Biden on how he’s different from Obama, 2020 contenders [FULL INTERVIEW – PT 2/2]

Former Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, spoke to “GMA” Co-anchor Robin Roberts about how his campaign is different and his message to Donald Trump supporters.

Joe and Jill Biden respond to women who say he made them uncomfortable

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50 thoughts on “Biden on how he’s different from Obama, 2020 contenders [FULL INTERVIEW – PT 2/2]

  1. Obama/Biden's the reason Trump got elected.The best part is the Dems wasted 3 years trying to impeach the President and overturn the last election results and failed. Now 4 years later they come up with the weakest candidate to beat him. Respect Candace Owens, Ice Cold, 50 Cents, Kanye West and friends leading the charge for change this election. They are refusing to buy the Lies peddled by the Liberal Left, they are refusing to buy the Racist card, they refuse to give away their vote cheaply. Here's the deal. They are voting for more jobs for all Americans, lower taxes for all Americans, Economic recovery for all Americans, Reciprocal trade deals, taxing China, not outsourcing and selling out, Funding for historically African American colleges, prison and criminal justice reform, and 4 more years of Peace not War. What did Obama/Biden do ? Zilch for the African American community. Sold out to the War Lobby and Special Interests at the outset for 8 years killing a lot of civilians and Americans, wasted millions of tax dollars. They don't care about you or your domestic issues. Now they come back asking for your votes using the victim card. Don't be afraid to Vote Republican. Your vote is a secret. Its your trump card, your right and your choice to benefit from it.

  2. Jst think abt dose democracy of world lukin n learning a lot frm u… D nomination 4 president post is not suitable n u all HV not raised Ur voice against it…we HV learned in history about United Americans…were is Ur strength…boycot the election n ask for suitable nomination….make an wild card entry via online polls…Raise Ur Voice…

  3. Really speaking don't feel Biden as a president of USA. He is full of fake confidence…he uses his lots of experience in making faces as it seems like he knows all solutions what USA needs… Which is a TRAP…common USA raise Ur voice….

  4. Trump doesn't even need to show up to beat this nerd…. The democrats are so corrupt and pathetic. Man, vote for Tulsi Gabbard and the democrats would win.  They are to corrupt to let her lead murder party.  America, you know the hole world is laughing at you right now.  it's embarrassing!

  5. So for those people here supporting Trump and calling this man a politician, what then is it about Trump that you want him to stay as President? And how is he different to other politicians, yes he is a businessman but politicians can also improve the economy and what consequential change has he made? And is it worth the growing danger of climate change? I want perspective.

  6. They asked what he'd have to say about unemployment being lower and he said "Does your boss treat you any better?" That wasn't the question doofus, they weren't asking if more people having jobs makes people who were already employed happier! He has his answers ready before he even knows the questions.

  7. Gibberish Joe is mouthing a bunch of scripted vacuous political platitudes from his thirty-six years in the Senate and eight years as VP for the Transformational President. What did he actually do during all those years besides voting on laws that do not actually lead to better outcomes for people, making speeches filled with empty rhetoric, getting personal fame and wealth, and brown-noising. At this point, Jill should run instead.

  8. Without a Russian interference Biden wins. Mark my words. Hilary should have won in 2016. She got the popular vote everyone knows that. Tuck the electoral college and the Russian interference a fair election.

  9. Why didn't him and Obama do what President Trump has did with the economy? President Trump came in and stopped ISIS from killing hell out of thousands of innocent people like they did the whole time under Obama that alone is absolutely reason enough to go with Trump in 2020!

  10. BIDEN: "…This time we're gonna bring everybody along…" Oh–so during the Obama term there was a significant portion of the country who were neglected? And how are you going to reach out to the working class?

  11. Clinton and Biden enslaved hundreds of thousands of blacks with the 1994 crime bill Which is racest and unjust. They are working for 38cents an hour, can't vote, or own a gun, no fair trial, and a million families destroyed. And black people keep voting for these clowns. Why? Hasn't anyone read the new Jim Crow.

  12. Biden’s polls numbers are melting, and he's no longer considered "inevitable." The young firebrands of the Democratic party have come for him–they want his scalp over things he said and did many years ago, Ever since he came off the canvas and struggled to his feet after the first primary debate, Biden has yearned to hear a good word from the president he served loyally for eight years. But for Joe Biden, the silence–as he twists in the wind–is deafening.

  13. The Man who talks about bringing back the middle class is the same man who voted for NAFTA and Free Trade with China and he tells us about restoring the working class and middle class, what about the Chrysler and GM plants that left Delaware for Mexico and China is that the America that you want to take us back to? Well as for me I am a life long Democrat but I am voting for DONALD J TRUMP and I will never forget about the way that the Democrat and the Republicans both sold us out to the Globalist there is no difference between the Democratic Party and the Republicans they are just a wing of the Globalist corporate Bankster party of George Soros and the Koch brothers all vile creature of the DC swamp

  14. It's really funny watching all these democratic candidates throw empty platitudes about the dignity of the middle class out there when asked how they're going to "fix" the greatest economy we've ever had.

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