Mystery grows over hostage rescue in West Africa

The American woman among four people saved revealed little information to authorities about herself or how she was captured.


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43 thoughts on “Mystery grows over hostage rescue in West Africa

  1. _43770_(*shut up*)

    2007-army card

    “ Hey Doctor ! – whom are YOU saving “
    -Portage La Prairie
    -Winnipeg Beach

  2. West Africa
    West Africa
    West Africa
    West Africa
    West Africa
    West Africa …..

    They were taken in Benin 🇧🇯 then to Burkina Faso I think: that’s 2 countries out of 16 or 17 in west Africa so why are y’all keep saying west Africa ?

  3. Possibly (undercover) national or military intelligence operatives? Blowing covers could be really dangerous to more than just them.

    Still plausible they were simply civilians too, not wanting to risk retaliations, or not wanting a life in media spotlight perpetually digging, nagging and reminding them of the horrors of these 28 days, making it impossible for them to ever truly recover and put this horrific experience behind them.

  4. I don’t understand why Americans and all these other westerners like to go those shitty and dangerous place,stay in your country and enjoy your double cheeseburger!Trust me u aint missing shit by not going abroad, plus because of all the politics your ass is hated anywhere, one more good reason to not travel.

  5. Why can’t this woman stay private? Imagine how terrifying this is would you really want everyone knowing? I wouldn’t I’d be terrified something else would happen or that the people that captured me would somehow find me. Your entire mindset and survival instincts would be focused on self preservation. My heart goes out to the families of the lost soldiers as well.

  6. I love that I can get ABC news from YouTube whenever I want BUT I'm getting VERY tired of George Stephanotis asking me to subscribe (which I did several months ago) …… try have a mix of different newscasters…… and thanks for posting to YouTube.

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