Trade war escalates, Saudi tankers may have been sabotaged, new photos of baby Archie

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20 thoughts on “Trade war escalates, Saudi tankers may have been sabotaged, new photos of baby Archie

  1. 1. I'd cold brew that coffee bean…..
    I am very much envy the barista who got the chance to brew the coffee….😍😍 Xoxoxo😘

    2. And who has biz connection with people from China again?
    Hmm ….She calls POTUS as "daddy"

  2. RIP French soliders. Without their risk to harm, these poor people would likely never seen their freedom again. It is a dire sadness that their lives should be lost, but there is comfort in their bravery and successful effort to save these hostsges. We will not forget what you did.

  3. I'll bet a whole weeks worth of my daily cookies, those tanker sabotages were CIA, planned and instructed by John Bolton at the military and intelligence meeting last week. It's blatantly obvious that this is a textbook example of traditional US covert actions, intended to induce optics to legitimize "retaliation" actions of aggression or even war, against Iran.

    If Iranian actors had actually been behind this, the obvious intent would be to cause harm. The results would obviously not be benign with miinimal material damage. This was done by someone whom wanted this outcome; An act to point out and retaliate against Iran from, with no harm to people and no oil spilled. And you can bet bet your ass no Iranian or other international body will be allowed to participate in the investigstion of it. Or, only invited or allowed to do so much later, once evidence is gone and any repairs needed have been completed.

    Bolton has been looking for any and all possible angles and means of going to war with Iran. Orchestrating false flag attacks is the US trademark, de facto default approach to starting wars, because no legitimate reasons exist. Here we go again. Iran was factually, empirically correct in labeling the US a terrorist nation and sponsor of terrorism.

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  5. The same thing happened with my niece when she had her baby. She had a poppyseed muffin for breakfast before going into labor. After giving birth, CPS came in like gang busters and it took almost a month to clear the issue up. She wasn't even allowed to be left alone in her own home, with her first baby, for about a month.

  6. Well, yeah. Duh. Anyone who knows how import tariffs actually work, know that American businesses, consumers and workers will take the majority hit from this. They pay the tarriffs. And American companies now both selling less goods, and trying to soak up some of it, limiting how much of the bill is passed on to consumers, will have to cut American jobs to stay afloat.

    Curious coincident that the earlier instated tariffs leading to American companies desperately hoarding large overstock of goods and materials, that there is no increased market demand for, to get them stateside ahead of further and higher tariffs, combined with non-productive federal revenue generated by the payment of tariffs, and a $1.5Bn bump in defense spending, is what's behind the bulk of the earlier Q1 national economy figures.

    Also curious coincident, that draining of involuntary payments into federal coffers, from Americans through import tariffs that only harm the US, suddenly allowed for a quick $1.5Bm bump in defense spending, and a few days later Mr. Trump just happen to extract $1.5Bn from the defense budget to fund his border wall. He basically forced American consumers and companies to pay him tonnes extra on unrelated import for nothing extra in return, funneled those funds through the defense department and budget, to force Americans to pay for the wall.

    Not only is that extremely detrimental to American private individual, American business and American trade economy – I also seem to remember he promised someome else would pay for it. Not forcefully drained American personal individuals and commercial businesses.

    What about cannabis news why do you ignore the fact that marijuana is taking over the nation and people are healing themselves right and left turning away from man-made drugs. Why why why do you ignore of this truth? I’ll tell you why the big pharmaceutical industry pays your salary is keep you on the air and keep you quiet uncle Tom quiet

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