Severe weather prompts flash flooding threat to East Coast

Powerful storms have dumped more than a foot of rain in Mississippi.


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38 thoughts on “Severe weather prompts flash flooding threat to East Coast

  1. We have to be mindful that what the western part of the country was getting are now starting to turn over here! Witch means all politicians Rep and Dem must take over responsible of this country sense our president is destroying our Postal Sevices and our government services to help this country!

  2. Oooh wow. A little bit of fucking water and suddenly people are saying this isn't normal? Its storm season dipshit, happens every year. It's just one of those years where the weather acts crazy. Then the next year it's normal or less servere.
    Don't believe me? Look at the 2011 tornado season and then look at the next 3 years after it. You will notice record lows each year

  3. This is going to be like in a climate change that what's going to happen that for the future like today in the past right now and what's going to happen in the future from your children or grandchildren or your other grandchildren beyond that it is your future because if nobody care about you buy me some parts of a States would be affected not just a self but everywhere for the north west east and south on United States of America and the entire of 50 states towns neighborhood Farms including cities especially that what is going to happen to Farmers towns that are to grow their food and will be destroyed because this is going to be like a crisis of for climate change but nobody care about it and nobody care about the new green deal but let me cuz someone don't really care but history is going to be something of new change especially that what's going to happen that in time in years where is going to hit how is going to head and who is responsibility that they make sure that history cannot be repeat us up again just like what happened right here right now and it would be something new and baby tragedy that people going to be lost of the belongings but the most very pointed it is Sunday life is very viable to keep going that from the family children's love once couples in marriage to stay strong that life is very important not other stuff idea because sometimes I have to be a sacrifice and others to be safe to make sure that to keep going on for the future but however this is going to be that most people try to how do you say explain to other people that we will be change it would be Disaster Area somewhere it will be up for that the environment that how you say it will be a climate change and specially that who is responsible for future and who's not who is not responsible for the future because sometime that many people they don't believe about how you say this is a fake weather news go ahead anyway because most of you that you don't believe it well someday in the future you will believe it but this is only time will tell that anyone going to have so the choice is yours a Glock for everyone

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  4. Who cares!!! We got a Venezuela war to plan for and keep fighting another pointless and wasteful one in Bumfackistan to worry about this!!! Suck it up yall paper towels will be thrown at you soon!!!

  5. Well it’s just rain. These folks don;t think anything like ‘GLOBAL WARNING’ has anything to do with it, do they?. We don’t want any job killing regulations from some Deep State subverted by Liberals changing the way we live… Right? Trump is fixing our broken government. He’s bring back coal miner jobs. God Bless Him.

    It’s just weather. What’s the big deal?

  6. Flash Floods are to Flush Out the Trash. looks like the Bible Belt is receiving the Wrath of Bible God. well what do you expect? look at the mess they made and the way they treat non-white people. some people would say it's Karma. you know, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Karma, yeah?

  7. obviously global warming: more rain in the US and Australia. More ice in Canada. Bitterly cold in North America, Russia, and most of northern Europe. Late snows in Italy and Australia…isn't that what global warming predicted? Or is it more droughts and warm winters? details, details…just pay the carbon tax and trust the people who stand to gain from this tax…kind of like letting your car mechanic diagnosis whatever problem he wants just to give you larger bill…driver's side front tire/passenger side tire? what's the difference…just fork it over.

  8. Sad; if the authorities & government is saying no need to worry hear keep demising the world scientists; now that is here no need to fix what is broken just use band aids with more money, SMH.

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