Dr. Jen Ashton on healing herself and her family after her ex-husband’s suicide

The ABC News chief medical correspondent discusses her experience in a new book, “Life After Suicide,” in hopes of helping others heal after a similarly unthinkable tragedy.


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24 thoughts on “Dr. Jen Ashton on healing herself and her family after her ex-husband’s suicide

  1. The man I’ve been with for 21 years and also my 2 sons father lost his dad back in 2019 then in 2020 his mother died. I always knew that Edward had mental issues way before he lost his parents but it wasn’t noticed by others nor myself bc he never showed signs of it other than he was a home body and never liked to be in a place where there was a lot of people. We loved staying at home and spending time with our boys as a family so it wasn’t out the ordinary. When his dad passed away he started to show small signs and then when his mom passed away that was the beginning of the severe depression and regret of how he treated them. He started doing drugs long before I found out he’s was doing it. He did any and everything to hide it from me, but I knew and I believe at the end he knew I knew it was true but by then he had treated me so awful and said I was crazy and I needed to see a dr so he had to keep his story the same. I tried to get him to see someone but he never did and when the drug use got worse and worse I packed up my and the boys clothes and went to stay with my mom in hopes he would realize he didn’t want to live with out his family, but instead he thought we didn’t want him in our life and didn’t love him anymore. I blame myself for leaving at a time he really needed me the most. Then on March 18th I walked in the home we shared to find him on the living room floor with the gun in his hand he committed suicide with. I was in the state of shock and completely devastated with the undescribable feeling I felt. I try so very hard each and every day to be there in every way possible for my boys. My youngest son is acting out negative behavior, and asking everyday is dad still dead. The past week or 2 he started saying he wants to die to so he can see and talk to dad. I’ve been with him for so many years and been through some of the best and worse times thru these 21 years. I’m not able to truly focus on anything or anyone more than 10 15 seconds at the time. I wish I could find someway to get myself and boys help we need. I don’t think there could be anything in the world that would compare to the pain and hurt we’re going thru.

  2. I am so sad to see this video….mental illness and is brutal…l have battled it my whole life… you have 2 beautiful children as Dr Robs legacy…I pray God he as ld you and your family little by little each day.

  3. You feel lonely now but y'all broke up and you let it happen. I bet you didn't give a rat's a$$ about his feeling or calm down to know what changed in him to cause the friction in the marriage. I bet you couldn't wait to push him out. And now you're writing a book?👏👏👏

  4. Don't put all your eggs in one basket people. Because you might end up with someone like this who will use your death to go on a give me a hug tour.
    Men should know by now that they have a better then 50/50 chance of being divorced & about a 95% chance of being taken to the cleaners afterwards. So caveat emptor is 100% needed.

  5. "15 people died by suicide by jumping off the George Washington bridge…." they were all Men. Because Men are just people..
    But if a woman jumped she would have been called a woman. See how Men are erased.
    Men die, women worst affected as the headline goes.

  6. She's just lucky the unhinged lunatic didn't take her & the kids with him. It happens way too often. Instead of feeling down – celebrate you are still alive & have your kids alive too. People are so unhinged today that it's terrifying to get 'involved' with anyone. Anyone who commits suicide is a waste of space & should never be remembered. They often are healthy & when they go, their organs can't even be salvaged for desperate transplant recipients who would GIVE ANYTHING JUST TO LIVE ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER WEEK, ANOTHER YEAR. They have zero value for life. Most have NOTHING in life to worry about – they're just overly self-indulgent, spoilt nuts – and selfish cowards. Don't ever put someone who suicides on a pedestal – they know the pain they'll cause when they go & often do it just for attention. You never know what's going on in another person's mind – SO STAY SAFE & SINGLE!!! If you want kids, go to a sperm bank if you have to. I won't ever buy Kate Spade stuff either – but I still wonder was that investigation carried out properly – seemed suspicious to me to say the least…

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  8. News flash people! His gold digging wife was leaving him and was going to divorce rape him and kidnap his children and was also going to get huge amounts of alimony from him! He thought that there was no hope and took his own life. They forget to tell you the REAL story!

  9. I wonder what is root cause of this problem i wonder why no one committing suicide in Africa so call third world countries fifals are the cause of the suicide man works hard for his family out no where they say we grown apart.

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