Democrats call on Robert Mueller to testify

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats have accused Attorney General William Barr of lying to Congress about the Mueller report.

House Judiciary chairman gives ultimatum to AG Barr, could move to contempt proceedings

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34 thoughts on “Democrats call on Robert Mueller to testify

  1. Swallowell is such a lying democrap. Democraps can't handle the truth. There was no collusion, and Mueller said that his investigation was not hindered in any way. Therefore you can't have obstruction. How much simpler does it get. The democraps don't have any platform that the people of this great country want. They have nothing. Ask yourself, was I better off socially and financially under obummer. Hell no. There is your answer.

  2. Total democraps scam. Mueller is a Trump hater and always has been. Democraps have no platform except we hate Trump. Hillary was a horrible candidate just like the the democraps running in 2020. Then the three biggest lying democraps get on TV and say nothing but Trump hate. Peliosi, schitt, eliyingjah Cummings. If you can't charge someone with the facts after 2 yrs of investigation, then you got nothing. What a waste of taxpayers money to those who pay taxes. Democraps are worthless. Not like the Democrats 50 yrs ago.

  3. Haha Muller doesn't want to testify because he knows that the whole thing was a sham all along and never should have happened to begin with, especially since the investigation was based on and paid for by Hillary the killers fraudulent document that started this mess to begin with. Her and Obama need to be put away for a very long time as the POS are the worst thing that has ever happened to this country 😠

  4. Nancy looks really bad. Maybe she is getting to old to be making decisions for America. She is just obstructing President Trump… she appears to reporting to work in a drunken state quite frequently… she should be randomly tested for drugs and removed from office immediately if she tests positive. Can’t wait to see the old drunk gone

  5. But the attorney-general did testify. I watched it on TV. I think I might have watched it on this channel. Also the full report is available without reductions to specific congressman including Nadler. and you can get it very cheap copy of the entire thing from amazon with a few redactions for legal reasons.

    Just what the hell is journalism these days?

  6. What do you think, Mueller has something hidden up his sleeve? If after the scope of that investigation and a 448 page report doesn't spell it out plainly enough… then all of this clamouring for "the full report" and Mueller to testify is just parlor tricks, smoke and mirrors. Talk of holding AG Barr in contempt for obeying the law certainly is. They are just trying to keep the circus in town until the election. Seriously, what else do you think Mueller has? Why isn't it in the report? If there is enough "evidence" of obstruction then convene impeachment hearings. DO IT !! There were a lot of comments by Trump saying a lot of different things, mostly that he was innocent and that the investigation was a witch hunt. An proven innocent man telling you he was being unjustly scrutinized is not obstruction. This isn't about the rule of law anymore, they just don't like Donald Trump in Hillary's Whitehouse. Unfortunately they don't have any other choice. They are so deeply invested in the hoax that they have to see it thru. The number of investigations into the "investigation" are turning over rocks with new damming information everyday. If I were them, I'd be afraid too. Judicial Watch has already connected Hillary's emails to the whitehouse server, proving that Obama had knowledge of Hillary's illegal server. Two grand juries have been convened, major witnesses deposed… at length. There is a "paper" trail, so wide, that a blind man could follow it. I never thought I would see this happen in America, where a soft coup would be attempted on a sitting president. Not in a million years did I think it possible. Yet… here we are. Remember one very important thing… no matter how you feel about Donald Trump as a president, as a business man or as a person. Those are ALL irrelevant factors in determining the FACTS about this case. Like I've heard said so many times, facts don't care about your feelings. That's the truth.
    Buckle up, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

  7. Did Muller receive any instructions by anyone to find proofs of collusions?
    Did Muller recieve instructions to include "no exoneration" in the report when its conclusion says no collusion?
    To his experience, is it common for Attorney Generals to say someone is not "exonerated" while at the same time saying they couldn't find proof of any crime?
    In sum, who has pressured Muller to write the bizarre phrase "no exoneration".
    Did anyone tell him to mitigate the innocence of The President in the conclusion?
    Who had Muller really worked for? The DNC and the Clintons?

  8. Mueller is a double Agent. .
    Mueller is a "paid for" by the (American Taxpayer), Spy , from "England" was supposed to help Hillary Clinton stay out of prison, however, this Scumbag Mueller had a change of mind or he planned it all a long…
    Mueller is now on the Trump Train. …

  9. Mueller will be smart and refuse to testify without a subpoena because he won't want to answer the questions from the Republicans. "What date did your team discover no collusion took place?" Follow up Question: "Given the turmoil of the country at the time, what was your reasoning for not presenting that information at that time?" "Please name another case you prosecuted in your 30+ years where you were unable to find enough evidence to convict (Obstruction) but you still presented all the evidence to the judge and asked them to make the decision for you?" "Do you feel that your investigation was completed without any bias from you or your team?". Follow up question: "How many members of your team were conservatives?" Many more of course (especially about lack of information/investigation on the Steele dossier) but I can't wait to see him answer these and the rest of those questions in a calm, cool, collected and honest way.

  10. Until Pelosi stops worrying about the 2020 election & starts calling this "investigation process" what it really is, an "impeachment inquiry," she is not allowing Congress's entire toolbox to be opened to the public. It also deprives her of the right to point the finger at the GOP for considering party over the people when she appears to be doing the same damned thing. This is absolutely unconscionable and a damned good reason to call for her to step down.

  11. What do they expcet him to say that was not in his report? They can't get over the fact that Mueler found no grounds to impeach Trump. This more crybaby antics like we saw after the 2016 election. Grow up already! You people are supposed to be professionals!

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