person finish her off. Was anything stolen. She was cut at the throat deep stabbed in arm deep, and just sounded hysterical as she wasn’t hurt. Grabbed the knife but didn’t use it, or was that the knife that cut her throat and stabbed her arm. And didn’t look like there was much struggling, and mess. Only she knows.

  9. Free Darlie and find the real killer in this case!!! It is always easy to convict the parents but this doesn't fit!!! It just doesn't fit that Darlie could do this!!! She is not nor does not fit the bio as a killer!!

  10. No way she did this. An innocent woman is sitting in jail. If anything, I think they got the wrong parent… Darren is way more suspect here. Considering her was the one actively seeking to have someone stage a break-in into his home for the outcome of committing insurance fraud!!! Why was his sock found found down the road!?! Did he set this up??? Whose unknown fingerprint is at that home!?! To be honest, these detectives make me angry when I hear them speak. They just wanted an open and close case.

  11. ABC left out ALOT OF Evidence against Darlie!!! What about the light that was used and showed all the blood wiped up around the sink ( kitchen sink)!!! Clearly showed this so called INNOCENT mother cut her own throat at that sink and cleaned it up!!!! Also the so called bruises Darlie came to the police department days after she was released from hospital, the cops showed the pics to the nurse's who took care of Darlie and said Darlie DID NOT have those bruises!!! Shes a COLD BLOODED MURDERER of her own flesh and blood!!!! She has over the years been helped more times than any other convicted MURDERER and it says ALOT of her still being in prison on DEATH Row!!!!! I mean I've only mentioned a few things here, there is WAYYY MORE EVIDENCE!!!!! I also looked at a show who were trying to help her YRS AGO I remember her husband saying ( as he explained what happened) " the first thing he heard was glass breaking, then Darlie begin screaming for him to help etc"… Darlie will never EVER ADMIT to killing her son's!!! NEVER! ABC should have brought all the facts not just for views and making this MONSTER MOM look innocent after she clearly KILLED HER BABIES!!! Devon was stabbed so hard the blade broke his ribs and stuck into the floor,still inside his body!!! That baby eyes were open he died instantly!!!! No fuckin guy who broke into their home is going to kill those babies like that and leave her grown ass alive!!!!! Pisses me off to NO END TO SEE THE COMMENTS OF DUM PPL!! The Evidence has always been here for all of you to see, then yu keep talking about Casey Anthony 😑😐 Really?! Casey is NOTHING LIKE THIS MONSTER!!!!GTFOH!!!!!AND READ FACTS!!!!!

  12. Ya'll, watch Forensic Files Season 4 Episode 1 called Invisible Intruder. They present ALL the evidence. Darla cleaned up her blood and bloody footprints from the kitchen sink. Blood splatter evidence showed she was standing still and slowly walked around the house, not running as she claimed. Also, the bread knife from the same knife set as the murder weapon found in Darla's kitchen had metal fibers from the cut screen left on the blade when it was REPLACED back into the knife holder inside the house. She's guilty and Dateline should be ashamed for twisting this story for ratings. Darcy just had a baby and on-scene her husband was commenting on her perfect double D tits (that's super indicative that he treated her poorly in general and most likely taught his sons to do the same), she snapped, she did it.

  13. This case is INSANE. This lady lost her two young boys and was stabbed herself – TWICE. One year prior, Susan Smith killed her two boys and blamed a stranger as well. The difference is: Smith confessed. She couldn't live with the guilt as a mother from killing her own kids. But this lady that's never done ANYTHING wrong must have gone insane as a result of the crippling stress of living a dream life, murdered both of her innocent young boys with her own hands via deep stab wounds from a kitchen knife. No human being with any shred of a soul could ever bring themselves to do something as evil as murdering an innocent child – let alone a mother murdering HER OWN innocent child – not just once… but TWICE. And then stabbed herself twice: one on the back of the forearm – a location that seems very awkward to try to stab yourself. And then another in the neck, like a hair away from a location that would have cost her her life before she could have finished dialing 911. Not to mention the wounds on her fingers consistent with a struggle over a knife where she grabbed the blade. Plus had more bruising on her than an NFL offensive lineman has on the Monday after a game. The screen could have easily been an intruder's point of entrance… a suspicious black car on the street a week prior that was rep00orted. And finally, the most concrete piece of evidence to prove her innocence: the bloody fingerprint not belonging to anybody in the house. These things may not prove who did do it, but at the bare minimum, they provide reasonable doubt that it was the mother. And our legal system places the burden of proof on the prosecution – who was unable to do that. What he DID show though, was his bias reaction to her trying to have a positive celebration of life for her deceased son's birthday like a week or 2 after their murder. There should be no waty that she could be found guilty on these charges and all involved should feel terrible…

  14. This program is quite biased. What pretty much happens is that a piece of evidence is shown, then the prosecutors, defense attorneys, and reporters/journalists just bicker over it. In most cases it does not show where or how the investigators based their conclusions from. Also, it leaves out certain pieces of evidence such as the fact that there was a huge amount of blood by the sink, and nowhere else in the house. This made the investigators believe that this is where her throat was slashed. Also, it does not state that blood was wiped up from the floor and sink, and that an audio expert determined that Darlie walked through several rooms during the 911 call. There are other things that this program did not show. Although they did that so the viewer can think that she may be innocent, it's still not a truthful program.

    When this first aired on TV, I had to work a nightshift, so I only caught the first view minutes while my parents saw the entire program. At work I watched the Forensic Files episode about this and concluded that she most likely committed the murders. The next day I asked my parents if they believed that she did it. They didn't believe so, and told me that her conviction was based upon very circumstantial evidence, kids aren't that expensive, and she did not deserve the death penalty. I was very confused by their statements.
    Later that day I showed my parents the Forensic Files episode and they were telling me on a number of occasions that 'this' wasn't mentioned on this program. Afterwards, they leaned to the conclusion that she really did it.

  15. I remember this quite clearly when it happened. Darlie acted like such a flippety-jibbet. She didn't have a lick of sense and her actions just said "I could care less whether my kids are dead or not." People were horrified because of the scene on the child's birthday. She lost her case in the public's eyes. Her husband had a few screws lose too. He was head over heels in love with Darlie but when your kids are dead you don't rave about your wife's boobs. For whatever reason he was ruled out. I have no idea whether Darlie was guilty or not. I guess this wasn't fair but initially I thought she was guilty and those wounds she had were superficial…later I had some doubts…it's not surprising it's gone through multiple appeals…

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