Trump ‘very surprised’ about subpoena for son

President Donald Trump said on Thursday that he was “very surprised” by the subpoena for his son, Donald Trump Jr., issued by the GOP-led Senate Intelligence Committee.

President Donald Trump said on Thursday that he was “very surprised” by the subpoena for his son, Donald Trump Jr., issued by the GOP-led Senate Intelligence Committee.

“My son is a good person,” Trump said, claiming that his son was “totally exonerated” by special counsel Robert Mueller. He called Mueller’s report “the Bible” and that “they say he did nothing wrong.”

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29 thoughts on “Trump ‘very surprised’ about subpoena for son

  1. It’s about time a Republican senator stepped in to save the GOP from itself. Too bad the other senators have no spine — nor foresight — to keep the Republican Party from being transformed entirely into the Trump Party — and thus suffer the same fate as the president.

  2. By BL – Winning 2020 election is looking better and better for President Trump. The illegal and treasonist attacks on President Trump and his family by the Demon-rats is not going to be helping them at all. What about Killary and deleting 33,000 personal emails, pay to play, meeting on the tarmac and all their dirty rotten global initiative.

  3. First comes a cry of "Peace and security!" 1Thessalonians 5: 2, 3 as the False prophecy of the False Prophet Revelation 19: 20. The False Prophet is the Anglo American world power and allies. Then; there is a 'tribulation' Matthew 24: 29, 30 that includes a war between the US, allies and Iran. Daniel 8: 20, 23-25. Also a war appears between Russia and the financially collapsed EU. Ezekiel 7: 19-22. We see at the time of this 'tribulation' Christ has heavenly objects in tow with Himself. Matthew 24: 29. This time is His appearance, as seen in Matthew 24: 30. Are there attempts being made to stop you seeing this?
    Daniel 8: 20 shows the modern day antagonist to the Anglo American world power; and it is Persia. Daniel 8: 23-25 describes the Anglo American world power at the time of this antagonism. "And in the final part of their kingdom, as the transgressors act to a completion, there will stand up a king fierce in countenance and understanding ambiguous sayings." This is the ambiguous saying of the False Prophet. First 'Peace and security!' is declared [in the Middle East] and then the US, and allies go to war with Iran.
    Is it possible for one man to bring the system into a downfall of disorders? And which man would that be, exactly?
    The result of this is the arrival of Christ in power and glory. Matthew 24: 30. God's Kingdom Matthew 24: 14 arrives along with the Great tribulation Matthew 24: 21, 22. YOU can find out what is going on; and YOU can survive the events of the conclusion of the present system. Will you swallow down the propaganda and watch everything you have taken away?

  4. You know it's sad when those Democrats that have been in office for 30-plus years with failing policies and someone from the outsidethat has never been a politician in their life like President Donald Trump and steps up to the plate and gets more things done and solves more problems than the Democrats ever thought about doing I mean he has really took them to school and now they're having to eat crow 😂🤣😂

  5. You Democrats still keep stepping on the same rake and getting hit in the head 😂🤣😂, if the liberal Democrats can't find collusion on President Donald Trump they will just make up one👎, Democrats need to stop foolishly spending taxpayers dollars on witch hunts, I'm sick of their spending asses, wasting money and precious time that could be put toward doing something constructive for our country but Democrats would rather waste and makeup bulshit lies with their "delusional hate Trump syndrome" 👎

  6. Who is running the government. All I see and hear how the government officials are so busy protecting themselves and ignoring the laws that govern Americans. What laws are they under within the political machine; the government lawyers, under the same umbrella, expect along with other lawyers that have taxpayer foot the never ending three ring circus. Hopeless??

  7. obama and hillary created a false dossier by paying rusians to make shit up so they could use the fake dossier to get a warrant to spy on trump all of which is illegal. the clinton crime family is going down.she accepted russian money in the clinton foundation and allowed them to hack her private server .she erased 33 thousand e-mails smashed phone with a hammer took out the sim card and used bleach bit to wipe the server clean. lied about some video in the Benghazi attack.

  8. It’s about time republicans woke up and understand what is happening to the constitution. Trump could care less, but they on the other hand understand what it means to be on the right side of the history.

  9. Finally its about to get interesting.
    The Trumps should not have been so eager to get their hands on what they knew was stolen data, in a case of international espionage, and accept it along with ongoing support from the Russian government to illegally manipulate a federal election for the Trump families personal gain.

  10. Actually Donald Jr isn't a "good person" by the stretch of anyone's imagination unless cheating on a wife, sleeping with a FOX News reporter outside marriage and lying to Congress counts as "good". That doesn't happen with most moral adults, outside of the Trump Family.

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