Archie expected to shape royal history

Queen Elizabeth II’s first meeting with Harry and Meghan’s son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, the first biracial baby in Britain’s royal family, was captured in an historic photo.

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47 thoughts on “Archie expected to shape royal history

  1. if God had wanted humans to be all one race he would have made them that way. stop the guilt tripping people over race. that If they aren't a blended race as a person then they are some how racist. Everyone can be proud of who they are whether they are mixed race or not. all rights reserved

  2. Conan O Brien the talk show host was told by his doctor that he is 100% Irish and proven in blood work. 400 native American nations wiped out by interracial marriage and immigration older history books state. interracial marriage dilutes the races. all rights reserved

  3. Archie is not the first bi-racial baby in the royal family. sad how the media doesn't know their history. the royals having mixed race in their family use to be taught in history classes in America before 1990. The media is racist against whites. The media puts blacks above whites. all rights reserved

  4. Please, stop. Meghan is Harry's 17th cousin a British historian figured out & gets the credit for figuring it out not anyone else in the media or on social media or youtube. most people are mixed race in the world today. My great grandmother was half white & half black native American in 1895. Blacks have been in the Royal family before. Stop acting like being half black is more important than any thing else. Mature parents teach kids to appreciate all their heritage in mature ways. all rights reserved

  5. Why do Americans have to make everything about them? No one cares that this baby is part american. Believe it or not…that is the least reason anyone in the commonwealth, of which the USA is not, would care. It doesn't work in his favour…fyi

  6. Okay, here is some education for ABC News. The Queen is the one who decides on whether a new baby will have a "royal" title or not, it isn't the other way around as some have said on this show. Meghan and Harry do NOT tell the Queen what titles they want their child to have, and Prince Charles has no say in the matter either. The Queens sister, Princess Margaret, did not give her children the titles of Prince or Princess, Princess Anne did the same when she had her two children, she didn't want them to have royal titles, then they would grown up just normal kids whose grandmother happened to be the Queen! Prince Charles children were given the title "Prince" as Charles is to be King in the future, William and Kates children are also fashioned "Prince and Princess" because they are to be King and Queen in the future. Prince Harry's children will not be fashioned Prince or Princess, because they are not going to be close to the throne at all. I thought that the Queen had already given Archie a title, can't remember now. I laugh when I read how Archie is helping Britain to evolve. Evolve into what? He is going to grow up under the watchful eye of the Queen, you can be sure of that. If meghan wants to take him to the usa, she will have to get the Queens permission. The baby is a member of the Royal family, first and foremost, and seeming that he will be close to those members of the RF who are close to the throne, he will be educated the royal way and will be raised to not have ideologies of the left, as his mother does, not the right. He will be taught more about his British Heritage and of course will be taught his American heritage and about what being bi-racial means and be taught the history of slavery…..but be taught it in the truthful way

  7. you do the reserch its all over u- tube, use common sense!! its so obvious that Archie is not real, how come mm hasnt been with harry on the day her fake baby wasnt born ? why wasnt mm baby bump all different sizes every time her pictures where shone? why did harry & Meghan travel to forgeien countries at the end of her pregnancy this is not normal? FAKE PREGNANCY? NOT REAL!!

  8. Either, that's a silicone baby, or something is wrong with it. Newborn babies do NOT sleep with their mouths open like that. If they do, something is wrong. See the other pics of late and Diana's babies? Their lil bottoms dip down into the arm. Well "Archie " bottom is practically flat and laying straight as a board in Harry's arms. Something not right.

  9. Would the media continue on with this slobbering, disgusting love fest if Prince Harry married one of his white girlfriends instead of Megain? This is just getting disgusting. Congratulations, but, please, stop with this disgusting, sickening media frenzy. Yeah, centuries in the making, my butt!!

  10. Little Archie will make a huge difference if like his mother the British media and haters will allow him. Levin's article in the DAILY MAIL Aka Destroy Meghan confirms what i wrote before that the only reason the British media and haters were trying so hard to destroy Duchess Mehgan 's reputation is because they felt she was going to out shine Kate. And i said as i am doing now,that both women are different and have different roles. Kate spent her time waiting to marry a future king. No problem with that. Duchess Mehgan on the other hand has spent her time doing humanities work, acting volunteering etc things she has continued to do after marrying Harry. So i think the British media and haters should relax and allow each of them to enjoy their lives. No need to compare and contrast. The attitude of people like Danny Baker the emotional terrorist, Dickie Arbiter,Salwahi etc while discussing Duchess Mehgan is despicable.

  11. amazing

    when i was young i thought i'd have to be a handsome prince to marry a good woman

    and i actually did BETTER than prince harry….yes its true

    MY wife is much younger than me (50 and 25 when we married)

    his is 4 years older (33 and 37)

    his wife is half black and half white

    MY wife isnt

    his wife was divorced twice (annul first)

    MY wife was never married

    his wife actually sent the engagement and wedding ring via post

    to her soon to be ex husband ! how classy

    his wife had alot of surgery

    skin whitening, breast augmentation, hair straightening and nose job

    MY wife is a natural beauty

    his wife has a mother and father who are garbage

    her mother wore a nose piercing at the wedding and declared bankruptcy once

    her father looks like a drunken slob and has declared bankruptcy twice

    and was hiding out in mexico to escape creditors , his first wife said he spent all

    his money on drugs and she had to shop lift to get food !

    MY wife has a wonderful and honest family

    see i actually did better than a prince !!

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