New questions about seriousness of Iran threat

Congressional leadership will be briefed on the intelligence call that led to the decision to evacuate personnel from the heavily fortified U.S. Embassy in Iraq.


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44 thoughts on “New questions about seriousness of Iran threat

  1. Thing is, this isnt the first time we've squeezed Iran. Difference is, Trump aint a hoe, meaning he's not going to let Iran jack us off…
    Question? Why do we pour SO much money into middle eastern countries and they STILL are mostly live in poverty??

  2. I support the full unrestricted bombing of Iran. Start with taking out every power plant with a cruise missile. Then air defences and their navy. Then destroy any military targets you like. Then destroy all ports, airports, train stations, oil pumps, refineries, pipe lines, chemical plants, communications infrastructure,
    water pumping stations….. Setup when they are sitting in the dark, drinking from mud puddles, and eating bugs. They want to play, triple the bet and punish all Iranians for allowing it.

  3. This is not complicated. War in Iran equals halliburton's getting money military industrial complex getting money Eternal War for the Iron Triangle getting paid eternally! And we the American people get thousands of more lives lost and billions more dollars spent and the continual screwing that we've been getting! To quote the great Hicks… Wake up America!

  4. Iran already said they never followed the nuclear treaty, have armed a lot of civilian vessels with missiles, and Trump says he absolutely does not want a war with Iran. Let's see if Trump gets his way.

  5. The demonization of Iran has got to stop. It's obvious Bibi is leading Trump by the nose and wants us to do Israel's dirty work for him. George W fabricated a lie to invade Iraq. Trump insults our intelligence even further by keeping his false flag secret.

  6. You know what. Do it. Threaten us with raising oil prices. Fully Electric cars are already costing in the 30 thousands. They are more accessible now a days. If Iran increases the oil prices, more people will replace their vehicles for fully Electric ones. Hence: the next great oil crash

  7. New questions about seriousness of AMERICA threat .. there fixed it for you .. america looking for war .. leave middle east alone 🙄 you are on the other side of the globe .. also it's not pronounced I ran.. it's E ran ..

  8. Trump must not be manipulated into war anywhere.  The US citizenry is still reeling from the Bush and Obama adventures for 16 years.  War will come to the US by 2020.  A fifth column of jihadists, MS-13, and commies are in the USA, they WILL strike. The migrant crisis, the democrat obstructions to progress are classic Sun Tzu by the deep $tate.

  9. The media as always is exaggerating the " crisis" for rating and hence higher advertising revenue. This is not exclusive to Fox news, every other one including the so called " public media" benefit from crisis. However once the damage is done, they pull back and pretend not to have any part in the crisis. They just like corrupt politicians act like a rouge fireman who start an arson (fire) then act as a hero by trying to put the fire down. All one need to know who really run these media, Rupert Murdoc and other Zionist crooks..

  10. Looks like another North Korean episode of America's Soap opera. 45 raises the temperature, control the narrative, back off like the Coward he is then claim he Won! Get another writer for this BS Soap!

  11. People the reason why Donald Trump is doing this is because of the middle East plan do you understand this if you don't believe me wait till June I think it's June 23rd he is going to announce the the middle East plan the reason why he's over there is because I'm Benjamin Yahoo wanted to take out I ran because they thought it wouldn't there a threat they have not done anything so please this is a false flag somebody needs to do something fast

  12. So minor damage to oil tankers, didn't even sink or kill anyone. Does that sound like an attack or a Tonkin Gulf incident? If I'm an Iranian combat diver, would I swim all the way out to an anchored oil tanker without enough explosive to sink it? Hardly likely. This is nothing but low budget propaganda.

  13. Frankly at this point we should leave Washington DC behind completely. Movements like Calexit, New England independence and the Olympic Peninsula Republic might be the only way forward. I love this country but this has to stop. We need a government against endless war. We could put money into healthcare, infrastructure, ending homelessness and are schools instead of endless wars.

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