Trump and allies accused of blocking 20 investigations and 79 requests for documents

House Democrats now considering fining administration officials for contempt of Congress.


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23 thoughts on “Trump and allies accused of blocking 20 investigations and 79 requests for documents

  1. This is such crap from people who still can’t get over losing Hillary’s campaign which went no where. Maybe if the crappy Dems would put up a real person instead of all these creeps that hate people, starting with their history of keeping blacks as slaves, creating the KKK, Jim Crow Laws and segregation which inspired the Nazi Party in 1935 Germany. Who the hell would want to be associated with such an evil political party? All you Dems please don’t even try to respond because we all know your party’s history of hate and racism and eugenics.

  2. They don't have the right to do it…they know it. they want to kill time.they are making Trumps election a land slide more and more. the investigation should be on the real back ground checks on the dems that won't listen…CASE CLOSE.congress is not following the laws of the Constitution even dems I know are sick of the obstruction of them
    God bless America again

  3. Holding back on impeachment to avoid dividing the country even more? OK, so what when the Straits of Hormuz go up in flames and the oil supply for the EU and other countries suddenly ceases and we end up in WW3 as Russia and China take the opportunity to put the boot in? The nuclear codes are in the hands of a self-proclaimed stable genius who is unstable and dumb.

  4. dear brother, it is shame you are calling it investigations , it is all propaganda, how these false allegations – another 20 fake baseless allegations after the russia hoax over two years — all these information not investigations – but presidential harassment …. you the msm is a political arm of DEMS – a coup by the EU/ especially UK Intel …… after immigration to America you people did not became Americans but are destroying America, …… likewise, these two Muslim congresswomen failed to show solidarity to become Americans but consider their Palestinian agenda first not America first, …. you all are parasites on this great nation America and dividing America, GOD bless America, …. Hillary was a puppet of UK Intel anti-American,

  5. What has happened to our great country. It's no wonder 'Little Rocket Man' is testing missiles! Trump's so-called friend and the rest of the world are laughing their asses off at this country!! If Trump has nothing to hide why is he fighting so hard to keep stuff hidden?? He's the supposed POTUS of the most powerful country in the world, but he tells OUTRIGHT lies, whines like a baby, bullies everyone who doesn't prostrate at his feet, and for some unknown reason people are afraid to stand up to him. The republicans should be ASHAMED of themselves for allowing this idiot to get away with such blatant abuses of power!! Why, why, why??? What does he have on them? At a time when our country DESPERATELY NEEDS TO COME TOGETHER he has caused such negativity and the racial divide is growing instead of shrinking! The Las Vegas massacre, Charlottesville, the wall that he said would be paid for by Mexico, and now the truth comes out about who is really paying the price for his tariffs – all of the small AMERICAN businesses that are going bust. I'm embarrassed to be an American. Did we really elect a man who BRAGGED about kissing women against their will, walking in on contestants half naked because he could, whose so-called college has fleeced unsuspecting students, and who I read has filed for bankruptcy more than 20+ times? How can he 'drain the swamp' when he IS THE SWAMP??

  6. go ask mueller for them…this country will not stand for this…it is harassment…..our military watches this and so does their families….you will be lucky to have a military after trump with all of this constant hatred coming from the left…..the american people are fed up and we are in their ears….we dont need lady gaga……#walk away…no military or police…

  7. Idc how much privilege A president has! If he is a criminal he should be treated like one! If law enforcement and federal officers can obtain evidence to prosecute a regular citizen with obvious probable cause or evidence, they should be able to do the same to any American citizen in the White House without refusal! Him just avoiding these accusations and requests is a guilty plea to me. And any trump supporter is an idiot to not see that

  8. Trump promotes to his base that he is the most transparent president EVER – Base do you still believe this ? he is blocking everything that involves him and if that person does not do as he says he fires them. His Bad don't own it . Also he is prepared to through the whole world back into a financial crisis because he cannot get his own way. He is a liability to America and the rest of the world and you the base are his accomplices , wake up and at the next elections vote him out after all he is costing you not only jobs but money through his ridiculous war on Chinese tariffs

  9. The Dem's promise to Trump that he'll face multiple indictments when he loses office gives him the ultimate motivation to hang on to the presidency at all costs. If he's on the ballot in 2020, Trump will lie, cheat, obstruct, coerce, rig, corrupt, bribe, threaten, etc. He can rely on Putin to help him in every possible way; if he loses, he'll incite his cult to use violence in his defense. IMPEACH HIM NOW!

  10. Make America great again lol dont hear u dummies saying much anymore lol yall are fucking corrupted an disrespectful as he is send his followers an his ass to the other side of his wall spread his wealth to finish the wall for all we care make sure they stay on the other side of it 😭😭😭😭

  11. Mr shitty Trump show us first taxes that were requested almost 4 year's ago and then we proceed with you demands, put the exams on you words you shmuck you did something very bad and you dont even know to get out of it stupid orange man🤪

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