British Woman Becomes The First To Receive Clinically Approved Covid Vaccine | NBC Nightly News

90-year-old Margaret Keenan was the first person in the world to receive a clinically tested and proven Covid-19 vaccine. Around 70 hospitals across the U.K. began distributing the vaccine on what’s being called “V-Day” by officials.
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British Woman Becomes The First To Receive Clinically Approved Covid Vaccine | NBC Nightly News


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48 thoughts on “British Woman Becomes The First To Receive Clinically Approved Covid Vaccine | NBC Nightly News

  1. 80% of the people I know who got the jab, got sick and some of them are NOT getting better. I have seen some videos that chronicle the evenual death of people who got the COV 19 vaccine. I read that in the past if more than 30 people dies from a vaccine, that vaccine was removed from use. Nationwide there must be at least 30 people who have died… why is the government still vacciating people and even paying people to get vaccinated??? WHY WHY WHY

  2. "Vaccines wont be made mandatory", however you cannot:

    – Travel abroad, or further than 6km from your home
    – Run a business
    – Work to support family
    – Congregate with more than 6 people
    – Go to concerts or sports games
    – Receive Healthcare benefits
    – Buy property
    – Enjoy your right to Free Speech
    – Use amazon, facebook, instagram, twitter or youtube

    …Without your all new COrona-Vaccine-ID…

    Taking the vaccine gives consent to eradicate our freedoms… DO NOT TAKE IT!
    Did you know covid-19 vaccinations do not cure or result in immunity?
    Did you know vaccine manufacturers are immune to liability should their vaccines result in illness of deaths?

  3. I'm sorry to rain on your parade,
    but she wasn't the first. To get a
    vaccine approved, it has to be tested.Three stages in testing, all with increasing number of participants, and every participant getting THE ACTUAL VACCINE.
    Why don't you applaud the ones who tested it?
    The true story is more dynamic, but anticlimatical by the 'news'.

  4. Ok look Karens, a "vaccine" is a substance that helps protect against certain diseases. Vaccines contain a dead or weakened version of a microbe. It helps your immune system recognize and destroy the living microbe during a future infection.

  5. The covid 19 disaster left me both unemployed and broke. For heaven's sake please help me with my stomach and housing need
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  6. It's just not fair and very smart on the Makers of the Vaccine, if she dies in a few months they can say her age played a part and they can research it and fix the main issues of the flaw. Very smart to choose the poor old 90 year old woman.

  7. Imagine assuming that government agencies, media, and powerful corporations have your best interests in mind. Being suspicious of the fact that they are demanding unlimited access to your veins in exchange for the ability to live a normal life does not make you a "science denier".

    Johnathon Kleck on YouTube.
    Everyone please see this. Before you watch i warn you do not speak bad about the person or the message because if you are a Christian you will know of the only sin which is unforgiveable which is calling a gift from God as evil so please don't do this and instead ask Jesus for understanding. If non Christian and you haven't asked Jesus to come into your life and forgive you and save you then please do so, its the only way to save our souls. They are trying to make us unredeemable by changing our genetic makeup. I mean think about it its the first time a MRNA vaccine is being pushed and only at 10months. All of a sudden we have a virus and all the vaccines they're making are all MRNA vaccines. There is an agenda behind all of this.
    If sceptical I warn you again don't speak against the message in the video or the messenger but do your own research too.
    Look at the TED talk where Bill Gates spoke himself about the vaccination agenda to reduce the world population. Look at the Georgia guides stones that say to maintain the population below a certain number.
    See this video on a Microbiologist explaining the truth of the pandemic.

  9. I'm 80 years old and I have no problem taking the vaccine, but if it is in short supply I would much rather have somebody with a longer life expectancy get the vaccine first. If there's enough for everybody okay, otherwise I'll pass until that time.

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