NYPD officers’ names added to 9/11 memorial

Twenty-three police officers who recently died from 9/11-related illnesses are honored.



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36 thoughts on “NYPD officers’ names added to 9/11 memorial

  1. this was an inside job the plane coulndnt just go through the WTC like butter nit only that but there was never a tail found never a nose found nope and some places in the world there wasnt a plane even shown hitting

  2. All police officers are bad though huh? I hope the protesters know that one of those 23 NYPD officers saved my mom’s life and got her out of the WTC on 9/11, but take 1 billion dollars of their funding away that’s how you honor our heroes?

  3. I import each week into a small country in Europe bananas. And among bananas and 1 container in it 700kg of pure 100% heroin. I am a police officer in my state. With the help of my police and my state, I hired Hamers Nato Pact with whom I transport heroin in Europe where I grow it. My Albanian mafia is helping me. I am helping my country with the government and then my own government. Then the drug dealers in Us fall due to 2kg of heroin and I do it for 15 years. 700 kg of heroin. I can not do anything . While the Hamera Nato Pact will be heroin as a sugar.

  4. I'm so sick of this BS. 9/11 was an inside job. Period. And before you attack me and call me names, make sure to do your damn research! Most of you who attack people for not agreeing with the government's official story, have never done an ounce of research on this tragic event in your life!

  5. Seeing this makes me very distraught I got to see the twin towers when I was 3 my memories of the towers were shady but I have picture of me and my family in front of it when 3 and a bit years after I visited the towers all I heard was my mom screaming put the news on put the news on at this point I was confused of what she was talking about when they said news but I just assumed that it was like a special show or something when the turned the channel on I was confused there was smoke coming out of the tower I assumed it was like a television show but i was getting even more confused when it kept on focusing on the tower and not progressing from there so I asked my family “why isn’t anything else happening” thinking that it was just a television show they didn’t respond i kept on watching there eyes and face they looked scared then all of a sudden I heard them scream and following it a huge bang the second tower was hit at this point I was getting scared I asked my dad to turn the show off he responded saying “I can’t” and told me to go into the other room and play with my toys With my aunty after a bit more time passed my auto was playing with me looking scared I asked her what was wrong and she said nothing that from the other room I heard my mom dad uncle grandpa grandma gasp and scream and my older brother and cousin scream shout “ITS FALLEN ITS FALLEN ITS FALLEN” after that they turned the tv off and didn’t talk my dad than turned the tv back on after about a hour to see what had happens while it was off and to his surprise the other tower had fallen to my mom and the rest of my family then told me that the attack was real and ever since that day every time I thing about the twin towers I picture the horror in my families face and my brother and cousins shouting out loud screaming “ITS FALLEN” I will never forget that day. RIP to everybody who died during the attack

  6. America, You piss me off with your "No universal health care", your "Electoral college" (that got Trump elected) But Most of ALL ITS SHIT LIKE THIS! These people RAN into burning buildings to help Victims yet cant get medical help! WTF AMERICA????

  7. This is such a scam … All these cops have to do is claim whatever illness they have is from 9-11 and then they get a big fat check. These guys aren't dying from breathing dust, they are dying because most of them are extremely unhealthy from doing nothing but eating (free) fast food and sitting in a police car for the last 20 years

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